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A Fallen Angel

By chibi-tenshi

Severus Snape stormed down the corridor with his robes billowing behind him as he muttered furiously to himself about the injustice of this all. Of all people in this damn place, why him? Just his luck to get stuck with such an unpleasant (no wait, scratch that, more like disgusting, horrendous and a total waste of his precious time) chore. He berated himself for what seemed like the thousandth time for not being able to say 'no' to Dumbledore. Damn Albus and his persuasive nature.


"Gobstoppers," Snape particularly spat the gargoyle statue jumped aside, as if sensing the urgent tone behind the sneer. He started up the stairs even before the opening was fully revealed and practically leapt, two steps at a time, up to the headmaster's office, despite the fact that the elevator- like stairs would have gotten him up in no time at all even if he was standing stock still.

The door to the room slid open as soon as he reached the top, as if anticipating his arrival. He started pacing around the office the moment he entered, catching his breath as he tried to sort out the information in his head, searching for a proper way to phrase it. The headmaster observed him patiently from his desk, the amused glint in his eyes betraying the solemn look on his face as he watched the flustered professor dig a hole into the carpet.

Finally, Snape plonked down onto an armchair and opened his mouth to speak.only to shut it again, clearing his throat before attempting to articulate out the words once more. "As you can see, Headmaster, I have come back pretty much unscathed from my meeting with the Dark Lord." He watched as the Headmaster nodded, with a questioning look on his face, before continuing. "He had been rather pleased today, at least happy enough not to go through his usual round of torture, and for a good reason too."

He paused, taking a deep breath, and dropped the bombshell: "He had found out where Harry Potter is currently residing at.and he is planning an full scale Death-eater attack at Pivet Drive on Sunday, which is three days away from now."

Dumbledore's eyes widened slightly, by just a hairline fraction not noticeable to an untrained eye. But the shocked expression disappeared just as quickly as it came, immediately replaced by a thoughtful and faraway look. Snape could almost hear the gears and screws turning in his head and sat back until he saw his face brighten and his wizened face light up, signifying the formation of one of the brilliant ideas he was famous for.

As the Headmaster lifted his head to return his gaze, he instinctively shrunk away. He knew the look, that all too delighted and playful grin that was spreading across the old wizard's face. He moaned and buried his face in his hands, wishing that the ground would just open and swallow him up, dreading whatever devious plan he just knew the Headmaster had come up with, hoping against hope that he would play no part in it.

Years in the Headmaster's company had thought him well. He had experience on how persistent the Headmaster could be. "Might as well get over with it," was his only thought as he finally raised his head to face Dumbledore.

Dumbledore merely widened his oh-so-innocent smile when he caught his eye and started to brief him on his 'great plot'. "Now, now Severus, you look just like what Mrs. Norris did when the Weasley twins pushed her into that nice big bucket of water! No need to look so glum. I was just going to ask you to fetch Mr. Potter from 4 Pivet Drive to Hogwarts to ensure his safe." "WHAT?!" Snape exploded, interrupting Dumbledore's little 'speech'. "You want me to fetch Potter here? Are you nuts? Our enmity for each other is well known to all, even to the first-years! Have you forgotten that Potter and I can't stand 5 feet apart without arguing our voice hoarse and hexing one another to next week? Get Hagrid to go, or Minerva, or even Black! I'm sure they'll be just too willing to comply! I."

"Severus, calm down. You know perfectly well that Hagrid, Sirius and Remus are away on a mission I sent them on. Minerva, Flitwick, as well as most of the staff had gone on their own holidays overseas. And you know one can hardly trust Trewanlry not to muddle up a mission as important as this. Professor Sprout needs to tend the gardens and Poppy isn't well versed enough in offensive magic. I would love to go there myself, but I have some ministry matter to attend to. That leaves you as the only person free for the job." At this, the Headmaster concluded his 'inspiring' speech by spreading his hands in a sweeping gesture and a 1000-watt smile.

Snape let out a long, suffering sigh, knowing that there was no escape from what fate, or rather Dumbledore, had arranged for him. The Headmaster seemed to be enjoying Snape's inner turmoil, knowing full well that he did not look forward to seeing his archenemy's son. At this thought, his face softened a little, looking at Snape with something akin to pity ("Must be a trick of the light," Snape mumbled) before saying lightly that he should give Harry a chance and stop treating him and James as the as person.

"Yes, Albus," was all Snape managed to force out before sweeping out of the office and making his way towards Hogsmeade to prepare for apparition.

End flashback

Cursing with almost every language he knew (which was quite a lot), he shrugged out of his robes on his way through the Great Hall and carefully folded it before shrinking it and placing it into his jeans pocket. By now, he had reached the entrance to Hogsmeade, just beyond the edge of the anti-apparition zone. With a small pop, he disappeared from the streets.

**************************************************************************** ** End of Chapter

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