On My Own

Not a songfic – just inspired by the song from Les Miserables.

One moment of pain, then nothing. It was as if all sensations were pulled away in an instant. The body becomes a machine – working parts. But the brain… the brain still works.

It was a grey rainy day. The streetlights were all lit by midday – even the shop lights were reflected on the pavement. It almost looked like a painting. They shared the too small umbrella, but it didn't matter. She didn't even mind his laughter when a cab drove too close to the curb and splashed her dress. They were on their way home. A nice warm dinner followed by snuggling on the couch. She easily believed it could last forever.

He seemed so nervous. She could see the beads of sweat starting at his hairline. She smiled and took his hand, trying to encourage him that she wanted it too. She remembered walking by the jewelry shop a few weeks earlier – pointing out several styles to him. Of course they had had the discussion and now came the moment to jump. Seems today was not the day. She didn't mind. Kissed him softly before they returned to their own departments. There is always tomorrow.

Movement is detected. Noise filled the silence. Promises of salvation.

Memories... she knew that now. She held onto them dearly because it was all she had. Day after day, the promises came. He'd finally shown her the ring – impossible to put on her finger now. Despite everything, she still clung to him. He was the light that kept her going through the darkness. And through it all she knew it wasn't her he wanted anymore.

Activation. The mission can now resume.

In those final moments, she knew he'd be okay. His tears were not for her, but for that lost dream. His world would continue to turn without her. She knew he had someone to care for and someone that would care for him. He would be happy. She smiled as she closed her eyes because she loved him.


A/N – Yeah, it's short. But I can't be bothered trying to make it longer. An image of Lisa came into my head as I was listening to Les Miserables again the other day.

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