The morning sounds awoken Makoto up, his mouth letting out a deep yawn. His siblings burst into his room, fighting over who gets to wake up their big brother. But when they saw him already up, they left without further words being said. He laughed slightly at his little sister and brother as he walked over to the bathroom. Once there, he started to brush his teeth along with his siblings. Spitting out that minty flavor saliva, Makoto started to wash his face. Every morning was like this for the swimmer as he went back into his room to put on his uniform. Heading downstairs, food was already on the table. Seating himself down onto a chair, he thanked his mother for the food before eating quickly. He needed to be fast since there was likely to be a certain someone waiting for him. Excusing himself from the table, he placed his empty plate in the sink before heading out. Opening the door, he spotted someone waiting for him, his heart slightly beating.

"Good morning Haru-chan," he greeted.

"Don't add the '-chan' to my name," that person replied.

And just like that, they were already walking side by side. The morning breeze passed by them, Makoto glancing at the person next to him. Beautiful black hair, eyes that looked like the calm water and the passion for swimming lodged deep inside him. Nanase Haruka was truly stunning, Makoto feeling his cheeks burning with that certain red color. No, he mustn't feel this way towards his best friend. But slowly, the feeling started to become stronger. They arrived at school, Nagisa waving towards them along with Rei. Makoto went over to his locker, placing his shoes inside. After that was done, he started the day off with classes.

The splash of water filled Makoto's ears as being near the pool made him at ease. He was currently watching Haru swim, that free style that captivated his very gaze. Every breath of air, every flex of muscles, every stroke, he watched it all. That's when the voice of Nagisa snapped him out from his thinking, his lips carrying a smile.

"Mako-chan, you've been staring at Haru-chan for the last 20 minutes."

"Sorry about that, it's just that watching Haru is very intense I guess."

Their club manager called out his name as he positioned himself before the water. With the sound of the whistle, he flung himself towards the water. The impact sending a feeling down his spine as he moved his body. It was like moving through Jell-O, Makoto doing the back stroke. That was his favorite to do, that way he can see the dazzling sky. That's when he stopped, his mind not clearly into the swimming. Oh yes, that was on his mind. Gou called out to him as he climbed the ladder.

"Mako-chan that was unlikely of you," Nagisa whined.

"My bad, I was just thinking about some stuff."

"At this rate, we won't be ready for the competition that's coming up," Gou complained.

Makoto let out a soft laughter before sitting out. Taking off his goggles, somebody took the spot next to him. It was Haru, no words escaping from his mouth. Makoto could tell that he was worried about what happened earlier.

"I'm fine Haru," Makoto tried to assure but the other wouldn't listen.

"You sure?"

He nodded his head, watching as Haru went up to swim yet again. But the truth was that Makoto was thinking about that. Matsouka Rin, their childhood friend who used to swim with them. He left them and now he's in a different team to face off Haru. One thing was true, Haru had these feeling for Rin. Makoto knew that, he knew that right from the start. That gleam of interest in Haru's eyes whenever he saw Rin swim made it very clear. Makoto tried hard to push that memory away as he got ready to swim again. Placing his goggles over his eyes, Makoto launched himself once he heard the whistle. The way he swam was powered by angry. Rin wasn't the right one for Haru. They don't belong together. The one who understands Haru was him. Before he knew it, he heard that same whistle.

"That was amazing captain! You beat your old record!" Gou cheered out.

He was inhaling heavily, lungs burning for oxygen. Getting out of the water, he was still trying to catch his breath. Rei was busy practicing his butterfly stroke, Nagisa watching him. That's what he needed, a bottle of water right now. Bringing himself up, he went to his bag. Pulling out some water, his gulped it down. Crushing the empty bottle from within his grasp, Makoto brought himself up.

"I'm leaving first," he said, ignoring the protests from the manager.

That's when Haru grabbed his shoulder, turning him around. Makoto placed on a fake smile, slowly pushing of that hand on his skin. It was intoxicating, the place where it was touch feeling like it was blistering.

"Sorry Haru-chan, I'll be leaving first."

Makoto went to change to his uniform. He wasn't feeling right, he was being awkward in front of everyone. He wasn't the same old Tachibana Makoto. Probably he just needed to rest his mind and try not to get worked up about Haru and Rin. Stepping out, he saw Haru waiting for him. He was already wearing clothes, Makoto bringing a smile upon him.

"Aren't you going to swim more?"

"It's not the same without you Mako," Haru confessed, walking ahead.

Makoto rushed over to his side, trying hard to hide how happy he was that Haru wasn't going to leave him alone. Their walk felt like it was longer, everything silent. Makoto didn't have anything to say as they arrived at Makoto's place. Haru just left, Makoto making his way inside. He was glad that his siblings were asleep already as he went over to his room. Locking his door, he flopped himself down onto the bed. All he could think about was Haru. Those glistening blues eyes that looked at him intensely. Mako could feel his body started to heat up, his hands reaching down to his excited lower region.

"H-Haru," his husky voice called out.

His fingers touched his erected shaft, moving in a certain pace. Pre-cum bubbled at the top, making it slippery. He thought about a naked Haru below him, that milky skin begging to be touch. He would make him nice in wet by stroking the other's erected manhood until his cum spilled on the bed sheets. The black-haired boy would breath heavily after that stimulation, saliva dripping from his mouth.

"M-Mako," he would say.

How the lust would take control of them both, the greenish-brown haired swimmer touching that forbidden place. He was careful not to hurt the other in front of him, hearing those lovely moans fill his ears. How lovely they would be. When the entrance would be nice and loose, Haru would nod his head as Makoto moved inside. The scorching heat and the tightness would send waves of pleasure to the both of them. Those begs, oh those begs would escape from Haru's parted lips. Makoto would have no choice but to obey, rocking his hips in a motion that pleased the both of them. When Haru couldn't take it no more, he would cum yet again. The extreme tightness would drive Makoto to release as well, their lips touching each other's. He opened his eyes, his hands covered with his own as he cleaned it off.

"How lame of me," he laughed bitterly as he laid on his bed.

He wasn't the type to cry but when it comes to Haru, he didn't care if anyone saw him. This aching feeling was painful. All he ever wanted was to hear those words slip out from Haru's mouth. To hold his friends' body within his arms would always made me feel special.

"Damn you Rin," Makoto breathed, punching his bed.

His phone rang, his hands reaching for it. The caller I.D was Nagisa and Makoto ignored it for this once. Dropping the call, he heard it ring yet again. Man Nagisa was persistent as Makoto tried to ignore it. Finally getting annoyed with the ringing noise, he picked it up.

"Ah-you finally answered it," Nagisa cheered.

"What do you want?" Makoto groaned.

"You were acting really strange today, is everything okay?"

"I'm fine, I think I need to rest more."

"Did you stay up last night?"

"A bit," Makoto lied, hearing Nagisa give out a sigh of relief.

"At first I thought that something bad had happened to you or something."

He bit his lips slightly, deciding if he should tell his friend everything. Maybe it was worth a shot to tell him, Nagisa was his friend after all.

"Hey Nagisa, I want to tell you something.

"Sure go ahead."

"I'm in love with Haru."

"I know."

"I'm glad you under- wait WHAT?!"

Nagisa gave out a little giggle before hanging up. Makoto let out an embarrassed groan before trying to go to sleep.


Hey, back with another story. This time its about my fav OTP MakoHaru! Even though Rin is going to cockblock. There is also ReiGisa in there so I hope that readers enjoy this story and support it!