Rin kicked open his door, alerting the person inside the room. Nitori rushed over to him, wrapping his arms around the older. They stayed like that for a couple of minutes as the two hugged each other like there was no tomorrow. But something was wrong. Nitori was crying which made Rin concerned.

"Oi, what's wrong?" he asked the crying younger.

"Sempai what's your relationship with Nanase Haruka?" Nitori asked.

Rin took a few steps back. He never thought that his lover would ask a question like that, rather, cry over what he and Haru had. No. there was nothing between them, nothing at all. He only wanted to seduce Haru so that he could watch the free-style swimmer lose so that he could win. Haru was supposed to look stupid yet the day he hugged him, the swimmer pushed him away.

Rin held onto the other strongly, pouring these fake feeling out. But then he felt Haru push him away, those blue eyes looking serious. He was going to say something but the black-haired beauty beat him to it. Those words sent this horrible feeling to erupt in his body.

"I can't return your feeling Rin. I have someone I like already."

"You pushed away a relationship for somebody that probably doesn't like you back?" Rin said.

"Rin unlike you, he was always there for me. I can't possibly love you like I did in the past. It was probably admiration."

He gritted his sharp together as he walked away, feeling this tightness that wouldn't stop. That person Haru was talking about was Makoto, Rin knew that. He knew that Makoto also loved the free-style swimmer. But that's when Rin thought about the person back at the dorm, his roommate Nitori. The way he was concerned about him, the way he always bothered him, these things were becoming cute to him. Cute and adorable.

Rin snapped back into reality as the younger was still crying his eyes out, resting on the bottom bunk where the older slept. He felt a bit guilty that he made his lover feel like this, it pained him to see this sight.

"Nitori I have no feeling for Haruka anymore. We're just rivals now, but I would like us to be friends again. I love you and only you," Rin tried to explain.

The younger nodded his head, pulling Rin into another embracement on the older's bed. The sheets were soft under their two bodies, their breathing filling the quiet room. The two swimmers shared a kiss. A kiss that was slow, soft and sweet. Rin never thought that he would treat his lover so softly, he looked like that type that would abuse but he hated that idea. He treated Nitori like a precious thing because the younger was a very special thing. Nitori was like the shiniest pearl in the ocean that the shark valued the most, and the shark would do anything to protect it.

"Nitori can I do something?" Rin asked.

"Of course sempai," the younger replied.

The older gripped onto the younger, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh of the other's shoulder. Nitori yelped softly, feeling the blood trickle down onto the bed sheets, staining it. Rin retracted his mouth away from the wound, hearing the heavy breathing of his lover.

"I'm sorry Nitori. I wanted to mark you as mine and I couldn't think of anything else."

"It's okay, I gave you permission anyways sempai. I like how you would mark me to make me yours," he replied.

Rin rested his head onto the younger's chest, swayed by the words that were said. He brought his head up and kissed his lover yet again, deepening it by the minute. Lips were separated, wet muscles dancing with each other and hands grasping each other's clothes. Kisses like this always made them laugh and giggle. Being with Nitori made Rin realize that he had been smiling again, something he had forgotten he could do. The younger brought back the feeling of being happy, the feeling of loving someone yet again. It was all thanks to Nitori, his adorable lover.

"Sempai I wanted to go to an amusement park this weekend. Would you like to come with me?" the younger asked, eyes peeking up to see the reply the older was going to give him.

"I have to practice this weekend."

The younger looked down in disappointment. Lips showing a full pout which made a chuckle come from the shark's mouth. Nitori brought his head up to feel a pair of lips latch onto his.

"Of course I'll go," Rin replied, feeling the younger hug into his tighter.

Nagisa looked at the newly couple swimming together, getting ready for the next competition. He leaned back onto the fence, eyes looking at a certain someone who always caught his eyes. Rei was the one he liked, ever since he saw him on the track team. Nagisa loved the way those muscles flexed, the flick of his glasses and the cute personality that the other would show. They rode the same train so naturally they became great friends, shopping together, visiting each other's place and eating together. But Rei was so stupid that he didn't notice the blonde's feeling.

"Stupid Rei-chan," Nagisa muttered under his breath.

"Did you say something?' Makoto asked, as he headed over his friend's side.

Nagisa hugged his knees closer to his chest, a pout still on his face. He wanted Rei to become his lover but he didn't know if the crazy butterfly had feelings for him also. That's it. He was going to find out afterschool when they ride the same train.

"Mako-chan how do you seduce someone?" Nagisa asked the captain, seeing his face burning up.

"S-Seduce? I don't know how to do that," Makoto replied, hearing his friend sigh.

"I really like Rei-chan, I want to know if he feels the same."

"I think he likes you also Nagisa, you just have to be patient."

Nagisa puffed out his cheeks, waiting as the day started to end. The two of them were both of the train, Rei reading a book like always. The blond swimmer kept stealing glances at the other, cheeks started to warm up. He needed to tell Rei his feeling, he had too.


"Y-Yes Nagisa?" he replied.

"I-I like you Rei-chan!"

"E-Eh?! L-Like…you like me?" the blue haired swimmer stuttered.

"Do you like me Rei-chan?" Nagisa asked, feeling quite embarrassed.

The sounds of the squeaking train filled the awkward atmosphere, no words being said between them. Nagisa felt so stupid that he blurted out his feeling that he turned his head away from the other.

"I do like you Nagisa."

The blond turned his head back towards the other and hugged him without any warnings.


Sorry, had to make this chapter since people were confused on what happened between Rin and Haru. I even had forgotten about that event so I made this chapter also adding a little part of ReiGisa. But my feels are getting destroyed by that episode of Free! The part when Rin and Haru were- I'm not even going to say it. Makoto T.T you'll find someone or get Haru in doujinshi's and fanfics. MakoHaru 4ever!