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Ichigo's dream

He was walking through the park where he was supposed to meet Rukia for a date. The air that day was chilly and the sky was overcast.

"I wonder what ill do with Rukia today." Stated Ichigo in deep thought as he walked though the park which actually had a lot more people than he he walked to the spot he and Rukia agreed to meet he began to think about how he and his girlfriend would be in the near to distant future.

When he neared the spot he could make out the shape of Rukia standing next to a person who looked like Renji, As he made his way closer he could tell it was them. He froze when he saw her stand on her tiptoes and lean in to kiss just stood there watching the two of them kiss. Then he fell to his knees as he watched them walk away hand in he sat there it began to rain.

He awoke in a sweat and breathing heavily on the verge of tears. "Why….why did this happen i-I just don't know what happened." He glanced which told him it was 5:45 a.m."ugh better get ready to go to school." He said aloud as he sat up and walked to the bathroom to shower.

SoiFon's dream

She sat on her coach trying to wrap her mind about what she had just been told by her mother and father. They were moving to a new town meaning she would have to leave her friends, not that she had many due to her shyness, and attend a new school.

Before she could think any further she realized she was walking down the hallway of a school, she soon realized that there were people staring at her and whispering to each other. Then they just starting ignoring her, she was hurt deeply. As she thought to herself a darkness began to devour her all of a sudden she was cold and before the darkness completely enclosed her she felt a pair of arms wrap around her. She looked over her shoulder to see it was Ichigo who had wrapped his arms around her to protect her from the darkness.


Her alarm clock blared waking from the dream she had just experienced. She sat up and hit her alarm clock to shut it up. "I was enjoying that dream you little piece of shit." She shook her head realizing what she had just thought "what am I thinking why would I have a dream like that, oh well better get ready to go to school." She thought as she started preparing for the day ahead of her.

After she took her shower, changed her clothes and ate her breakfast she began her walk to school. As she walked she found herself thinking of what the day might have in store for her, until she caught sight of Ichigo walking ahead of her, so she ran up to him and saw that he was thinking about something.

"Good morning Ichigo." She said hoping to gain his turned to look at her and she noticed the bags under his eyes.

"Good morning SoiFon." Ichigo said to her in abviously tired voice.

"Ichigo are you feeling alright?" she asked her friend in a worried tone.

"Truth be told SoiFon I didn't get much sleep last night." He told her.

"May I ask why?" she asked him in her still worried tone.

"I-I have been having nightmares about Rukia and Renji." He told her truthfully. SoiFon stayed silent for a few moments before regaining her courage to speak.

"You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." She said in a quiet but audible voice.

"No its fine I know you are just worried about me its just ive never felt this weak emotionally before and im not used to talking about my emotions to people." He reassured her.

"I know Ichigo." SoiFon responded. The rest of the walk to school was in awkward silence. Every once in a while SoiFon would sneak a peak at Ichigo and Ichigo would do the same. Once they entered the school a busty girl with a very bubbly personality stopped them.

"Hello I'm Matsumoto Rangiku." She said as she extended her hand to SoiFon,"you must be the new girl."

"uhh….yeah I am." SoiFon responded while reaching her hand out to meet Rangiku. Then Rangiku looked over at Ichigo who looked rather angy to see her.

"Oh Hello Ichigo." She sneered at him.

He looked at SoiFon and said,"I'll see you in homeroom." Before walking away.

"well now that he's gone come with me." Rangiku said in her now bubbly voice. Before SoiFon could voive a protest Rangiku grabbed her arm and begain pulling her behind her.

"Where are you taking me?" was all SoiFon could think to say as she was being dragged down the hallway.

"To meet some friends of mine. You seem cool so I think they will accept you." Rangiku stated to the petite girl. SoiFon remained silent the rest of the way to wherever it was they were going.

"Ok here we are." Rangiku stated as she released SoiFon from her death grip.

SoiFon looked to see a pair of girls standing near a locker talking about something that SoiFon couldn't hear.

"Hey guys." Rangiku said to her friends,"This is the new girl." Rangiku motioned to SoiFon.

"oh umm I'm Shaolin Fon but you can call me SoiFon." She said in a shy voice.

"Its nice to meet you I'm Hinamori Momo." Said a very hyper girl with her hair in a bun.

"Hello my name is Rukia Kuchiki." Said a girl with dark hair who was short than Shaolin.

"umm would you by any chance be the same Rukia that went out with Ichigo Kurosaki." Asked the stunned SoiFon.

Rukias smile disappeared when she heard the name of her ex. "yeah but we broke up because he walked in on me cheating on him but its his fault we broke I mean if he hadn't walked in we would still be going out."

"What did you just say." Said a now infuriated SoiFon.

"Well its obviously his fault I mean I wouldn't have cheated on him if he would have had sex with me but he kept saying 'im not ready to have sex yet'." Said the young Kuchiki in a matter-of-factly tone.

It took all of SoiFon willpower not to beat down Rukia.

"Well did you ever think that maybe it is your fault, just because Ichigo didn't think he was ready to have sex doesn't give you the right to cheat on him and IT SURE AS HELL DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BLAME HIM FOR WALKING IN ON YOU CHEATING YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A COLD-HEARTED BITCH WHO THINKS SHE CAN DO ANYTHING AND BLAME ANYONE YOU WANT FOR SOMETHING THAT IS OBVIOUSLY YOUR FAULT." SoiFon shouted at Rukia who was now in total shock. SoiFon recontained herself and said,"you don't and you never did deserve Ichigo." Then she walked away in a very angry mood leaving the other girls in a state of shock.

Once SoiFon made her way to homeroom she walked in and sat next to Ichigo who had a worried look on his face. "What's wrong SoiFon?"

SoiFon sighed and then explained the whole story while Ichigo listened intently."and now I now why you seemed angry when that Rngiku chick came up to us."

"yeah." Ichigo said in a slightly depressed voice."thanks for sticking up for me SoiFon it means a lot to me."

"hey what are friends for."said SoiFon as she smiled.

Ichigo smiled back "Its good to know that I still have some faithful friends unlike Renji." He spat the name out like it was garbage.

"I'll always be there for you." As she said that the first period bell rang and they left homeroom to finish getting through the day.

After final bell

"Goodbye SoiFon I'll see you tommarrow." Said Ichigo as they were about to part ways.

"Goodgye Ichigo."

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