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Chapter 1: A fall from grace

Hiashi was outraged! How dare the elders of the Hyuga clan vote to reject his daughter from the clan. Sure she was weak, but hard work could be able to fix that. Sadly, the reason for her banishment was because her heart was acting funny so her chakra was becoming unstable.

Lately her spasms had become even worse as of late with her coughing up more blood then usual so they took her in for a check-up. The medinin of the clan found out that during her kidnapping, an exploding tag went off and some shrapnel was lodged in her chest.

The reason why the effects have only been minor until now is because almost all of her chakra was being diverted to keep the shrapnel from reaching her heart. Even worse, there was no way of them being able to get the shrapnel out, so the elders decided that since she was of no further use, that they would banish her from their clan.

They were even planning on removing her eyes so the secret of the Byakugan would not fall into the wrong hands. They were even planning on giving Neji her eyes so to increase the power of his own immensely. The worst part of all is that Hiashi had no control of their decision. He could only watch as his daughter was stripped of her honor and thrown out into the streets.

A quiet knocking was heard from his door and a muffled voice was heard. "Lord Hiashi, it is time."

He quickly composed himself and started his decent into the main courtyard. When he reached it, his heart suddenly broke. There, was his sweet little Hinata, cowering in fear with bandages over her eyes, cringing at every sound.

An elder started to go into a rant on how weak she was and how this was the only way to bring honor to the Hyuga clan by cleansing them of her presence. The elder finished and motioned two clan members to throw her out. He felt a trickle of water on his head, which was steadily increasing.

Then everything slowed down. He just stood there, unmoving while they dragged his daughter out. She was screaming out for him, he did not answer. The rain was coming down steadily, slightly obscuring his view of her. She struggled against her captures one last time before going limp, all of her energy gone. She was thrust out into the street and the last of Hiashi's heart broke. He stood there, a shell of a man while the gates steadily creaked to a close.

Well, how did it go? I have just come back from a massive writers block and I decided to go with something different this time. So you are probably wondering how this story will go. There are two ways this can go. I have two versions of this both posted in The Avengers/Naruto crossover section, and the Portal/Naruto crossover section. Which ever one gets the most reviews in it's favor will be the one which I will continue first. One will be how Tony Stark finds Hinata and raises her (with some help) while the other how Hinata will fall into Aperture Science and will be raised by GLaDOS. So review on which you want to see. So long.