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Chapter 2: Savior from Above.

Hinata stumbled blindly around the street, never knowing, never feeling where she was going. The darkness was overwhelming, she wanted to fall down and cry, but some primal urge inside told her to run away to safety. Wherever that was.

She was always told to never cry, no matter the pain, but now since she was free from those monsters she used to call a clan, they flowed freely and started to moisen the bandages surrounding her eyes. The pouring rain did not help either; it was as if the sky was mourning her loss. She felt so empty without her Byakugan. When they removed her eyes, it felt like they cleaved out a part of her soul. Before she at least had some pride having the ability to see chakra with her eyes. Now all she felt inside was emptiness

A sharp pain ran through her body as she crashed into yet another building, the pain was starting to get worse, from the aching sockets of her eyes to the dull pain that reverberated through her body each time she hit something. She pushed it out of her mind for now; she had to get away before someone stumbled across her. Hanta had heard the stories of the predators who preyed on unsuspecting children. She did not want to end up like those poor children who got caught in their trap.

Suddenly her face slammed into a wall, she bounced off and tried going left. That way was blocked too. She reached out to the right and felt smooth brick that was cool to the touch. She was about to swing around when her ears detected a soft chuckle behind her. Hinata slowly turned around, assuming what she hoped was a threatening stance.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" the mystery man exclaimed in a mocking tone, "It looks like we have a little girl wandering alone out here. Maybe we should help her out."

Another voice rang out, "Hey! I know her! She's a Hyuga brat." Hanta felt some spit hit her skin. "I hate how they always act so superior to us. Walking around like they own this village. Lets teach this girl a lesson on who really is superior. "

"Please," Hinata pleaded, "my clan has cast me out, I am no longer a Hyuga."

The man and his friends laughed. She could pick out at least 5 different voices.

"Well then, I guess we don't have to worry about retaliation for what we are going to do." A new voice called.

Instantly a fist collided with Hinata's stomach. She flew back and crashed into the wall. She slid to the ground, gasping for air, listening to the laughter of the men and… a strange sound, as if something was streaking through the air. Out of nowhere she heard a loud metallic "CLANG" and felt the ground tremble underneath her.

"Now I hope that all of you big strong men weren't picking on this poor defenseless girl were you?" A metallic voice rang out, "Because if you were, I think that we will have an issue."

The gang leader laughed, "Well look what we have here, some punk trying to play hero. Get him boys!

Hanta heard the men shout and run towards the strange voice. A loud whine started to fill the air, almost hurting her sensitive ears. She heard a loud blast and heard what sounded like a man crashing into a wall. After that it was hard to pick out what was happening with all the noise in the air.

Then, it was quiet. Hinata lay there on the ground, slowly loosing consciousness. The sound of metallic steps fading away into nothingness.