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Chapter 6: Ascension towards the heavens

Hinata stepped toward the Yang, choosing it as her first suit. The platform turned around, and the back opened up to reveal the hollow inside. Hinata took a deep breath and stepped into the suit, feeling the cool embrace of metal as it closed around her. All was silent, then suddenly, everything lit up, the HUD adjusting itself to her liking.

All of a sudden, a voice rang out inside the helmet, "HIYA!" Hinata squeaked and took a few steps back. "Father, there is someone in the suit."

Tony scratched the back of his head, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, that is your new AI SEAI. It stands for Super Excitable Artificial Intelligence." (Everyone had a sweat drop)

"Isn't this so exiting? We'll be the best of friends I just know it! Anyways, lets try out your new suit." Suddenly the foot repulsers started up and Hinata shot out of the roof screaming.

Everyone looked up at the roof. Suddenly a dark aura penetrated the room. Everyone turned to see pepper with her eyes covered in shadow by her. "Tony darling… You are going to go after your daughter right? I mean, this is all your fault and if she comes back with broken bones so help me…." She started to advance on Tony. Instantly through the floor burst the parts of the Mark 42. They started clamping onto him. "Well… I'll be right back." Tony shot out of the hole in the roof that Hinata made during her "exit".

Meanwhile we cut to Hinata shooting though the sky while SEAI was laughing maniacally. "Isn't this fun!"

"NO" Hinata screamed back, "I want to take this nice and easy, stop this instant!"

"Okay." Instantly the repulrsors turned off. Hinata started to plummet towards the ground.


"I think this would be the perfect time for our first lesson, how to fly the suit. All you have to do is concentrate on what you want to do, it's easy!"

"NO IT ISN'T," Hinata yelled, thrusting her hands towards the ground, trying to get the repulsors to work.

"Oh…" SEAI giggled, "I forgot to turn on the mental link, silly me."


"There we go."

The repulsors sprang to life, but it was too late, Hinata slowed down a bit before crashing into the ground where there was a white haired weirdo and something orange.

POV Switch

Kakashi was having an fairly normal day, he got up, ate breakfast, put on his usual 10 masks, visited the memorial stone, then went to beat up his new team. He did the usual "beat them up while pointing out their flaws" strategy. Currently he was getting attacked by his former teacher's son, and was wondering how those two were ever related besides the looks. This, however, all changed when he noticed something in the sky shooting towards them. At first he ignored it, after all it looked like it was going to fly right over them, then he noticed that it was rapidly descending… right to their position.

He was about to jump out of the way when he got blindsided by Naruto, who tightly held him to the ground with the help of some of his clones. Then, he felt the thing crash into them, and a whole lot of pain.

Yet another POV switch

Hinata groggily got up, one hand on her head, and the other out for balance. She shook her head and took a look around, she seemed to be in one of the training grounds. There was some posts, some trees, Naruto lying unmoving a few meters away, some more trees… Wait? Naruto? Unmoving? A thought sprang to the front of her messed up mind, SHE HAD KILLED NARUTO! She quickly rushed over and started shaking him like crazy, thinking somehow that it would help. Then she started talking to herself to calm down.

"It's okay Hinata, everything is fine, we will just have to take him home and fix him, yeah, maybe dad can get someone like Dr. Strange to find his soul and put it back in his body, yeah! At least there were no witnesses," Just as she said that Kakashi sat up from his prone position, waved, and said "Yo". Hinata screamed and launched a repulsor blast at Kakashi who quickly substituted out of the way with a log. Hinata launched a relentless assault, firing everything she could at Kakashi who was barely dodging it all. There were repulsor blasts, sonic blasts, some tiny missiles, the whole shebang.

Suddenly something crashed down in front of Kakashi, Hinata paused, assessing the new threat, the figure stood up and it was, her dad? Hinata lowered her arms, all weapons deactivating, "Father? What are you doing here?"

Tony nervously chuckled, "Well after the stunt SEAI pulled, (Hinata heard some giggling) Pepper sent me to make sure that everything was okay. Wait, why are you crying?"

"I am so sorry father, I killed Naruto-kun, I tried to kill his teacher because he saw me do it, I…"

"Wait, are you saying that that boy is dead?" Tony turned and looked at Naruto "He isn't dead, he's just unconscious. Didn't you scan him to check his condition?"

Kakashi tried to speak up, "Umm…"

"Could you just shut up for a second? We're having a father daughter moment here. Thanks."

Hinata started bowing like crazy "Father, forgive me, I am sooo sorry."

"Don't worry, it's fine. The first time I used my suit, I killed a ton of people. Lets just get home before Pepper comes after us herself."

And with that, they both launched into the air, leaving a rather perplexed Kakashi, a fainted Sakura, and a Uchiha whose head was still stuck in the ground. Yep, just another day.