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Hot Sweet Heat

Chapter One

Alec eyes raked over the room again. Swinging back to zero in on Max, standing in the corner talking to Cal one of the more recent X5 arrivals at TC.

What's his deal? Why the fuck is he standing so close, practically on top of her? Geez. He thought, as he angrily strode over to them. None of your business get back to what you were doing.

"Hey Max," he greeted, glancing down at her before inserting his body between her and Cal.

"What's up?" he ground out belligerently his face close, his eyes hard on Cal's.

Max frowned up at him. "We're talking here, what's your problem?" she asked, as she tried to elbow him aside, only to find that he had moved with her and was still between her and Cal who was now glowering menacingly at him.

"What the hell up with you, Alec? Get out of the way," she said angrily, hitting his shoulder from behind.

Yeah what the fuck is up with me? Alec thought, rolling his shoulder distractedly, his eyes still on Cal. "Ah nothing," he mumbled.

Not a bad guy. He thought, eyeing the other X5 warily. So why do I suddenly want to hurt him?

He could feel her still trying to move out from behind him, sensing someone else approaching from the other side he instinctively moved to block her. Grabbing her wrist, he pulled her behind him, as he quickly assessed this new threat. Logan he could smell Logan, no threat there, he can't touch her. He dismissed Logan quickly his eyes never leaving Cal's.

"What the hell is going on here," Logan blustered. "Are you okay Max?"

"I'm fine," she said smiling reassuringly, her attention quickly moving back to Alec and his unwelcome grip on her wrist.

"You'd better let me go, Alec, or I'm going to seriously hurt you," she hissed, yanking on her wrist whilst hitting him in the shoulder with her free hand. But he had her backed against the wall and she didn't have any room to manoeuvre, effectively she was trapped behind him.

"What the hell do you think you're doing Alec? Let her go. Who the hell do you think you are to manhandle her like this?" Logan demanded angrily.

"Let me go now!" Max seethed furiously, only to find herself suddenly free, Alec, reading Cal's intention to strike in his eyes, released her and quickly moved to block his attack.

What the hell is happening? He wondered, adrenaline pounding through his body as his foot connected with the other X5's groin. I've got no problem with this guy. So why am I enjoying beating the fuck out of him. He wondered as he smashed his knee into Cal's face and watched him fall to the floor.

"Aleec," he heard Max's uncertain voice behind him. Immediately his confused eyes swung to her, as she backed towards him, away from the twelve X5 males all eyeing each other aggressively as they advanced on her.

Realization hit him.

Fuck she's in heat.

"What the hell do you people think your doing? Leave her alone!" Logan blustered.

Alec grabbed Max's hand and pulled her towards the door.

"Stay back Logan," Max yelled belatedly, as the elbow of the X5 whose arm he had grabbed connected with his face and he sunk unconscious to the floor.

"Alec, here!" Joshua yelled, as he threw him a gun. Propelling Max out the door with one hand, half-turning, he caught the gun with the other. Pumping the action, he brought it to his shoulder as he backed out the door, the other X's in hot pursuit.

He could smell her now the scent of her phemerones distinct, cloying, fucking intoxicating he thought eyes for a moment, heavy on her. Jerking himself back to reality, he grabbed her by her shirt and pulled her back towards him. "Max we've got to get out of here."

"I'm not going anywhere, get your fucking hands off me!" she yelled, shrugging her shoulder out of his grip.

"Did you see what that asshole did to Logan?"

"Max," he bit out harshly. "Forget Logan. Look around you." His eyes never leaving the jostling and aggressive X males ranged threateningly in front of them, he waited for her to understand her situation.

Max looked around her the male X's were now fighting amongst themselves. All Alec's fault no doubt. Probably all pissed at him because he provoked Cal into hitting him and then beat the shit out of him.

"I don't know what sort of a fucking problem you started here, Alec, but I'm gonna go and check on Logan," she said disgustedly, rolling her eyes as she turned and attempted to move through the melee.

Immediately she was grabbed from behind and pulled up against a hard body. Automatically she elbowed him hard in the gut and swung away only to be grabbed by both her arms this time. She fought to get free.

Furious, using the gun like a club, Alec beat his way through to her. Hell, she was stubborn, reckless even but she wasn't stupid. What the hell did she think she was doing? he wondered disbelievingly.  Didn't she realize the danger here? Grabbing her shirt at the shoulder he pulled her roughly toward him.

"Do you understand what is happening here?" he ground out slowly, shaking her shoulder for emphasis his face inches from hers.

She stared back at him blankly, her eyes darting uncertainly to the other X5's.

She doesn't understand. He thought incredulously. How is that possible? Hand fisted in her shirt he jerked her closer.

"Your in heat Max unless we get you out of here you're gonna be the party. Do you understand?" he asked slowly and urgently.

"Yyes," she stammered.

"Good." Using his grip on her shirt to pull her along with him towards her bike. His body and the gun between her and the X males, stalking, warily along beside them.

"Guys, I know how it is…but is it worth getting shot for. Hey, You all know me, I don't want to hurt anybody here. I just wanna take her and go…nobody needs to get hurt, just stay the fuck back!" Menacingly, he sighted the gun on a large dark haired X5 who'd ventured to close.

"Why do you get to take her? She doesn't seem all that willing to go with you," Gigantor shot back, the threat of the gun momentarily halting his advance, but his eyes going pointedly to Alec's hand where it tightly gripped Max's shirt.

"Oh she's willing. Aren't you Maxie?" he asked grinning cockily at her. "She just can't wait to get me alone." reaching the bike he shoved her unceremoniously at it.

"Can't wait," she echoed sweetly, elbowing him hard in the stomach as he settled down behind her, gun still trained on her would be suitors.

"You," he said gesturing towards Gigantor. "You heard the lady now open the gate." The large X5 stood his ground staring stoically back at Alec.

"No…well okay then how about you," he asked, gesturing with the gun towards Cal, who also didn't move. Max reeved the bike impatiently. Alec levelled the gun and shot Gigantor's leg out from under him, his eyes never leaving Cal's.

He kept the gun trained on the other X5's as Cal walked to open the gate.


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