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3 - Home

I slipped away from Jace and Clary as soon as we entered the Institute. I had just made it down the hallway towards my room when someone's hand gripped my arm, stopping me in my tracks. "Spill, Bella," Izzy said, and when I turned to face her, her eyes were narrowed. No use in running away now. "You know, normally I'd be offended, given we're parabatai and all, but I can tell you haven't said a word to anyone."

Parabatai? I was parabatai with Izzy? And now I felt awful that she knew I was keeping something for. I couldn't tell her I was actually Avery Lincoln, because was I? Was I truly? Instead, and I felt awful for doing so, but she'd understand, if the truth ever came out, I came up with someone quick. "I did fall, a few days ago. And I got a concussion. It's better now, and everything, but I still sometimes get sick and faint, and... and-"

At this point, I really did start to cry. After everything that had happened, and how much I was confused about, and it was all so much. Tears escaped my eyes and I leaned forward, sobbing, and Izzy was immediately next to me, keeping an arm around my shoulders. "-and I don't remember anything!" I finally let out, unable to keep my voice from rising an octave.

Izzy's mouth slightly opened. "Oh. Oh no."

"I know, I know, I was going to tell you sooner, I just-" I burst into more sobbing.

"Okay, it's okay, come on." She was guiding me towards the other rooms now, slowly. "I'll get Jace and Alec, and my parents aren't home right now, but when they are-"

"No, not yet," I said, digging my heels in to keep her from pulling us back down the hallway. "Remember that girl from the other night? The one who could see us?" Izzy nodded slowly. "Well, when Jace and I went out, we found her again, and then she got a call from her mother, and when she got back to her house there were demons... It's a long story. But for now, she's sick, and we should work things out with her before getting to me."

Izzy gave me a long look, but she finally relented.

Once Clary was settled and we'd started her treatment for the poisoning, Izzy had rounded every one up, despite my dismay. I slipped awkwardly down into the couch, feeling slightly out of place. Once Jace and Alec were sitting across from us, and Izzy was perched on the arm of the couch next to me, she said, "So, turns out Sara was keeping something from us. She managed to hit her head - which caused her to faint so many times - and now does not remember anything."

"Anything?" Jace leaned forward, interested. "Sara, what's two plus two?"

"I remember those things," I retorted, leaning forward myself to knock my palm into his forehead. "It's just... life things I don't, if that makes sense? Like who my parents are. Where I am. Who I am. It's just... I don't know. I didn't want to bother you all with this."

"Bother us, she says," Alec said, as if he couldn't believe I'd said such a thing.

"This is serious, Bella," Izzy told me. "Of course you needed to tell us. And we're going to help. We're just going to have see if someone knows anything-"

"No!" I said, a little too loudly, and three pairs of eyes landed on me. I turned red. "Please don't tell anyone. It's not that bad, I swear. Just... Just tell me things. From the beginning. And it'll come back to me, promise." I wasn't telling a complete lie - perhaps it would come back to me.

They all exchanged looks, but finally Izzy turned to face me completely, arms crossed. "We're trusting you here, Bella. Promise me it's not that bad?"

"I promise, Izzy, it's not that bad!"

"Fine, but... if anything else happens, we're going to straight to Mom and Dad. Got it?"

"Got it!"

After a bit of dancing around the subject, it seemed I had been right: it did start to come back to me. Izzy had started off slowly, telling me that my parents had been Jackson and Lucia Daleheart. My father had died when I was five years old, Jace added, and my mother, determined to find the man who so randomly killed my father, left me with the Lightwoods, promising to return. ("Or so you said, Sara, but I'm not sure how much I believe you know." "Oh, bite me, Jace.") But she hadn't since, Alec said slowly, watching me carefully to see how I'd react. So I had essentially become another Lightwood child.

By then, memories were already popping back into my brain. "And then Izzy and I became parabatai nearly a few before you and Jace," I said suddenly, the words leaving my lips before I could even process them. I grinned happily. "See? It's already coming back."

Izzy let out a breath. "Thank goodness. I was afraid something was really wrong with you."

We went on like that for a bit afterwards, volleying back memories. There was one about when I'd nearly shot Jace straight through the head with an arrow, after attempting to one-up Alec in archery, despite being extremely poor at it. There was also a story about how I became afraid of dogs - which I almost certainly wasn't, anymore, given that I loved dogs - but I listened anyways, laughing along at how I almost threatened to sacrifice Alec when a huge golden retriever came bouncing towards us when we were kids.

When the conversation flipped to another story, Izzy telling it, I found myself happy. Warm. Feeling... at home, almost. Which shouldn't make any sense - I wasn't home - but somehow... somehow it did. I wrapped my arms around my knees and listened to them tell stories, feeling like I was exactly where I should be.

Clary woke up when Izzy and I were in her room, bickering over something dumb. Her eyes flew open and she shot up, groggy. "She's awake!" I trilled, although Izzy was less than excited. She and Alec weren't for Clary's being here, although Jace and I had tried to convince them as much as we could that she was definitely like us, given her ability to see us, and also have runes on her body.

Izzy handed her a cup of tisane, and Clary took it gingerly, eyeing Izzy's cold demeanor.

"Don't mind her," I said, stepping in front, smiling brightly. "Her looks can kill, but I won't let her hurt 'ya."

"I left some clothes for you to change into," Izzy continued, ignoring what I'd said. She moved backwards towards the door. "We'll meet you outside."

I gave Clary one last wave before shutting the door behind me. Izzy had already vanished, but Jace was coming down the hallway. "Any fainting today?" he asked me, amused, as I leaned against the wall to Clary's room, waiting for her.

"Can't you just drop it?" I begged. "I told you, concussion. But I'm good now. Memories and all."

I expected him to make a joke, but instead he moved forward, pressing his hands to my face and tilting my head up. I frowned, trying to figure out what he was doing, but he was just staring intently at me. "Are you... Are you okay?"

"You have the most telling face in the entire world, Sara," he declared. "And you're not lying."

He dropped his hands from his face and I rolled my eyes. "So am I good now? Not sick anymore?"

"Not sick anymore," he agreed.

I was about to retort when the door opened, and Clary came out, looking a bit awkward in Izzy's clothes. I couldn't blame her - everyone looked awkward in Izzy's clothes, except for Izzy herself. "To the library?" I said, looking between Clary and Jace. "I'm assuming that's where Hodge is."

Jace nodded, and we set off, Jace telling her about the place and the Lightwoods.

By the time we got there, Alec and Izzy were, like I suspected, arguing about Clary's presence. I felt sort of bad, and gave Clary the best 'we'll show 'em' smile I could manage. As we all gathered there, and Clary met Hodge, I admit that I zoned out - after all, he was just filling her in about Shadowhunter stuff, which was all things that had come back to me three days ago. So instead I thought about my previous life, which - and yes, this did frighten me - was starting to become hazy. I had been... a junior, right? A senior? And I had parents... a brother? And a dog? Just as I was started to get slightly worried, someone knocked into me, all but sending me flying.

I would have landed on a table, too, if that same person hadn't reached out and caught my wrist, tugging me back up smoothly. I found myself once again a little too close to Jace, who was staring down at me. "You have lost all of your skills, Sara," he said mockingly, shaking his head. "It's almost embarrassing to watch."

"You would be off balance too if you'd hit your head," I threatened, reaching up to flick him.

He caught my other hand easily, and I attempted to pull my hands back. With no avail, I leapt up, using his grip on my wrists to propel myself into the air. Just as I went to knee him in the stomach, I heard Clary say, "Felicity?"

I stopped. Felicity? Clary was on the phone, trying to see if she really was a Shadowhunter. Shouldn't she have been calling Luke? Unless Luke suddenly changed his name to Felicity, I was at a loss. Jace let me go once he'd realized my attention had been stolen by Clary, and frowned, turning to watch as well.

"I'm okay, I promise," Clary was saying into the phone, her other hand knitted into the fabric. "Please tell me you didn't actually have a three-night sleepover with Simon because you were so worried- No, Felicity, that is not me being jealous, that is me telling you that spending all night playing video games is not a good way to make sure I'm okay."

There was a bark of laughter from the phone, and Clary held it away from her ear, making a face. "Felicity, please. I need to speak with Luke." Another burst, someone yelling. "What do you mean, he's giving you the eyes? Felicity-"

And then Luke was on the phone, and Clary was asking questions. Finally, suddenly, she put the phone down, her eyes downcast, suddenly unsure. I knew what Luke had said on the other side of that phone.

"Clary," I said gently, reaching out to touch her shoulder. "I..." But I didn't know what to say, so I just tried to give her a reassuring smile and backed away.

Hodge was going to call the Silent Brothers. In the mean time, Jace, Clary, and I would go back to her apartment to search for anything relating to her mother's disappearance. Clary had set off ahead of us, at a brisk pace, and while I lagged behind, Jace leaned over. I was getting used to his closeness - we grew extremely close as kids, and now proximity was like a second nature. (To him, at least. I was still getting used to it.) "Sara, if you want alone time with Clary, I can head back. But there's probably demons, and then I'm needed-"

"What? Alone time?" I was confused. If anyone needed alone time, it was Jace and Clary.

"You've been obsessed with this girl practically since you saw her. I know love when I see it-"

I slapped his arm. "I am not in love with Clary!"

"Yes. Right."

"Jace, please." I pointed at my face, sticking my chin up. "Does this look like someone who's lying?"

He studied me closely. "...No."

I grinned.

A lot happened in a short amount of time. There was a Forsaken. Jace killed it. We went downstairs, where some lady almost told my fortune, but got spooked - whatever that meant - and next thing I knew, Clary had thrown open a door and sent us all falling out. Clary landed on the grass first, and Jace fell on top of her. I hit his back, bounced off, and landed on my elbow, pain shooting up my arm.

As I squeezed my eyes shut and made a noise, Clary had removed herself from Jace - without even a look or anything, I was disappointed to see - and scrambled towards Luke's bookstore. Jace reached his hand to me, and I took it, giving him a relieved smile.

"He's not in," Clary said, dejected.

Before I could even rattle off an idea, Jace had scaled the fence behind the store, and then landed on someone. There was an agitated 'Hey!' and then Simon popped up, with another girl - messy, black hair; long, thin nose; striking blue eyes - jumped up beside him, her arms tucked through his, her lips pursed. "Watch it, dude," she said, and then her eyes went to me, and the to Clary.

"Clary!" the girl shouted happily, throwing her free arm up.

Clary and I followed suit over the fence, and Jace's hand shot out, as if on instinct, to touch my elbow, and steady me. Clary was already throwing her arms around Simon, and then the girl, her cheeks red. "I cannot believe you guys had a three night sleepover," Clary huffed, and the girl, who I now knew was Felicity, grinned toothily.

"We're all best friends here, Clare," she drawled. "Besides, we were scared. Truthfully."

"Is Luke here?" I interuppted, gesturing towards the house.

"That's what we were watching," Simon said. "He was putting weapons into a duffel bag."

"I was going to say something to him," Felicity added, "but Simon told me I couldn't."

"Much too dangerous," he said in a mock-accent.

Felicity scoffed and rolled her eyes, and Clary laughed, ducking her head. I couldn't tell quite was going on between her and Simon. I knew he liked her, and that they would date for a little, but not yet. But it seemed... different, somehow? I couldn't place my finger on it. Just like how I couldn't decide what was happening between Jace and I, too. (Nothing, I told myself firmly. It had to be nothing. I couldn't change the books that much. No matter what.)

"Should we go inside?" Jace asked.

"I think I have-" Felicity touched her pocket, and sighed. "I don't have a key."

Jace merely walked up the steps, pulled out his stele, and got us in.

As Clary, Felicity, and Simon moved in together - Clary explaining all this Shadowhunter stuff to them, slowly - I winked at Jace. "What a charmer," I said, mostly in reference to Clary watching him open the lock.

"I try, Sara," he said, grinning at me in such a way I got butterflies in my stomach. "I try."