"Avada Kedavra!" Shout the nasal voice that belonged to the most feared wizard in Britain. Voldemort had been back for some time. At the moment he was locked in a heated battle with Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Refused-To-Die, in the middle of the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Battles raged around them, but the two were in a world of their own.

"Expelliarmus!" The Boy-Who-Lived shouted at the same time as his opponent. Harry knew that this was what he had to do. As the sounds of war entered his ears, Harry could just make out Hermione behind Voldemort battling with Luna against three other Death Eaters. The left lenses of his glasses were broke and he was covered in dirt, blood, and dust.

As the beams of green and red fought each other in a battle of wills, Harry could feel himself growing weaker. Trying to push the last of his magic into the spell that he was using, Harry finally had nothing left to give. As if it was nothing, the killing curse overpowered his and he fell to the sounds of screams echoing in the Great Hall.


Harry awoke to find himself in an office of sorts. There was a desk in front of him and another chair beside him, though it was empty. Wait a minute; wasn't he just battling Voldemort in the Great Hall? What happened? Where was he now? But most importantly, what the hell is going on?

The door behind him opened causing him to jump and his head snap back to see who was intruding on his thought process. He was not at all ready to see a rather attractive female walk through the threshold. The figure, whose name tag called her Eva, was short with rainbow streaks through her hair. It outlined her heart-shaped face perfectly and was obviously supposed to look as professional as possible despite the color. She was carrying a large file in her arms, which she slammed on to the desk in front of him. She took her sit in front of him and as he looked into her eyes, he realized that he was in trouble for something because of the fire that was raging in her electric blue eyes.

"Well, Mr. Potter. What have you to say for yourself this time?" She said the rage barely contained in her voice.

"Um … Where am I? Who are you? What am I doing here?" Harry asked confused about what her question meant. It wasn't like he could have done something to make this person that he didn't even know so mad at him.

"Let me tell you again. You are at Eternity There After, in other words the afterlife. My name is Eva, your Death. I am the one that is responsible for you to meet your destiny and as you why you are here, you died." Saying this must have had a trigger the release for her anger, because the next thing Harry knew she was in full lecture mode. "You got in a fight with the most powerful wizard in the world and choose to use a disarming hex! How STUPID can you be! This one is almost as bad as when you fell of your broom from 1000ft in the air because you tried to attack Draco Malfoy for some misconceived injustice!

"Oh, but then you had to go down to The Chamber of Secrets after you killed that damn basilisk, though I'm relieved that you even lived through that one. You ended up slipping on some of the water, hitting your head, which knocked you out, and drowning in a nearby puddle! But then there was that one time when you decided to play hero and try to use the Sword of Gryffindor on a dementor! Would have worked if you had the right stuff on the blade but you hadn't even faced the basilisk yet!"

"Um … excuse me, but I'm sure you've got the wrong guy. I never any of those things." Harry interrupted nervously. He couldn't possibly be the person that she was talking about. He didn't remember any of that stuff. Plus, he wasn't that stupid, right?

Narrowing her gaze at him, Eva began to spell it out for him. " You don't remember because we made you FORGET and go BACK and try AGAIN! NEVER have I had such a stain on my reputation as when I got you as a client. You have had six, SIX, unregistered deaths and one more you will get me fired! You have the biggest destiny since practically Merlin himself, but do you do any of the things that opportunities have presented themselves to do? No!

"Instead you decide that you want some damn fan girl and to live a stupid life of half fullness! You're SUPPOSED to defeat stupid Tom Riddle, marry your soul mate, some Granger girl, and grow old to the age of 186! You could even drag the Wizarding World into the next millennium if you took all the chances presented and didn't screw them up!"

Harry was stunned when she mentioned Ginny and Hermione. "Ma'am, what about Ginny? I only like Herm…" The raging woman interrupted Harry.

"You might be one of the few people ever to reach the power that Merlin had, but you are right there with Dumbledore and Riddle in the fact that you are one of the stupidest of them! Ginny, the fan girl was in love with the Chosen One ever since she read a book that was supposed about you when she was 7! In second year she took one look at the famous Boy-Who-Lived and ran off without so much as a hello. She's been obsessed with the hero that you are shown as to the world and will probably do anything to get her hooks in you. In fact she already did when she gave you that love potion in 5th year."

Eva was about to rant about how he was supposed to be with Hermione when the boy interrupted her. "Love potion? She drugged me!"

"Yes, she did and you didn't even notice! You were probably going to use her as a distraction from your soul mate anyway since you decided that you didn't want a happy ever after. And honestly, you let that spoiled brat of a Weasley steal your girl and you decide that, instead of fighting for her like you should have, that he needed to be happy. She was NOT the right girl for him! If it weren't for that stupid, over-bearing mother Molly, then that wouldn't have happened. Didn't you notice how you and Ginny were pushed together when you were there? How Weasley and Granger always ended up together when Molly was around? Didn't that ever make you wonder?"

She got up out of her chair and walked toward the door, "Come on. I have to go for a review over you. I am liable to get fired and if I do then it's a seedy joint on Knockover Lane and that is not the future I had in mind for myself."

She walked out the door without another word and Harry hurried up to followed. They hurried past several doors of other offices with the names of Sam and Lisa on them on the way to double doors with seats outside in the hall beside them. She told him to sit in one of the chairs, when he complied she took a breath and entered the doors.

Harry sat there for a while, going over all the stuff that Eva had told him. He couldn't even find any more emotions towards Ginny. He finally decided that he didn't want to be Ron's friend. The jealous git would have to get over it because Harry had just decided that if he went back far enough in time then he wouldn't even bother with him. He was evaluating his relationship Hermione when he heard his name being called from inside the room. Figuring that was his queue to go inside, Harry got up and entered the room.

It looked more like an interview room than anything else. There was a table in the middle of room where he noticed a slightly less mad Eva was sitting. He figured that was where he was supposed to sit so walked over to the rainbow haired girl and took the seat next to her. Looking up to where the 'Judge' would be, Harry found a man with gray hair and a face that looked like he was majoring annoyed. Of course he was in for another rant.

"Harry Potter, age 17 when you died, The-Boy-Who-Lived. Must you make such a nuisance of yourself for poor Eva here? You could have avoided almost every death that has happened to you if you would just quit letting other people run your life and get a brain of your own. Well, we can't do anything about that now, can we? No matter. We have decided what to do with you."

Harry gulped at this. Surely he just had to go back and fix a few things. He looked down at the table. Maybe everything would work itself out and he would just have a couple of things to agree with and then he would be on his way. At least he knew that he didn't have to preserve the time line or any of the rubbish. He could actually control what happened and had no intention of letting this chance go to waste. He looked back up at the Judge when he started to speak again.

"You will keep your memories from this past life and what has happened here. "The Judge paused. Harry let out a sigh of relief. Now he would be able to know what to fix. "You will start over again at Hogwarts, all the way to first year. You will go back to the day of your first trip to Magical London. Eva will take to the Department of Destiny and then you will be given a contract that will be explained to you when you sign it."

Eva hurried up and stood, grabbing Harry by the arm and pulling him with her. She dragged him across the room but when they were almost out the door, a voice called out from behind them.

"Remember what I told you Eva. If you don't then the consequences will be harsh." The Judge said in a low, warning voice.

Eva complexion went pale for a few moments before they started to move again, hurrying out even faster than before. Harry wondered what had been said when he was in the hallway; it was obviously something that scared his personal Death, but what could scare Death? Once they were out in the hallway, Eva let Harry go but kept up her pace as she went through the building with Harry struggling to keep up. They continued at this brisk pace until they were outside a door that said 'The Department of Destiny'.

"Okay, Harry. Look," Eva had her hand on the doorknob but had stopped to tell him what he was getting into. It wasn't often that she got to come into this area and she didn't want Harry to be the next guinea pig like all the others that passed through the door. "The guys in here are the most devious people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I say pleasure because my son, Lukas, works in this department and it's been awhile since any of them had a job this big. The ideas they come up with are outrageous, so we will just be dealing with Lukas. He will tell me what he thinks is that best to do, and I will tell you. You need to listen to everything that is said in here though, even if it isn't from Lukas, because some of it can help."

With that out-of-the-way, Eva opened the door into the Department of Destiny. It looked like they had walked into a common room because couches surrounded the room with the odd table here and there. There were people sitting on some of the couches and a few had files like the one Eva had thrown in front of him. As soon as he walked through the door every head in the room turned to look at who was coming into their domain. Most had almost evil gleams to their eyes as they stared at the Boy-Who-Defied-Death.

When they recognized Eva most went back to what they were doing, knowing that they wouldn't get a chance with this one. The few who did continue looking walked over with a person who looked like Eva in the front. Lukas turned out to look just like his mother in everything but body-build. He was a tall, handsome man with the lighter half of the rainbow for hair. Harry understood right away why Eva had pegged the term devious to this group of people. While Harry was talking to Lukas about what to do when he got back to the Living World, Eva began drawing up the contract.

Within the next 10 hours, where they needed neither rest nor food, Harry was sure that his mind was going on information overload. They had discussed his life up to the point when he had died and made plans for his new one. Though Harry could honestly say that they would put Salazar Slytherin to shame with the stuff they came up with. When he was finally finished with his planning period, Eva came back over with a paper and pen for him.

"This contract is basically just that you will keep Eternity There After a secret and will only tell your soul mate if you choose to do so. You may also tell a few people that we tell you can know about it, but that it. If you disobey this than you will not get another chance and I will be fired. So don't disobey it!" Eva said this while heading him a pen that he then used to sign his name.

He soon found himself on a platform about to be put back into his body from before. He looked to where Eva and Lukas were, standing beside each other in front of the platform, and smiled. He now knew what he was facing in the magical world when he got there and had every intention of obeying everything the cunning group that he had planned with had said. He was finally going to be in control of his life and he wasn't going to let anything go wrong this time. He was brought out of his musings by the now familiar voice of Eva.

"See ya soon, Harry!" Eva said with a grin as he was flashed back to when he was 11 years old.