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Albus Dumbledore could only look on in dread as the boy walked over to the Slytherin house table and sat next to a bushy haired girl. The hall had been quiet for a moment until that girl had started to whoop and clap in celebration. This was the queue for the rest of the table to start celebrating. They got the Boy-Who-Lived and that really was something to be proud of.

Severus Snape looked at the spawn of the hated James Potter. How could he be sorted into his house? How was this possible? Could this day get any worse? He already had to deal with a mudblood in his house, now the son of his worst enemy was added to that list.

Draco Malfoy could only watch as his dreams were crushed. With the inclusion of Potter to his house Draco's dream of ruling Slytherin would appear to be just that, dreams. If that wasn't bad enough he had to deal with a mudblood being in his common room and classes. This was turning out to be a horrible day for Draco.

After the rest of the students were sorted the Slytherins began trying to grill into Hermione about her blood status. "I've not heard of a pureblood house with the last name of Granger. That must mean you're a mudblood, am I correct?" Millicent Bulstrode said this.

"Well as a matter of fact she is a muggleborn." Harry butted in. "She is also one of the smartest people I know. She must have gotten in this house on pure skill if she doesn't need to have pure blood to make it happen." With that the rest of the table could see that picking on Granger would upset Harry. The fact that he was probably right was also a big incentive not to say anything else about the girl.

Harry and Hermione spent the rest of the meal getting to know their year-mates. Both thought that Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, Daphne Greengrass, and Tracy Davis were pretty nice people, even if they were a bit weary about talking to a muggleborn. When the feast was over Dumbledore made same announcements as he did in the last time line and sent the students down to their dorms.

The Slytherin Perfects escorted the first years to the dungeons and the entrance of the Slytherin common room. After telling them that the password was Parseltongue the Perfects showed them where they would be sleeping. Harry told Hermione good night and that they could go to breakfast together in the morning. He then went to his dorm, changed for bed and went to sleep.


Meanwhile, in the office of the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore was left to wonder how years of work could possibly have been brought down by this single act. All of his careful preparations were left in the dust as soon has that damn hat had the word lord. The fact that he didn't know anything about this certainly didn't help him in the least.

He had manipulated…led Lily Potter to the rite that he needed her to use. Sacrificing herself for her son in the name of love was one of the few things that would have stopped Voldemort. He had justified this, as a cause for the greater good and in doing that Dumbledore felt no guilt for anything that he did.

Even putting baby Harry Potter with the Dursley's was a move that he had factored into his final plans. Though he did have to use some horrible charms for that one to work, Albus was under the impression that it was all for the greater good and therefore acceptable.

Yes, Albus Dumbledore had no idea what he did wrong, but knew that he had to fix this mistake and quickly.

Severus Snape stepped in his private courters in a foul mood. He had known that this year was going to be insufferable because of that Potter boy, but now his life had hit an even lower rating than before.

Harry Potter and that damn hat were at the middle of it all. Albus had assured him that the little brat would be in Gryffindor when he first started teaching. With the assurance came the unfair pointing and detentions toward the house of the lions. Severus didn't think anything of it at the time, but now all the careful plans had been shattered. It wasn't like he could take points from his own house or anything like that. That would just show that he is being unfair to the brat.

Severus Snape had a lot of thinking to do before the first day of classes.

Draco Malfoy looked on in envy has Harry Potter chatted with the different first years at the Opening Feast. Just the fact that 'famous Harry Potter' was in HIS house was enough to make Draco sick with jealousy.

Draco had been dreaming of this moment when he would take a firm hold of Slytherin house and rule. His father had practically told him that his dream would come true just because of his name and Draco had believed it. Now it was never going to happen and it was all because of Harry Potter. Now all Draco had to do was think of a way back to the top.

Hermione Granger, tucked away in her bed, was thinking that she had just had the best day of her life. If it wasn't having two friends already, then it was the fact that she was in the house known for blood purity even though she was muggleborn. Harry had explained his last shot at life to her and Neville while they were in their compartment on the train. Hermione might have been a little skeptic but she believed him and would help him in anyway possible.

Hermione was looking forward to the next seven years with her new friends and lessons. Harry had even told her and Neville that he would like to train them in secret. Hermione had been ecstatic and immediately agreed. Yes, she was going to have amazing dreams tonight and a long letter to write in the morning to her parents.


When Harry woke up the next morning he could tell that it was still early. He went ahead and got his shower and dressed in his new school uniform that had recently acquired green trim.

He left his dorm room, the other boys still sleeping, and went into the common room. He didn't expect Hermione to be up yet, so he was just going to look around the room. Surprised by the bit of bushy brown hair sticking up over the back of the couch, Harry went over and sat next to his friend.

"Oh, hello! How was your sleep last night, Harry?" Hermione said when she spotted the boy. She had come down so the she could read, though she really didn't think that anyone else would be up.

"It was fine, 'Mione." Harry said with a smile. "You know, I think I remember a spell that would make your hair look like it's just curled or I could straighten it."

"You can do that?" Hermione asked with a little awe in her voice. "Yes, please! Can you straighten it but let it have a little bounce to it? You do know what I mean right?"

"Yes I do." Harry said with a laugh. "And of course I will do it! I'll teach the spell to you later so that you can do it on your own, okay?"

"Oh, yes!" Hermione said with a grin. With that said Harry pulled out his wand and pointed it at her hair. Muttering the incantation under his breath, he moved his wand over Hermione's hair. Hermione's hair straightened as his wand went over it. When he was done with the spell Hermione's hair looked exactly like she had wanted it to look.

"You can also have Madam Pomfrey to fix your teeth if you want. The last time she offered to, but your parents said no. So you could just say that you outgrew them to your parents if you want."

"I'll think about it. Let's go and get some breakfast. I'm starved!" Hermione then proceeded to drag him off the couch and out the door of the common room. During the walk from the dungeons to the Great Hall, Hermione and Harry began to work out a training schedule. By the time they got to the Great Hall they had the training schedule set and just had to run it by Neville.

Together they went to the Slytherin table and sat down. With it still being early Harry wasn't surprised that no one else was awake yet. He also didn't blink an eye when a house elf popped in.

"Fizzy is sorry. We not expectin' anyone to be up. What do ya want ta eat? Fizzy will get it for ya." The little elf hung his head in shame.

"That's alright, Fizzy. Thanks for offering to get us something. I'll have two pieces of toast, bacon, eggs and a glass of pumpkin juice. What about you Hermione?" Harry said.

Hermione was starring at the little buggy-eyed creature that was wearing rags. She remembered when Harry had told her about S.P.E.W. but seeing the house elf wearing what looked like a pillowcase with arm and head holes was another thing entirely. Harry had also told her that she didn't really know all there was to know about the house elves and that she needed to learn everything that there was to know before she did anything.

"I'll just have a bowl of oatmeal, a piece of toast, and a glass of pumpkin juice. But can you bring it here yourself? I think that I would like it delivered to me by someone I can see." Hermione said. She didn't really mind the food popping up out of nowhere; she just wanted to see the house elf again.

Fizzy shook his head yes and popped away to make their food. Hermione took this time to reveal to Harry want she was about to have him do.

"Do you think the house elves know about your founder's status?" She asked with an innocent expression on her face.

"I'm sure they do. They're bounded to the castle, not a person, so they would know anything that the castle knows. The castle, obviously, knows about it because of the rings interacting with it." Harry said. When he noticed her expression he added, "What do you want me to do?"

"Well, technically, the founders' heirs own Hogwarts. They could, hypothetically, have the house elves wear something more appropriate…" Hermione trailed off, knowing that Harry already knew what she wanted.

"See, that's why you're in Slytherin." Harry said with a smile. "Yes, I do it. At least then they would make the castle happy."

Fizzy popped back in as Harry finished talking. He snapped his fingers and the food showed up on the table. "Can Fizzy get ya anything else?"

Sighing Harry said, "Actually there is. You know who I am right?"

"Oh yes sir! Yous an Heir! Yous gots the rings and everything!" Fizzy said excitedly.

"Then you probably know what it is we want. Can you and the other house elves start wearing uniforms?" Harry made sure he didn't say anything about clothes so that the little elf didn't get upset.

"Yes Mister Harry Potter Sir! Fizzy can do that! Fizzy will tell the others about it too!" He snapped his fingers and a miniature butler's suit replaced the dirty pillowcase. "Fizzy will make sure the other males wear this. Fizzy will get a female so yous can show her want ta wear!"

Fizzy popped off and almost five seconds later he was back with a female with him. She curtsied to them.

"What can Pinky do for Mister Harry Potter Sir?" The house elf asked.

"I was wondering if you would be the first house elf in the females uniform and if you would show the other house elves what I expect them to wear." Harry told Pinky.

"Yes Sir!" With a snap of her fingers Pinky outfit changed to look like a maids uniform. Harry nodded his head when asked if it was acceptable and the house elves popped away to the kitchens, and to tell the others what to wear.

Harry turned to his plate and began to eat everything on it. Hermione did the same. Before long they were done and a few people began coming into the Great Hall.

Neville Longbottom woke up in his brand new bed with a smile on his face. Hurrying out of bed he rushed into the shower. Quickly, Neville got ready and practically ran to the Great Hall. When he entered, he was maybe the fifth person there. He spotted Harry with Hermione and waved at them on his way to the Hufflepuff table.

Harry and Hermione got up from the Slytherin table and went over to Neville. Sitting down in front of him, they told him about what happened with the house elves.

"Blimey, Harry! I need to get my ring, don't I?" Neville hadn't thought that he would need his ring for a while yet, but it seemed that the quicker that he got his then the quicker the problems in the castle would be fixed. Now all he had to do was sell the idea to his Grandmother.

"I would suggest waiting for Christmas break. Then I would be able to come to your house and help you with your grandmother. I remember that you never really got to do anything because she smothered you, but I'm sure I can get her on board with this and we could get you a better wand. Your dad's wand isn't suited for you."

As more people began coming into the Great Hall Harry and Hermione were the center of attention. Two first year Slytherins at the Hufflepuff table, and actually just talking was not a sight that many people ever got to see. As unusual as this was, it was a third year Hufflepuff that told them what was going on.

"The Slytherin's never talk to anyone outside their house unless they're picking on people. Plus, they're all purebloods or half-bloods so the muggleborns never talk to them." The third year Hufflepuff told them.

Harry and Hermione looked at each other and without another thought extended their hands to shake the surprised Hufflepuffs. "I'm Harry Potter. It's nice to meet you. If you couldn't tell, both Miss. Granger and myself aren't your usual Slytherins. There are powerful allies to make in the other houses, along with faithful friends."

"Hermione Granger. I'm muggleborn, but I'm in Slytherin. We're going to fix the ruined reputation of Slytherin house." The third year shook both of their hands.

"I'm Cedric Diggory. So neither of you are dark?"

"No, neither of us are dark. If anything we would be considered light. We just happened to be sorted into the house known for dark wizards. It's a good thing that we're already telling everyone the truth before they assumed the worst. Honestly, we're friendly people who want to make friends with a few people that aren't in our house. I like the idea of having people who know you, no matter what house they are in. I would like to get to know a couple Gryffindors and Ravenclaws also. We already know Neville, but that won't stop us from becoming friends with Susan or Hannah. It doesn't matter what house your in, both Harry and I will treat you the way you treat us, whether that's friendly or not is up to you." Hermione explained.

Either Hermione didn't know or she didn't care, but the hall was quiet and listening. Most thought that this was sensible, but some, like a certain Ronald Weasley, thought they were lying.

"At least your not like most of the snakes." Cedric said with a laugh. "Well there's something I wanted to ask you Harry?"

"Sure Cedric. I would like to be your friend also." Harry laughed. "What is it that you're wanting to ask? Just remember that I reserve the right not to answer."

"Well, what was it that the hat said when you were sorted? I was wondering if you could explain." Cedric said. He knew that everyone was listening to this conversation, as the hall was quiet. That was an unusual occurrence, but everyone wanted to hear this.

"Well, when I went to Gringotts to get money for my school supplies I was told to try on my head of house rings. Since I'm the last Potter, I was made Lord and Head was House Potter. The same goes for the Peverell family, though they told me that there are others from that family and that I'm the oldest, therefore Lord and Head of House Peverell. I'm heir of Slytherin by right of conquest because I killed the last Heir, Tom Riddle. You will know him better by the name of Voldemort." Several gasps and a couple screams were heard at the mention of the name of the Dark Lord. "Heir of Gryffindor by birth is pretty self-explanatory. The hat told me that Hogwarts herself named my champion, therefore I can go anywhere in the castle and the castle will protect me against attacks, no matter what kind they are." Again the entire hall was listening, even the professors that had showed up.

Albus Dumbledore sat in quiet contemplation at the Staff table. He had listened, like the rest of the students and staff, to what Harry and Hermione had said. It seemed that no matter what he did he wasn't going to be able to bring young Harry under his influence. Maybe he could get Severus to make Harry and that girl that's with him to go back to the Slytherin table. Yes, that sounded exactly like something Albus would do.

Obviously this was the course of action that Albus took, as Severus strutted to the Hufflepuff table and stood behind the two Slytherins. The rest of the table went quiet as he approached. Harry was ready for this though.

"Professor Snape is behind he, isn't he?" He asked Cedric. The third year confirmed his guess with a nod of his head.

"Potter! What are you doing at the Hufflepuff table when you are clearly a Slytherin?" The Potions Professor asked, confident that the first year didn't know the rules.

Turning to the Professor, Harry decided to break it to him none to gently. "As this is a school problem, I am Mister Potter to teachers. As to the reason you are here, there is no rule that states we must sit at our house table, unless it's the opening or leaving feast. Please understand, I am not undermining your authority, I am merely pointing out facts."

"Why you arrogant little boy! Detention and fifty points will be taken!" Professor Snape smirked, still confident that he was in charge of this situation. He had no idea how wrong he was.

"Again, I'm sorry sir. I will be taking this matter to the Board of Governors as to the unfairness of this situation. I will be offering a pensieve memory and I will not be serving the detention until this case is cleared with them." Harry stated. "Is there anything else you wanted to ask about, Professor?"

"You are to go directly to the Headmasters office! I will not have you disobeying your head of house!" Severus looked Harry directly in the eye and tried to use legilimency on the child. His attempt was meet with hissing, which confused him until Harry explained what it was.

"Professor, you know it's against the law to use legilimency on a person how is unwilling to participate in the activity." Harry stated calmly. This information was meet with gasps from the listening audience. "I, also, can legally kill you for this transgression on my person. As Head of House Potter I will be taking this issue to the school board and if nothing is solved from that, the DMLE. You will learn to respect other people and not to invade on their personal thoughts and feelings."

With that said Harry turned to Hermione and told her that he was be back after he talked to the Headmasters office. "You may escort me if you like, but I can find my way there either way." He said to the Potions Professor.

Severus Snape was furious! He had been bested at every turn by a first year! That was as unacceptable as it was improbable! "You can go there yourself, while I finish my breakfast." Snape turned around and stormed back to the staff table, where Albus was getting up and heading to his office.

Harry hugged Hermione, said good-bye to Neville and Cedric and left to go see Albus. Along the way to talk to Dumbledore, Harry tried to think of a way to explain what just happened. He could just say that the rings told him, as that was what happened, but he didn't want him to know that he was able to take the wards and the castle. He knew that Albus would know that the founder's heir could do that, but that he also had to know who the other to heirs were. Well, he was just going to have to deal this how he dealt with most things so far, how Eva and Lukas told him to.

The gargoyle in front of the stairs leading to the Headmaster's office practically jumped aside as Harry came up to it. He patted the statue on the head and proceeded up the stairs and outside the door, on which he knocked. He heard an almost grandfatherly-like voice tell him to come in as the door opened without Harry touching it. He stepped in and noticed the Headmaster in his chair, that looked more like a throne, and that Albus was waving him in and to take a seat in front of him. Harry complied and sat down in the indicated seat.

"Harry, my boy. How is your time at Hogwarts so far?" Dumbledore asked making sure his voice was extra old sounding. He didn't want Harry to think ill of him. He had no idea that Harry had uncovered the Weasley plot already and that he was utterly pissed off.

"It's Mister Potter and my time has, obviously, not been very good. At the opening feast I had bigots beside me, then the next morning a disruption of my breakfast and an illegal act on my person! And I still have to write my letter to the Board." Harry stated with barely concealed rage.

"Now, Harry I think we need to go that far with this same issue." Albus said, his voice making it appear as if it was already decided.

"Its Mister Potter, Headmaster Dumbledore. And I must! It would be a crime not to!" Harry said, acting like he was majorly offend that Dumbledore could even think that he would do such a thing.

"Harry, we don't need to do that. For all we know, that might have been the first time that he has ever done that. It would be unfair if he didn't a second chance." Albus, actually, knew that Snape did that to tons of students and that he would report everything back to him. He was trying to think of something to make Harry forget about it or change his mind, but all he could think of was obliviate the lad. Well, at least it would work. He got his wand out under that desk and said "Obliviate!"

Almost a second before Albus shot off the shot off the memory charm, the castle decided that she didn't want Albus as the owner or headmaster anymore. She began to speak to Harry. "Are you ready to take on the wards, young heir?"

Harry heard a distinct female voice in his mind and immediately answered, "Yes", to her requests. As the wards latched onto Harry he could feel a major energy rush from the amount of power in them.

Almost as soon as the charm was off his wand Albus felt the wards leave him and come only think that this was only the beginning of a bad day.

The memory charm bounced right off of Harry and redirect to a place right beside Albus. Sitting in a silent shock, Albus knew that he was about to regret that charm.

"It would seem that Hogwarts no longer trusts you. Did you know that while you're in the castle the person in control of the wards cannot be affected by any spell? That includes the memory charm, Albus." Harry said coldly. "Hogwarts has deemed you unable to fulfill your duties as Headmaster. She has, thus decided to return ownership of Hogwarts to the rightful heirs. As only I wear a founder's ring that means I gain ownership of Hogwarts."

"You can't! All the founders' heirs have to be here for that to happen! Either that or half of them!" Albus shouted in shock and rage.

"It seems you have forgotten. I am the heir of Gryffindor by birth and Slytherin by right of conquest. That is half of the heirs." Harry said matter-of-factly. "I own Hogwarts and therefore I am able to fire you if I wish. This school is now a privately owned facility, therefore is considered a private school."

"You can't do this! You're a child!" Albus said. He was currently trying to think of a way to regain control of the situation but was coming up with nothing. How was he supposed to get the wards back? He knew Hogwarts would rather not have anything to do with him but hadn't thought of the fact that she could transfer the wards on her own. This wasn't supposed to happen; this was not how he envisioned this meeting going.

"I can! I am the owner!" Harry shouted. Just then Hogwarts alerted him of the monsters in the third floor corridor. Even though he already knew about them Harry knew that he had to act like this was the first time that he knew about them. Harry all but screamed, "A Cerberus! Devil's Snare! What the hell kind of school has those…those things in it?"

"Now I have those here for a reason. A child wouldn't understand." Albus said still trying to gain control of the situation.

"Oh no I understand perfectly! You were using the school to your advantage! Well that is NOT happening anymore! You are fired! You are forbidden from coming into Hogwarts or onto Hogwarts grounds until the end of time!" Harry yelled. He turned his attention to the being that was Hogwarts. "Cassie will you please transport Albus to the edge of the wards?"

Hogwarts was all too happy to comply and the next thing Albus knew he was at the entrance gate. He tried walking back up to the steps but he couldn't get past the wards around the school. Sighing he turned and apparated away to his home in Godric's Hollow. He would have to come up with a way to fix this situation while he was there.

Harry sat in the Headmaster's office thinking of what to do next. He knew that Albus was gone now and that his plans had just jumped a stage but Harry couldn't think of a way to get the creatures out. All he could think about was that Neville and Hermione would be worried about him by now.

"You could always just call them to the Headmaster's office. I would make sure the portraits showed the way." Hogwarts offered. She could tell that the young man was different from the other eleven year olds and she knew that the longer the wards stayed on him she would be able to know more about him.

"That's a wonderful idea, Cassie! Can you please do that?" Harry sat for a few minutes until the door opened to reveal Hermione and Neville. Harry ran up to Hermione and grabbed her in a hug, which Hermione enthusiastically returned.

"I was so worried, Harry! What happened?" Hermione said once the hug was over. Harry opened Neville into a 'man hug' and began to explain what had happened with Albus Dumbledore.

When he had finished Hermione and Neville were starring at him in shock. Neville knew that he needed to get his ring soon now. Harry wouldn't be able to keep his claim on Hogwarts if he didn't have at least three of the heirs with him and Neville would make the third.

Hermione spoke after a couple of minutes of silence, "Okay, I know what to do but it would have to be done quickly."

"What is it, Hermione? It can't be any worse then doing nothing." Harry prompted.

Hermione looked at Harry then at Neville and knew that this was their best bet. "Okay, first we have to…"

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