A month. It had taken only a month being away from Boss' team- after a year of being with them- for Johns and his father to start on their bickering again. Riddick groaned, listening to the two of them go at it. Honestly, he hadn't even been paying attention to what it was they were going on about, as it was most likely pointless things- as per usual.

"Yeah?" Johns shouted. "Well fuck you!" He slammed on the button to end the video feed, and Riddick looked at his mate with his mouth hung open.

"Did you just say that to Boss?" he asked incredulously, dreading just how pissed off the veteran merc would be this time around.

Before the blonde could snap out a reply, the console rang and he actually let it connect. To say Boss was fuming was putting it mildly. "Did you hang up on me?!" he growled out.

"I dunno," Johns replied sarcastically. "Did it sound something like this?!" When the call cut again, the shifter looked over at Riddick, suddenly realizing just how much trouble he was in. "Shit. I'm gonna pay for that later, aren't I?"

Riddick cringed. "I think maybe we should go separate ways for a while… I don't feel like being blown up by your father."

Once more the console beeped and the Furyan pointed at it. "Apologize!" Riddick ordered sternly.

As soon as Johns hit the button though, Boss' voice echoed through the small ship. "William J. Johns! You are so grounded!"

Johns held back the eye roll, knowing it would only make things worse. His father had never quite gotten the concept that he couldn't ground him anymore, what with the being an adult and out on his own thing. "Will it help if I say sorry?" he asked, giving Boss his best pouting face.

He replied with a bit of growl behind it, "It's a start."

Riddick appeared over his mate's shoulder, looking at the screen. He could see the vein throbbing on his head, and knew just how upset the elder shifter was. "How about if he gets no sex for a week?" he suggested. He really didn't feel like being on the man's shit list because his mate couldn't hold his temper.

"Hey!" Johns protested, shoving him away. "No one asked you!"

Boss chuckled though. "I would say yes Riddick, but I know better. You'd be the first to crack."

"Ok, can't argue that one," he muttered in reply.

Johns took a deep breath, letting it out in a sigh. "I really am sorry Dad," he spoke sincerely. "I love you."

Boss deflated in an instant, and once again Riddick was left amazed at how much they were both completely wrapped around Johns' little finger. "Love you too, Billy. Riddick," he called. When said man returned to the screen he said, "Take care of my boy."

"Always, Dad," he answered, and Riddick didn't miss the way Boss' lips quirked at that.

"Be safe- the both of you. We'll see you on Helion in a few weeks."

With the good-byes out of the way, Riddick grabbed hold of his trouble-making mate by the front of his shirt, hauling him up. "What am I gonna do with you?" he graveled out.

Johns only gave him a lewd grin. "Spank me?" he suggested.

Riddick groaned, head falling onto the shifter's shoulder. "You will be the death of me."

"Not today mate," Johns replied, pulling Riddick towards their cot. The kiss they shared was passionate and deep, bodies lying flush together. "Love you, Riddick," he whispered in his ear.

"I love you too, beautiful." Riddick grinned, drawing his mate in for another kiss.

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