Hi guys! this is my first fan fiction that I have ever written so I'm kind of anxious! The idea for this kind of came to me while reading the first and second book of the divergent trilogy, Eric makes fun of Four and Tris when they are together/in love and I just feel like it's his turn to fall in love and have the piss taken out of him! :D

By the way the general idea is that the war has not happened (well, yet), Tris, Four and Eric Train the initiates and Lauren and Uriah train the dauntless-borns. I don't really know what else to say about the storyline because I don't want to give anything away. The main Character is an Erudite girl called Elena (El-ay-na) The story doesn't really get exciting for a few chapters yet but you might want to read them or the story might not make sense D: Sorry if i bored you, here's the story. (After the disclaimer :P)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Divergent or any of it's characters, (although I wish I did T.T) all rights go to the amazing Veronica Roth!

Elena's POV:

I wake up early to the sound of my sisters voice and a gentle shaking, I groan and sit up. She smiles at me and goes to open the curtains,

"You better get up, you know today is your aptitude test." She says

"What?! Oh my god I completely forgot about that!" I say, the concern obvious in my voice "Oh god I'm gonna fail!"

"Shhh, You'll be fine Elena; besides how can you fail a test you're not allowed to prepare for?" she says in a calming tone,

"Please tell me how to pass the test Chelsey!" I say completely ignoring her previous comment, "Is it a written test or a maths test or-"

"You know I can't tell you that…You'll be fine, just trust me." She says with a look of sympathy on her face "You'd better start getting ready or you'll be late for school, and you know how dad hates it when your late…" She gets up and ruffles my hair as she walks out. I sigh, pull myself out of bed and walk to the bathroom for a shower.

The sudden rush of water on my face pulls me out of my tired state and I start to think about the aptitude test again. What will it be like? I know that you are taken to a room on your own but other than that I don't know anything… I wish Chelsey would tell me, She took her aptitude test two years ago and stayed here in Erudite; she really is perfect for Erudite, she has never failed a test and is a straight A student, I wish I was like her, she's tall, pretty, kind and smart. My grades are good, but not near as good as her's… What if I'm not good enough for Erudite? I shake my head to clear it of all thought and clamber out of the shower. I wrap a towel around my body, walk through to my room and get dressed into my regular yellow top and blue skirt. I look up at the clock, CRAP! It's already 07:55 and school starts at 08:15! I grab my books and run downstairs for breakfast.

When I get to the kitchen, Chelsea hands me a piece of toast and I give her a thankful look before running out the door. I take a few bites of toast as I walk to school but end up throwing it away because I'm just too nervous to eat at the moment, after a while of walking I arrive at the front doors of the school, take a deep breath and walk to the cafeteria where we were told to wait until our name is called.

My eyes scan the room for my friend, Claire and I smile when I see her sitting on a table on the far side of the room, waving me over. I take a seat next to her and we start chatting about absolutely nothing as we are both trying to forget that we are about to take the test which pretty much determines our future faction. Her name is called and I am left alone for a short while before my name is also called shortly after; I stand up and walk towards the testing rooms. I walk into Test Room 3 and notice that instead of the walls being separated by just glass, they are separated by mirrors; my eyes widen as I see a dentist-type chair in the centre of the room with a screen just next to it. My eyes dart to an Amity woman, with short blonde hair sitting next to the testing-chair.

"Hello," she says with a friendly smile "You must be Elena Morgan, I'm Cheryl" she says offering her hand,

"U-um, hi" I say nervously while I take her hand in mine and shake it,

"Please take a seat and we will begin the test" she says gently. I sit down on the chair and grip the edges to try and steady the uncontrollable shaking of my hands, "I will be placing these electrodes on your head and on mine too" she says while pressing the small pads to my forehead, She reaches behind her with one hand and holds forward a vile of clear liquid "Drink this please" she says whilst attaching electrodes to her own forehead with her other hand.

"Why?" I ask and she chuckles,

"You really are an Erudite" she smiles "I can't tell you that but you'll see when the test starts. Good luck." I sigh and tip the contents of the vile into my mouth, although it looks like water it has a very strong taste and I swallow hard, my eyelids suddenly feel very heavy and I close them.

When I reopen my eyes I am no longer in the test room, I am in the school cafeteria; it is completely deserted and only it's long empty tables remain. I look around, where is everyone? I then notice two baskets one containing a knife and the other containing a large slice of cheese.

"Choose" says a female voice behind me, I turn around but there is nobody there; I turn back to the two baskets and take a deep breath. I try to think about this logically, In what situation would I possibly need a huge hunk of cheese? I decide to take the knife, I place my hand around it's cool handle and pick it up, suddenly the baskets disappear and I hear a deep growling behind me. I turn around to see a gigantic dog which bares it's teeth at me and growls harder, ok now I see why the cheese was an option…

The dog lets out a loud bark and I take a step backwards; I remember the knife in my hand and try to think back to what I had learned about dogs in the many visits to the library with Chelsea. I drop the knife and slowly crouch down until I am on my knees, I avoid eye contact with the dog as they see that as a threat; I make myself smaller and smaller until I am practically curled up in a ball on the floor. The growling stops abruptly and a big slobbery tongue is dragged across my arm. I sit up slowly so I do not startle it and start to scratch it behind the ears, It starts to pant and I let out a small laugh, I can barely believe that this is the same dog as before. A sudden squeal comes from my right, a little girl with a white dress comes running towards me and the dog.

"Puppy!" she yells and suddenly the dog turns, my mouth drops when I realise whats about to happen,

"No!" is all I manage to say before the dog leaves my side and jumps for the little girl, I close my eyes and look away. I wait for the blood curdling screams, but they don't happen. I open my eyes to see that I am now standing in the isle of a bus, half of me is happy that I didn't have to watch the little girl get mauled and the other half is struck with confusion, why am I on a bus and where am I going? I notice a man sitting near me is reading a newspaper, his hands are covered in scars and they grip the paper so hard it begins to crumple at the edges. He looks up at me and shows me a picture of a man in the paper, the headlines read 'Brutal Murder Finally Apprehended'

"Do you know this man?" he asks while tapping his finger by the picture, for some reason, deep down I feel that I know him "Well, do you?!" he repeats louder, anger present in his voice. This is not good, if I tell him that I know the man from the picture, something dreadful will happen to me, I will have to convince him that I don't. "Well?!" he says and I shake my head,

"Nope, I have never seen him before" I reply, my voice surprisingly calm considering how nervous I am. The man stands up and I now can see his face properly, his cheek is also covered in scars and he wears dark sunglasses. He leans in close to my face with an expression that looks hard as rock. The reek of cigarettes is on his breath as he inhales and exhales with fury.

"You're Lying" He says raspily "You're lying!" he repeats somewhat louder,

"No, I'm not!" I retaliate,

"I can see it in your eyes!" He nearly shouts, sprinkling my face with saliva,

"No you can't" I state, not just trying to persuade him, but also trying to persuade myself, this is not real I remind myself,

"If you know him" he says in a voice that is barely audible, almost pleading "You could save me, you could save me!" I take a deep breath,

"well, I'm sorry" I say "I don't know him"

I wake up in Test Room 3 and wipe the sweat off my palms onto my skirt. I look over to Cheryl to see what she has to say about my test results, she looks back at me with a confused expression on her face she opens her mouth to say something, but nothing comes out and she takes the electrodes off our foreheads.

"That…You… Please excuse me for a second" She stands up and leaves the room, a flood of concern rushes over me. There's no way I could have failed the test.. is there? I feel my heart start to pound in my chest as I think of the many terrible possibilities and consequences when I hear the door open again. "Sorry about that" Cheryl says returning to her seat "I don't know quite how to tell you this but, Elena your test results are inconclusive" my jaw drops slightly, inconclusive? how can they possibly be inconclusive?! "In that test, each of the stages rule out one or more of the factions, but in your case only 3 out of 5 factions have been ruled out"

"Only three?…" I try to say more but voice fails me,

"Well, as you chose the knife instead of the cheese, you ruled out amity, and as you picked the knife that makes Dauntless one of your possibilities. However despite the fact you chose the knife, you used an intelligent response to the dog which also makes Erudite a possibility, you didn't stop the dog from attacking the girl which rules out abnegation. The way you chose to play out stage one didn't even allow testing for Candor, so I had to transfer you to the bus scenario in which you persisted on telling the man that you did not know the man from the picture even though it could have saved him…"

"So I... don't have an aptitude?" I ask, my throat tight,

"Well… I have come to the conclusion that you have equal results for both Erudite and Dauntless… People like you are called…" she trails off and looks at the door as if to check theres no one there, "are called Divergent" I nod as I try to process the sudden amount of information that has been thrown my way. She leans in close to me and says "You must promise me that you will never share that information with anyone, if you-"

"Oh, I know that we're not allowed to tell anyone about our test results" I interrupt,

"No," she says in a hushed tone, "This is more important than that… Divergence is very, very dangerous your own life could be at stake I will manually put in your result as Erudite but you must not tell anyone… Do you understand me?" my jaw drops open slightly and I nod my head slowly, but I still don't understand how inconclusive test results could really be that dangerous… "I would go home if I were you…" She says "You have a lot to think about before the choosing ceremony tomorrow…" My hands release the sides of the chair, my fingers ache from gripping the chair for so long; I stand up slowly and thank Cheryl for all that she has done,

"Bye…" Is all I say to Cheryl as i walk out of the room who just responds with a wave and a sympathetic smile as I open the door and leave. I feel sick, what will I do tomorrow? Dauntless or Erudite? I push open the front door of the school and make my way home..

My head pounds during the walk back to my house, I can't stop thinking about what choice I will make. What life is there for me here in Erudite? If my grades aren't good enough I might not even be able to get a job! Or I might not even pass initiation! But what life for me lies in dauntless? Most of the things they do involve some kind of threat to your life, who's to say I won't be the person to slip and end my life all because I made the wrong decision at the choosing ceremony? I should stay in Erudite… if I choose Dauntless my parents will never forgive me… I doubt they will ever even look at me again. But Erudite life is so boring… The Dauntless look like they have so much fun… no. I should stay with my parents, and with Chelsey. I arrive at my front door and unlock it with the key we keep under the mat. Im so mentally exhausted from everything that has happened today that feel like I could pass out, instead of going to the kitchen and making myself some lunch, I go straight to bed and sleep…

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