Elena's POV:

I am dragged into consciousness early in the morning by a slightly rough shaking of my shoulder.

"Wakey wakey!" Says Jenny, and I groan in response "You better hurry up or I will get some water!" at first I think about ignoring her and giving myself a lye-in but knowing her she probably will pour water over me, she is from Candor after all. I sit up, rub my eyes and climb down from my bed to get dressed into the black training clothes that are provided. They are slightly loose and baggy but I can deal with them until I can buy some new clothes.

We all walk down to the training room to meet Four and Six waiting for us,

"Impressive" Four says looking down at his watch "Normally we have a few late ones on the first day buy you all seem to be here on time-" The door opens again and the same guy that I ran into in the cafeteria walks in and stands next to four and Six. "Well, all on time excluding him" Four adds, earning himself a small glare from the dark haired man "This is Eric, he is one of the five Dauntless leaders, here in Dauntless we take the initiation process very seriously, so he volunteered to oversee your training." Wait he's a leader? Shit…

Eric's dark eyes scan over the line of initiates and come to rest on me, there is a faint sign of recognition on his face and he looks away, smirking.

"Isn't that the guy you ran into yesterday?" Jenny whispers to me, I purse my lips and give her a nod, "Uh oh, I hope he doesn't remember it was you or you might be in some deep shit."

"Yeah." I reply, although I know that he does recognise me.

"As I was saying," Four continues, "Today you will be learning two things, first you will learn how to fire a gun and then you will learn how to win a fight." Six walks down the line of initiates, handing each person a gun as she walks past. She presses the cool metal handle of the gun into my palm; it's heavier than I thought it would be. I've never held a gun before in my life, let alone shot one.

"We believe that preparation eradicates cowardice, which we think of as the failure to act in the midst of fear. Therefore each stage of initiation is designed to prepare you in a different way" Six Says "The first stage is physical; the second is emotional and the third is primarily mental."

Four takes over with the instructions, "This makes it less likely for you to flee from battle crying for your mother if you are prepared to fight back and defend yourself, this is information that you may need later on in stage one. So, watch Six," Six turns around to face one of the targets, she stands with her feet apart and holds the gun up with both hands. She closes one eye and inhales, as she exhales she pulls the trigger and a small hole appears in the center of the target.

"Alright everyone, find yourself a target and start shooting." Four dismisses

I walk towards a target and hold the gun up in front of me, I pull the trigger softly at first, gritting my teeth. Craning my neck away from the gun, I hesitantly squeeze the trigger harder and harder. The sound echoes around the room and makes my ears ring and the recoil sends my hands back to my chest, causing me to step back a few paces, I don't know where the bullet went but I know it was nowhere near the target. I clench my jaw and hold the gun up in front of me again; I hesitantly pull the trigger and the gun comes straight back and hits me in the chest again, making me step backwards, I look up at the target to see that a hole had appeared on the edge of it, I smile and look around the room to see if anyone else has hit their target yet. My eyes come to rest on Eric who is leaning with his back against the wall and his arms crossed; he stares back at me, with a look of amusement on his face, probably amused by my failure to fire a gun.

I purse my lips and turn back to the target. I think back to when I was in Erudite, I read a book on wars, which talked briefly about guns, and I remember how the sight works. I raise the gun in front of me again; I align the center of the target with the sights on each end of the pistol. I pull the trigger harder this time and I am ready for the recoil, my hands still pull back slightly but I don't lose my balance and stay standing in the same spot. I lower the gun and look at the target, there is a hole just off the center. A rush of energy goes through me and I look back over to Eric and give him a cocky smile; he only smirks in response and, without unfolding his arms, holds one hand up in defeat.

We continue shooting for the next few hours before we break for lunch, my hands and wrists ache from holding up the gun and my fingers are hard to unbend,

"God my hands ache," says Jenny as we walk out,

"Yeah, I can barely unbend my fingers" I add

"You made it look so easy" she says looking at me

"Huh?" I ask

"Firing the gun," she says, "you made it look like a walk in the park, you hit the middle of the target so quickly!"

"I read about guns once in Erudite so I guess it was a little easier for me." I say massaging my fingers

"And it didn't help that that Eric guy was watching us" She whines "He's so intimidating… I just feel like he's staring into my soul whenever he looks at me." I laugh a little, though I don't really feel intimidated by him… Just a little pressured to do better.

We arrive at the cafeteria and sit down with Matt, Melanie and Declan,

"I never thought I would actually use a gun in my lifetime." Melanie says flexing her fingers and grimacing at the difficulty of doing so.

"Yeah, I thought we'd start off with something a little more basic than that." Declan says,

"What could be more basic that shooting stuff? We are in Dauntless after all." Matt reasons

"Yeah, I guess your right" Declan agrees

"I think we're doing fist-fighting after this anyway, you can't get much more basic than that." I say, Declan nods and we continue to eat and chat for a while until Four and Six come over to our table to tell us it's time to go.

Four leads us to a different room than the one we were in before, it is huge and it's wood floors creak as you walk on them. There is a black board with all the names of our group written alphabetically on it and there are many perfectly spaced out punching bags hanging at the other side of the room. We all line up again in the same fashion that we did this morning and wait for our instructions.

"As Four said this morning, you will now learn how to fight" Six says "The purpose of this is to prepare your body to respond to threats and challenges. This preparation will come in handy if you intend to survive life in Dauntless."

Life in Dauntless? All I can think about right now is making it through initiation; it's so strange to think that when this is all over I will either be a member of Dauntless, running around jumping onto moving trains; or I will be factionless. The thought sends a chill through my body.

"Today we will be going over technique, and tomorrow you will start to fight each other," Six says, Jenny looks at me with a grave expression which I mirror back to her, "I recommend that you pay close attention because those who don't will get hurt."

Four gives a demonstration, naming off a few different punches first in the air and then on the punching bag. He then dismisses us to start practicing and we all walk over to find ourselves a punching bag, I notice the door open out of the corner of my eye and Eric walks in, he comes over to the side of the room with the punching bags and takes his place leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. Jenny grabs the punching bag next to me and we both start to practice, I punch the leather bag as hard as I can, earning a dull pain in my wrist and a sting on my knuckles; The punching bag swings but not nearly as much as I would have liked it to. I try a kick, which is a little more difficult, even though we have only been taught the basics.

I catch on a little as we practice, the skin on my knuckles and feet has turned red and stings. I look over to Eric to see what kind of amusement he's getting from my failure, but he just looks back at me with a placid expression before pushing himself off the wall and walking towards me. He stands in front of me and his dark eyes follow my body from head to toe,

"You don't exactly have a lot of muscle," he says, his voice is low "If you use your elbows and knees you can get more power in your hits." He presses one hand to his stomach and then presses the fingertips of the other hand into my stomach, my breath hitches in my throat "Keep tension in here and that should make it a little easier" He smiles faintly before returning to his spot on the wall. Four and Six watch him and then look at each other with confusion.

I catch my breath for a few seconds before I can keep practicing; I hit the bag hard with my elbow and find it swings harder than before. I smile to myself and continue to practice. Four eventually dismisses us for dinner and we all walk down to the cafeteria.

"So, what did Eric tell you?" Melanie asks as I sit down,

"Yeah! I thought he was gonna rip your head off or something!" Jenny adds

"He just told me how to fight better considering my size." I say,

"Well you kept you cool really well," Jenny states "I think I would literally piss myself if he came near me"

"Me too! That guy scares the hell outta me! It's just the creepy stare…" Melanie grumbles,

"Yeah… he's..." I stop to think of the right word, sure I was surprised when he walked over to me but I wasn't afraid of him… "Pretty scary..."

"What should we do after dinner?" asks Melanie,

"I sort of want to get a tattoo, you know so it feels like I've properly left the old faction," Matt says

"We'll come with you!" Jenny says, "We need to get some decent clothes first though!"

We finish our dinner and head into the pit, which is absolutely mobbed with people. We split up as Matt, Declan and Melanie go to the tattoo parlour while me and Jenny go to a few clothes shops, I try on many different shirts and jeans, all tight-fitting and about ten minutes later I stand in front of the mirror in a black tank top and jeans. I look at Jenny in the mirror and she just grins back at me and holds up a makeup kit.

We never really got a chance to wear makeup in Erudite as it is "illogical". I remember hearing my mother go on about how you only wear makeup to attract boys which then distract you from your schoolwork and cause you to have bad grades "Boys mean B's" she would always say, my heart aches slightly at the thought of home.

"C'mon, close your eyes" Jenny says, I close my eyes and hold as still as possible as she runs the pencil along the line of my eyelashes and she pulls the tie out of my hair which then tumbles to the bottom of my shoulder blades, I open my eyes and look at my reflection. The girl in the reflection looks so different to me, she has large deep brown eyes and her face looks fuller, the things just a little makeup can do…

"Perfect" Jenny smiles, I smile back at her in the mirror. We pay for the clothes and make our way to the tattoo parlour to watch Matt and Declan getting their tattoos. Declan has finished having his done when we get there, rolls up his sleeve to show us a simply drawn bulls head,

"What is it?" asks Jenny,

"It's Taurus, well, my zodiac sign"

"Ah, that's cool" Jenny says and I nod, "I wanna get one!" she runs over to the wall of designs. She picks a basic butterfly design and lies down on the chair to have it tattooed on her back, just above her trouser-line. I look over the many designs on the wall until my eyes come to rest on one which I feel almost drawn to, a bird escaping it's cage. It reminds me of how I escaped my parent's judgement and expectations when I left home; I move my fingertips over the design.

"So you like that one huh?" says a female voice behind me, I turn around to see Six standing there smiling at me,

"Yeah, it's pretty" I say,

"Want to get it done then?" she asks and I look back at the sketch, I nod. "Ok, where do you want it?"

"Um…" I look up at the pictures for inspiration and see a picture of a girl who has a tattoo on her hip, "On the right side of my hip please."

"Alright" she smiles and leads me to one of the reclining chairs, I lie down and she traces out the design before tattooing it on, I grit my teeth as the needle starts to drag through my skin but the pain wears off after a while so I just relax and wait for her to finish.

"There you go." she says whilst turning the tattoo machine off, "It looks nice on you, good choice." She smiles at me.

"Thanks" I say whilst sitting up,

"No problem, see you at training tomorrow." She smiles and with that I walk into the front room to meet with Jenny and the others.

"Show me show me show me!" Jenny demands, I roll my eyes and lift my shirt just enough to show her the tattoo, "Ooh I like it!" she coos

"It's getting late, we should probably go back to the dorms now" Matt says.

We all walk back to the dorms and get ready for bed, my muscles ache from training and I'm so tired that I fall asleep almost as soon as I put my head on my pillow.

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