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2004 - Three Years Previous

Annabelle sighed deeply at the room full of Frittons, it was Christmas time and that meant a large family gathering which would put a Georgian Ball to shame. Due to some complications with bookings, the whole family had to hold the party at her Auntie's mad school, or 'Institution for Psychos' as her dad oh so kindly called it. Though the problem with being Carnaby's daughter was that she got quite a lot of unwanted attention, and despite having the calming support of Chrissy, she needed some space.

And so, with great haste, Annabelle managed to sneak out of the crowded and loud room. She somehow found herself in the entrance hall, quickly making her way up the grand stairs in hope to find the roof for some fresh air.

She took this time to admire the school; it was quite… charming in a way, if you were to ignore the several shrunken heads, graffiti and random deadly objects placed everywhere. But despite the strangeness to it, the school seemed like a much more, ironically enough, welcoming place than the Hell hole her father was making her attend each term.

With a smile Annabelle realised she was at the roof entrance, she heaved the heavy door to the side, wincing at its terrible screeching sound.

Well that needs oiling… her stuck up side remarked snidely in her head.

She looked up at the view and couldn't help but not keep the gasp of awe when she did. The view of St Trinians under the full moon, with crystal snow fluttering around, lining the ground and trees with its pure self, was unforgettable.

"I always come up here when I need to think."

Annabelle jumped at the sudden voice from right behind her, toppling forwards because of it, having not realised how close to the fence less edge she was. Before she could fall to her untimely demise, a pair of strong arms managed to encase around her waist and pull her comfortably into a warm chest.

Her breathing was now erratic; she buried her face into the strangers shoulder as the adrenalin sent her heart beating into overdrive. The stranger gripped her tighter and slowly, Annabelle calmed down.

"T-thank you." Annabelle cursed herself for stuttering before this stranger, from what life had taught her, she had to keep a strong barrier up at all times, show no weakness, strong upper lip and all that.

"It's okay; wouldn't be the first time I've swept someone off their feet." The voice replied with a sultry mirth.

Annabelle finally looked up her saviour, her breath catching in her throat once again at the sight of the raven haired, dark eyed goddess before her. She did not know it, but she had the same effect on this mysterious girl, her emerald eyes and soft looking dark brown hair making the stranger feel something deep within she had never felt before.

"I'm Annabelle, Annabelle Fritton."

Having been raised by such manner loving parents, Annabelle held out her hand for the unknown girl before her. The stranger took her hand but did not shake it, only holding it in her own soft ones.

"Well Annabelle, Annabelle Fritton," she smirked at the brunet's slight blush, "My name is Kelly, Kelly Jones."

"Well Kelly, what are you doing up here on such a cold winters night?"

Kelly sighed and shrugged her shoulders, brushing her hair of her face as she moved her obsidian eyes to the view before them.

"Like I said, I come out here to think sometimes. I know that sounds completely Emo, but even the best of us need our alone time."

Annabelle nodded in agreement and Kelly's curiosity was spiked.

"So what are you doing out here?" she asked tactlessly.

Annabelle snorted, eyeing the girl out the corner of her eye amusedly, "You're not very subtle are you?"

"Its something I'm going to be working on this term." Kelly then gave Annabelle a look which clearly said 'start talking before I make you'.

"Well its Christmas, the most annoying time of the year for me. I have to spend it with my insane family, sometimes I think my Auntie is actually the sane one, now that's saying something." She chuckled at her own joke, shaking her head and casting her eyes to the floor.

"Your Auntie?"

"Yeah, she's the Headmistress here."

Kelly's eyes widened fractionally, Headmistress Fritton was very well respected among the girls of St Trinians, but she wondered why this girl hadn't attended this school.

"Why don't you go here then?" she voiced her thoughts, a frown making its way onto her normally blank face, well, normally until this night that is.

"Because my daddy thinks that it is a school for Underage Delinquents, no offence."

"None taken."

"So he sent me off to Cheltenham Ladies Collage."

Kelly seemed to visibly tense.

"Why would he send you to that shit hole?" she asked, sneering at the thought of the posh academy.

"Well it's not all that bad; if it weren't for that place then I wouldn't have met Chrissy."

The dreamy look in her eyes made Kelly feel uneasy for reasons she wasn't sure, although she had a pretty damn good idea what it was.

"Chrissy?" she managed to say the name with little malice, though it seemed Annabelle didn't even notice as she was lost in her own little world.

"Yeah, we became friends in first year, soon we got closer and next thing I know she asked me to be her girlfriend, I obviously said yes, that was a year ago on my thirteenth birthday," she cast a worried glance at Kelly, "That's another reason why this Christmas is tricky for me, I came out to my family and not all are so… accepting."

"You're gay?" Kelly asked, sounding surprisingly neutral.

"Yeah, that's not a problem is it?"

"If I thought it was then I would be hypocrite." Kelly smirked at her.

"Really?" Annabelle asked with a small smile and an arched eyebrow.

"Yup, I've always known so it wasn't really that much of an issue with me."

Before Annabelle could answer her, her mobile 'pinged' as a message came through, Kelly waited patiently as she read it and replied back to the sender.

"Sorry, that was Chrissy, people are noticing my disappearance and apparently that would mean something bad was happening, what with my new news and this being an all girls school…" she trailed off with an unintended flirtatious smirk and a wink, she walked closer to Kelly and brought her into a hug.

"… Thank you for saving me."

"Don't mention it." Kelly smiled, which she realised she had done a lot in that space of about ten minutes, and hugged her back.

Annabelle soon pulled away and with another heart stopping smile slipped back through the door and down the steps. Soon all Kelly could hear was silence as the clicking of her heels faded away; she looked over the view again and smiled.

"Annabelle Fritton…" she murmured to herself, walking backwards until she collapsed unceremoniously onto the bean bag placed up on the roof, pulling out her previously hidden bottle of Vodka, taking a few swigs as her mind wondered to the amazingly perfect girl that she had only spoken to for a few minutes but had managed to completely shifted her world around.

Yet as Kelly remembered her sweet smile, the kind look in her eyes and the way her heart would beat ever so slightly out of rhythm, Kelly Jones knew that this girl would change her world, but she did not feel scared or intimidated about that, instead she felt oddly… excited. She had never felt that way before, and it felt so good.

"Annabelle Fritton…" she murmured again, taking another swig, "This has been a good Christmas…"

For the rest of the night until morning, when all the Frittons had left to their respected houses, or most likely mansions, Kelly stayed in that exact spot. Her mind unable to stop thinking about that brown haired, green eyed beauty.

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