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Now, we begin the challenge proper!

Let's not fluff it up!

Creepy Chickens

The Chickens got into their pods, and woke up in a not so familiar place…

"Is this the Construct from the Matrix?" Felix asked.

"Seems like it, Felix." Nancy replied. "Anything can be loaded from here, from clothes, weapons, Twilight fangirls for some unknown reason… anything."

"Anything?" Ivan asked. "Um… Cans of cashews! Felix got me hooked on these things."

Soon enough, a shelf filled with cans of cashews came towards the group.

"AWESOME, the large size cans!" Felix replied, grinning.

"Big time, hon!" Gladys said, taking a can, as well.

"Wow, anything will work?" Xylia asked, as she grinned. "OKAY! Copies of Mother 3! In English! On the 3DS!"

Nothing happened.

"Hey, what totally gives?!" Xylia yelled out, as Melody giggled.

"Nancy forgot to mention that ALMOST anything can be brought to you via the Construct." Melody said, smiling.

"Aw, cake mix…" A slightly disappointed Xylia replied, as she looked back at Melody. "You seem to be smiling a lot today. Anything going on?"

"I just have this feeling… That today will not be like any other day…" Melody replied.

"You're still thinking about that bunny boy, Easter, was it?" James asked.

"You bet! I just can't get him out of my mind…" Melody said, blushing.

"Maybe you're in love with him?" Keala asked.

"Whatever; the point is, we gotta prepare for this challenge. Xylia? Since you're the most excited for this challenge, you wanna be the leader?" Melody replied.

"As much as I would totally like to, I think you should be the leader, this time?" Xylia replied.

"Me? Be the leader?" Melody asked.

"Yeah! Besides, you are the second toughest one of us, no offense. Plus, you had changed from a stereotypical hipster girl to someone who can get things done in a challenge." Ivan replied, smiling.

"Well, when you put it that way… Construct? Bag of chips, regular." Melody said, as a bag of chips appeared in front of Melody and she opened it. "Let's do this thing, while I take this potato chip, and eat it!"

Melody then ate the chip. James was confused.

"Internet meme?" James asked.

"Internet meme." Gladys replied. "Now, let's get suited up with weapons, groovy darlin'!"

Confessional: Yeah, before Gladys accidently shoots me with a Nyan Cat… again.

Gladys: Me and Alvin kinda played this game… Also, look what I found! Hello, Plasma Blaster…

Xylia: While I do like Fur Fighters, it SOOOO isn't my favorite game. My favorite game, or series in this case, is the Harvest Moon series.

Ivan: Guess I'm using the freeze gun.

Felix: I can has Rocket Launcher?

Smug Snakes

"We're in a white room?" Peki asked, as she grinned. "A copy of Superman: At Earth's End, and a Flamethrower!"

The two materials appeared in front of Peki, as she grabbed them.

"Time to burn, you canon-ruining, bearded idiot, son of a…" Peki said, as she shot some flames at the comic.

"Okay; who's played Fur Fighters before?" Danielle asked, interrupting Peki. "Besides me."

"Whatever, burn victim. I wanna have some fun!" Yagmur replied, looking at Hambo with a sadistic grin. "Bacon! LOTS OF BACON!"

Soon after, a lot of bacon came towards the tweens.

"Nope! Not looking, la-la-la!" Hambo said, closing his eyes.

"Yagmur! The Construct is NOT a toy!" Uzi yelled out, scolding the tween.

"I thought it was? Then how can I summon this? Lots of Playboys!" Yagmur replied.

Nothing happened.

"-BLEEP- with –BLEEP- and –BLEEP-!" Yagmur cussed out.

"Wow, that seriously made a sailor cry…" Opi replied.

"OKAY!" Danielle yelled out loud. "Since we mostly can't get along, I may have to call in some help. We need… a CragmiteBlaster!"

Soon enough, what appeared to be a British teen male appeared in front of the tweens. He was known as CragmiteBlaster.

"Um, what's going on? I was in the middle of a plate of Chinese…" Cragmite said.

"Why do you sound like James from the Chickens? Nevertheless, we wanna know the know-hows of all the weapons. And since you know a LOT about this game…" Peki asked.

"Say no more; I shall help you!" Cragmite replied, with a smile.

Cragmite then started to teach everyone all they needed to know about the weapons in Fur Fighters. Opi came up to Danielle.

"Hey, how did you know that he knows about Fur Fighters?" Opi asked.

"Well, I sometimes do drawings at my spare time; I'm BurningNacho11 on deviantArt, and I watch him on there." Danielle replied, smiling. "Hey, being homeschooled can be boring, sometimes!"

Confessional: Cameos FTW!

Peki: Flamethrowers are allowed! AWESOME! Guess I'm keeping this baby! Maybe I can find Spiderman: One More Day and roast it to get revenge for Linkara!

Danielle: (She's holding a rocket launcher) Hey, can't let Yagmur get this thing and team-kill!

Yagmur: (He's holding a pistol) –BLEEP- you, Danielle…

Opi: I gotta go for the taser! If my friend Jade says electricity is as good as they say it is…

Powerful Pigs

"Okay, from what we know…" Zentaro said, reading the instruction manual to Fur Fighters. "There are lots of guns, ranging from shotguns to neutron guns…"

Treela gulped. "Um… Is there any throwable weapons? I'm not a big fan of guns…"

"I'll go check, being Vaughn and Bitty are making out, currently…" Easter replied. "Throwable weapons in Fur Fighters!"

Nothing appeared.

"Nuts… Guess you're stuck with using guns…" Easter said.

"Well… This stinks…" Treela replied. "Bummer…"

"Jeepers, you're looking more lower than a Low Pressure system. You okay?" Lily asked Treela.

"Yeah… I'm fine." Treela replied, lying. "Maybe they'll have throwable scenery?"

"Doesn't hurt to try…" Lily said, as a tiny swimming pool, which looked like it was filled with Mountain Dew, suddenly appeared. "Well, looks like that's our portal in!"

The Kids suddenly jumped into the pool, where they went into their destination…

Meanwhile, Cornchips, Stunski, Winky, Froakspin, and Liftstript was watching a movie on a DVD player. The movie was…

"Hunger Games? This is barbaric…" Stunski replied.

"Whatever, Liftstript's enjoying it…" Cornchips said.

"Wait, where is he? He's missing, currently… And why did he go toward's where Bitty sleeps?" Stunski asked.

The baby duck came flying back, somehow. He was holding a shopping bag, which looked like it was holding a bow and arrow.

"Was that Bitty's wallet?" Froakspin asked.

"Someone's gonna be ticked…" Cornchips replied.

The duck took out the bow, an arrow, and an apple, and started to aim for the apple. Cornchips and Stunski took notice.

"WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! When did HE get a permit to use a bow and arrow THIS early?! In fact, when DID he learn how to?!" Stunski said, in shock, as the duck fired the arrow, and hit the apple.

"Aww, I was gonna eat that apple…" Winky lamented.

Cornchips was shocked. "Okay, maybe having him watch Hunger Games was a bad idea… Next time, we're showing him Julie and Julia."

"Lest he starts taking up cooking…" Froakspin said, shuddering.

Confessional: When the Duck Hunt turns in their favor

Cornchips: Dammit… I am such an idiot.

Froakspin: (He is terrified) Just… keep him away from the section about frog legs, okay?

Stunski: You think a newborn duck wouldn't know how to fly, huh? Maybe he learned somehow?

Duck: (He shoots a picture of Yawgmoth with a bow and arrow)


Creepy Chickens

In a city at nighttime being snowed on, the team came out from the subway.

"Snow? Again?" Gladys said. "I like the white fluffy stuff, but have we been through this before, hon?"

"Welcome to what they call New Quack City, guys!" Xylia replied. "It's the first level of the game, and as you can see, it's totally based off a certain city in America. No two guess what that city totally is."

"I kinda wish the trees were decorated with lights, though." Felix said, smiling. "It may not be Christmas, but it would make it feel more wintertly."

"You and me, both…" Melody replied, smiling.

Soon enough, James saw what appeared to be…

"Um, why is a spiny blue shell flying in the air?" James asked.

"Wait, what?" Ivan replied, as the spiny blue shell suddenly landed and exploded somewhere in the city.

"Wait, this totally never happened in Fur Fighters…" Xylia said to herself, before turning towards Melody. "Wanna lead the way?"

"You got it; I never played the game before, but even I know this doesn't happen…" Melody replied.

At the site where the shell crash-landed, a fleet of prison buses were on their side, with prisoners pouring out. Nancy could read what was on the back of one of the buses.

"Rhinotraz Island Prison?" Nancy said out loud.

"That was never a level in the game, not at all…" Ivan replied, as everyone looked at him. "What? I sometimes get bored, so I look up stuff about games I never played."

Soon enough, some weasel-like creatures dressed in prison outfits looked at the kids.

"Hell, yeah… I'm gonna love killing these kids…" The weasel said to himself, as he and his friends came running towards them.

"Save the cook for me!" Another weasel yelled out.

"EEP!" Keala replied, as he started to blindly shoot at the mob of inmates. He managed to shoot some of the weasels, but…

"Dude… You accidentally totally fluffed up a mime." Xylia said.

"Cut me a break! What do I know about using a gun?" Keala replied, ashamed at what he did.

"Guys? More are coming, groovy darlin's!" Gladys yelled out.

Felix came running into the scene with a wheelbarrow that he "borrowed" from a nearby construction site.

"Gladys? Wanna hop in?" Felix asked.

"You got it, hon; I think my leg may also affect me in this place, as well." Gladys replied.

"Okay, emergency maneuvers!" Melody also yelled out. "Felix! You, Gladys and James bail! Ivan and Nancy, you hit the skate park!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Nancy replied, grabbing up Ivan, and fleeing.

"Xylia? Keala? You come with me!" Melody said, while shooting at weasels.

"Um, should we also be looking for babies?" Keala asked.

Soon enough, Xylia could see a Baby Melody on one of the turned-over buses.

"…Um, are we allowed to carry the babies to another kid?" Melody asked.

Confessional: Would that be kidnapping?

Melody: Turns out we couldn't. So I had to hop onto the bus and save her.

Xylia: Okay, I totally played this game about a hundred times, and this is the first time this happened! This is SOOOOO fluffed up! What's totally going on?

Chris: Being that Xylia and Gladys played the game before, I decided to mix things up a bit. Otherwise, they would win too easily.

Smug Snakes

While the Chickens were busy within the cold air of New Quack City, the Snakes appeared in what appeared to be… hell, to an extent. A pillar of fire rose from the molten rock from below.

"Whoa, this'll roast your toes…" Hambo replied.

Uzi took out a hot dog, and a stick, and tried roasting it using the flame. He then tried to eat it.

"Um, Uzi? I may had gone vegetarian, but even I think eating a hot dog with brimstone-fueled fire is kinda dangerous…" Hambo noted, as Uzi's skin turned green as a result of sickness.

"Now you tell me…" Uzi replied, as he vomited off the side of the level.

"Ha-ha! MY kind of place!" Yagmur yelled out loud. "Bones, fire, and the like!"

"Yeah, you keep dreaming that dream, Yagmur…" Peki said to herself, as she saw Danielle, curled up in a ball, shaking in fear. "You okay, Danielle?"

"Fire… fire… burns…" Danielle said, truly terrified.

"Oh, forgot the Bad Place is a Lethal Lava Land… Crap!" Peki replied, face palming. Yagmur came up to the catatonic Danielle, shoving Peki out of the way.

"Aww, is the burn victim afraid of fire?" Yagmur cruely said, as he picked her up, and threw her in a pit, filled with lava. He was instantly slapped by Peki, who has since got back up.

"YAGMUR!" Peki yelled out. "What the –BLEEP- was that for?!"

"Yeah, what you did, was completely unnecessary!" Uzi also yelled out in anger, done with his vomiting.

"The burn victim needs to learn to face her fear!" Yagmur said. "You'll thank me someday!"

"How? By throwing her into lava?" Peki yelled out. "Or is it magma, since this place may be underground?!"

"Wait, she's a burn victim?" Opi asked, as Danielle rematialized, now scrunched up and whimpering to herself.

"Thanks a lot, asshole! Now she's gonna have PTSD, thanks to you!" Uzi yelled at Yagmur.

"All the more reason to vote her out!" Yagmur said, as he was instantly shot to death by some enemies.

"Quick, while Yagmur's gone; let's get past this section!" Opi yelled out, as Peki picked up Danielle.

"Danielle? You're gonna be okay?" Peki asked.

Danielle just whimpered.

"Look, we'll try to get away from all this fire and brimstone, okay?" Peki said, blushing.

"T-T-Thank you…" Danielle replied.

"Thank nothing of it." Peki said, as she eyed at what appeared to be a Baby Danielle, on a floating island, with fire pillars shooting out.

"Hmm… I wonder…" Peki said. "Danielle? Can I borrow your glove for a second?"

"Go for it…" Danielle replied, getting off Peki and curling up in a ball.

Peki then managed to hop onto the island, put on the glove, and managed to collect the baby Danielle.

"Wow… Never thought that would work…" Peki said to herself. "Myth confirmed?"

Confessional: Fire in the Hole!

Peki: Hey, if you gotta cheat the system for a friend…

Danielle: Why me? Even if I did dodge that fireball after shoving that girl out of the way… Would I still be scared?

Yagmur: Those asses ditched me! Oh, well… Might as well team kill them!"

Powerful Pigs

The Pigs appeared in what appeared to be a space station. Upon entering, Easter looked out the window to see a bone-shaped space station.

"Is that the Satellite of Love?" Easter said out loud.

"Seems like it…" Lily replied. "So, what's the plan, besides saving our kids?"

"Simple; take out the bear menace!" Zentaro said, smiling, as some shaking was felt, emergency klaxons started to blare, and the tweens were knocked down. Zentaro fell onto Treela, with his lips coming into contact with her lips. He instantly separated."Crap! Sorry, Treela!"

"No prob!" Treela said, getting back up. "You guys okay?"

"Yeah… What was that?" Bitty asked.

"Captain's Log: Stardate 3.1415… That came out of left field." Vaughn replied, as some yelling in pain was heard. All of a sudden, a deep, dark voice started to blare over the intercom.

"We are the Borg… Lower your shields and surrender your ships…" A robotic voice blared out. It was doing the speech from Star Trek: First Contact.

"OKAY, I'LL TALK!" Easter cried out in panic. "MY SUBMARINE IS IN PLACES B3, B4, and B5, MY BATTLESHIP IS IN—"

"Easter? …What are you doing?" Lily asked, concerned at the panicking Easter.

"Surrendering my ships! He wants them!" Easter replied, before turning back to the intercom and taking out a piece of paper. "I ALSO SURRENDER SHIPPING THESE FOLLOWING PEOPLE! IVAN WITH DANIELLE, IRENE WITH YESSICA, JIMMY WITH ELEANOR…"

"Aren't the last two ships already canon?" Lily asked.

The voice was ending it's speech. "Resistance is futile…"

Treela stared at the intercom. "Yeah, yeah… Resist THIS!"

Treela then lobbed a planted Iris at the intercom.

"Ow…" The voice said.

"Next time, I'm throwing a snake plant!" Treela yelled out.

"Yeah, but in the meantime, look what I found!" Zentaro replied, holding up a baby Zentaro.

"Far out, Zenny!" Treela said, giving Zentaro a high five. "Let's keep it up! Where did you find it?"

"Um, it was about to be ate by this purple snake… I think it followed me?" Zentaro replied, as a purple snake robot came up to them.

"Permission to scream and run?" Bitty asked.

"100% permission granted, for all of us!" Lily replied, as they ran past the snake.

The snake looked at the tweens in confusion. "I was gonna return that frog boy's wallet, too…"

Confessional: In the Not Too Distant Future…

Easter: Why did that snake seem familiar to me?

Creepy Chickens

At the skatepark, Ivan and Nancy were dodging gunfire, all while grabbing up their babies.

"We'll never get past these guys, won't we?" Ivan cried out.

"Buh-Buh-Buh! Watch this!" Nancy replied, as she got on her skateboard, and started to do some impressive skating moves, all while shooting the escaped convicts. When she was done, she stopped in front of Ivan. "Impressive, isn't it?"

"Whoa… Cool…" Ivan said.

"But, this doesn't mean I'm falling for you, okay?" Nancy replied, gently. "For starters, I don't think you're the tattoo type. Or the piercing type."

"Fair enough; besides… They hurt! To be honest, I think you would be more perfect with Vaughn!" Ivan said.

"But, he already won Bitty…" Nancy replied, looking a bit down.

"I just got this strange feeling… Bitty is USING Vaughn." Ivan said.

"Really? How did you know?" Nancy asked.

"Just a hunch I developed. When someone used my sister, I told her, at first. She denied it, or course. But when she realized the truth… She apologized to me, in more ways than one." Ivan said.

"Whoa… Think we should warn him?" Nancy asked, worried about Vaughn.

"Yeah, you may be right. Maybe after the challenge?" Ivan replied, as he was shot at.

Soon enough, some skateboarding bears came towards Nancy.

"So, the punk wants to skate?" A bear said out loud.

Nancy grinned. "Now that's MY kinda game!"

"I'm gonna… back off, now." Ivan replied, as he hid behind a bench.

Gladys, James, and Felix were in a different part of the city. They have since grabbed their babies, and decided to take it easy. They entered an arcade.

"This arcade looks kinda empty, darlin'…" Gladys said.

"But… They have Roadblasters." Felix replied. "Shame there's no Sugar Rush, though…"

"Why are they blasting the road?" James asked, as Felix took to the controls.

It started off swimmingly well, until…

"TURBO-TASTIC!" A racer in a white jumpsuit said out loud, ramming into a car and glitching out the game.

"Aww…" Felix said, disappointed.

"Shame, really… How about Ninja Turtles, hon?" Gladys asked.

They went to the machine, to which the three started to play the game. However…


The same racer glitched out the Turtles machine.

"What the hell?" Felix cursed, as Turbo, the glitched-up character from the movie Wreck It Ralph, suddenly appeared on all the arcade machines, glitching them out.


"Hons? You may wanna get out of the way?" Gladys said, as she started to shoot at all the arcade machines, until they were left in a smoldering heap. Both Felix and James peeked behind a claw machine.

"Is… it over?" James asked.

"Yeah… it's over, darlin'." Gladys replied, as…

"TURBO-TASTIC!" yelled out the voice, as the claw managed to break through the glass in the claw machine, and give Felix a wedgie.

"Oww…" Felix yelped in pain, as Gladys shot at the machine, blowing it up.

"Now, you guys are fine?" Gladys asked.

"Yeah, but we better get outta here!" James said.

"Agreed!" Felix replied, as the three made a break for it…

Back at the now ruined arcade, one of the cabinets flickered, and entered in its high score using an A, and two S'es, before shutting off.

At a subway platform, Xylia, Keala, and Melody stuck close, in case any undesirables decided to attack them. Melody said she had to go to the bathroom. A few seconds later, one of the punkish looking anteaters looked at Xylia.

"Hey! You wanna nose ring?" The punk anteater said, holding some piercing material.

"Um, no thank you." Xylia replied, before walking away. "I really don't do piercings, at all."

"I still don't get the reasoning as to why someone would want to wear earrings on their nose…" Keala said.

"Hold on…" Xylia replied, stopping Keala. "A group of punk's totally ganging up on Melody."

"Wait, what?" Keala said, shocked, as indeed, a group of punks were ganging up towards the hipster girl, coming out of the bathroom.

"Oy, this girl thinks she's one of us!" One of the punks said to Melody.

"You know what we do to wannabes around here?" Another thug replied.

"S-Shut up! You're nothing but mainstream, anyway!" Melody cried out, with tears streaming down her eyes. "All I wanted to do is go to the bathroom!"

"You know, it's not like you have any friends that'll save you…" The lead punk said, brandishing a knife, as a shot flew past her, and landed towards the wall.

Xylia was holding a smoking gun. "Totally let my friend go now… Or I SOOOOO won't miss next time."

The punks got the message, and ran for it, just as the subway came.

"Quick, on the subway!" Keala shouted out loud, as the three got on the subway.

"I don't think we won't have to totally deal with those meanies again…" Xylia said.

"Yeah, sure…" Melody muttered under her breath.

"Hey, those punks from earlier… You were having some difficulties with them…" Keala said, concerned.

"They… sigh… I gotta ask you guys something. Do you guys have any brothers or sisters?" Melody asked.

"No, not at all." Keala said. Xylia remained silent, until...

"Wish I had one…" Xylia replied. "A brother or sister to play games with, and to totally teach The Talk to… But, I'm sure your family…"

"Pfft… What family?" Melody replied, interrupting Xylia. "Those punks… reminded me of my brothers and sisters. Right when I was born, I was ignored. And I tried everything to get their attention. But everytime I did, I oftentimes got punished for it. Hell, when my siblings got in trouble, it was a simple scolding, but when I got in trouble, they treated it like I flat-out murdered a nun! And at my school, no one gave me the time of day. I was bullied constantly, and all that crap! I was almost like a younger version of Meg Griffin! It was when I was ten years old when I joined the Junior Hipsters, and received my nose piercing. But did my parents care? Nope! They all thought it was a phase, and ignored me." Melody then teared up. "All I want to do is be loved…"

Xylia, in an instant, hugged Melody. "But, you ARE loved. You have a TRUE family that cares for you!"

"You guys?" Melody said, sniffing.

"You betchya! And once this show is over, we'll totally try our best to get you out of your situation…" Xylia said, smiling.

"Thanks, Xylia…" Melody replied, smiling. "But, you said you wish you had a brother or a sister… You an only child?"

"Well, if it'll help… Story time." Xylia said. "My parents wanted a child to call their own. They tried everything, and my mom did get pregnant at one point, but… She totally lost the baby one day. They were so depressed, until they watched a show on TV talking about adopted kids. They discussed it, and they agreed. A few weeks passed, and I was headed to live with my new mom and dad at 2 months old."

"Wait… You're adopted?" Keala asked.

"Yep… Learned about it when I was young. I don't mind, really; it's kinda cool, in a way." Xylia replied, smiling. "But, being my parents are kinda busy with the restaurant and all, I'm pretty much their only kid. I may not be flesh and blood with them, but family is who totally loves you and SOOOO cares for you, no matter what. And I am totally proud to be a part of the Footsies family!"

"Wow… All this time, I never knew…" Melody said.

"You totally never asked!" Xylia replied, grinning.

"Thanks… lil' sister." Melody said, hugging the rookie cook.

"No prob, sis!" Xylia replied, returning the hug.

All of a sudden, there was a noise on the top of the subway.

"The heck was that?" Melody asked.

"Not sure…" Xylia replied. "Does this subway go through any exterior areas?"

Keala checked the subway map. "I assume so. Maybe they're getting in, via storm drains?"

All of a sudden, the back cars got delodged, and unhooked from themselves.

"Well, if they want a fight, let's deliver one…" Melody said, grinning.

"You totally read my mind." Xylia replied, as the subway entered outside, into an exterior area...

Confessional: Didn't see that one coming, huh?

Melody: I gotta thank Xylia for always being there for me… She IS my one true sister, that I never had before.

Xylia: I… never did find out how my birth parents totally died, though. But the point is, family is who loves and cares for you, no matter what. And I totally love my parents!

Keala: Wow, Xylia adopted? I never saw that coming…

Ivan: After taking down some of the bears, we passed by an arcade. Shame it was trashed, though. Think I should invite Danielle for some friendly gaming? She would beat me, though.

Smug Snakes

Speaking of Danielle, she was a bit aware, as she and Peki caught up with the rest of the team, sans Yagmur.

"Why me?" Danielle asked. "What did I do, eat all the ice cream sandwiches at Woodstock in a past life?"

"Or regular sandwiches? Okay…" Hambo said, reading a map. "We're at a crossroad. Peki? Danielle? You wanna head to the Hilton? There's no fire involved, as far as I know of."

"Done and done!" Peki replied, as she saluted. "Let's roll, Danielle."

"Uzi? Opi? Wanna come with me?" Hambo asked. "We can keep Yagmur behind to steam in his juices.

"Count me in! I'm still pissed at Yagmur for doing that to Danielle!" Opi replied.

"Okay, let's do this, guys! FOR BROCCOLI!" Hambo shouted out loud, as Uzi and Opi looked at him funny. "What? I need a new death cry with the letter B in it."

"At least it isn't butts…" Opi replied, with a grin.

Confessional: A certain photophobic girl would be proud.

Opi: To which Uzi has a cute one! So does Xylia!

At a rather large skull chomping on the ground, Opi grinned.

"Showtime!" Opi said, as she managed to dodge the chomping skull. As for Uzi and Hambo?

"Oww… NOW I know what a piece of meat feels like…" Hambo said, his body covered with bandages.

"Had this been an 80's platformer… One more hit, and I would yelp out in pain, before falling off the screen." Uzi replied, also covered in bandages.

Opi then saw another obstacle: Three of their babies were on the other side of a rather large field.

"Lightning field? Powered by the dark arts of demons that watched too much Thor?" Opi read on the sign, as she shrugged, and dodged every bolt, and saved her baby.

Hambo and Uzi followed shortly, both of them scorched from the lightning.

"How DOES Jade from Tween Tour manage to live with electrifying herself?" Hambo asked.

"Was this stuff even IN Fur Fighters?" Uzi also asked.

The three were then staring at a jumping puzzle, with lava inches below them. Opi jumped the platforms with ease, as Uzi looked at the lava.

"Um, maybe it's cheese, like from the James Bond challenge?" Uzi asked, as he took out a bag of tortilla chips, took out a chip, and dipped it into the lava. It burnt up almost instantly. "Okay, it's real lava… Thoughts?"

"I have one…" Hambo said.

A few seconds later, they were hopping across the platforms in panic. Opi could only look back, and sigh.

"…Boys." Opi replied to herself.

At the Hilton, Peki and Danielle went inside, and were greeted by some wolverines.

"Welcome; I assume the semi-naked ones are the last ones for this contest…" One of the wolverines said.

"Semi-Naked?" Peki asked. "Well, we are furless…"

"Yeah, and I do wear clothes under this outfit!" Danielle yelled out.

"Anyways, are you ready to dance to the Disco beat?" The wolverine asked.

Peki smiled. "Did you say Disco beat?"

"Yep! All you gotta do is beat your fellow wolverines in dance combat!" The wolverine said, smiling.

"Wait, why us, or me?" Danielle asked.

"You have claws, dude." The wolverine replied.

"Okay… I never really danced, before… In front of a crowd, I mean… Let alone to disco music." Danielle said.

"Come on, Danielle! This'll be fun!" Peki replied dragging Danielle backstage.

Backstage, Danielle was holding onto an outfit.

"Do I have to? I mean, my burn marks will be exposed…" Danielle said, worried like.

"When else am I gonna wear this, while doing the Hustle?" Peki replied, as she came out of the dressing closet, in bell-bottoms decorated with a floral pattern, sandal-like boots, a flower-patterned vest, and a tie-dyed shirt that was cut from the bottom, exposing her belly. There was also a flower in her hair, and her Master Ball earrings were replaced with peace-symbol earrings.

"Wait, how do you know about the Hustle?" Danielle asked.

"Mom and Dad. They enjoyed the hits of the 70's, and they even thought me a few moves!" Peki replied, smiling.

"Okay… If you say so…" Danielle said, going into the dressing closet.

A blushing Peki couldn't help but peek inside the closet, interested in Danielle. But…

"And NO peeking! …I'm still a bit modest about my appearance." Danielle said, peeking her head out (in the animal outfit's head), scolding Peki.


"And here's our final contestants of the contest, Peki and Danielle!" The wolverine from earlier shouted out loud.

Peki came out, excited by the crowd. "Danielle?"

Danielle came out, out of her outfit. She was wearing tie-dyed bell bottoms, a sleeveless tie-dye shirt, and had a headband around her head. She also was wearing sunglasses.

"Why did you talk me into wearing shades?" Danielle asked.

"Simple; to complete the look!" Peki replied, smiling.

Soon enough, the music started playing. Peki danced her heart out, while Danielle followed Peki's patterns. The two ended with a pose, as the audience cheered.

"And that was Peki and Danielle! What do you think, judges?"

The judges gave them a score of 9.5, 9.5, 8.8, and 10.0

"And our winners are… Peki and Danielle! They win the grand prize: Their babies!" The wolverine said, as the kids came up to them.

"All that for babies?" Danielle asked.

"At least we ain't dancing for weaponry… That would be insane!" Peki replied.

Confessional: Do the Hustle!

Peki: (She is back in her original outfit) I took a look in the dressing closet while Danielle was dressing. (She blushes)

Danielle: (She is back in her suit, but the head was off) Somehow, I have a feeling Peki took a peek, anyway.

Powerful Pigs

The group ran through a mess of what appeared to be teddy bear stormtroopers, and what appeared to be xenomorphs from the Alien franchise.

Bitty was having difficulties, as she kept on getting killed and respawning thanks to the Aliens.

"Dammit… Quit! Stabbing! Me! With! The! Tail!" Bitty yelled out, as Vaughn shot the xenomorph.

"Feellin' better, love?" Vaughn asked.

Treela, noticing a group of the stormtroopers and xenomorphs coming, she then held a barrel over her head.

"Obvious Internet Meme, go!" Treela yelled out, as she threw a barrel on the ground, and it rolled over the group of enemies, bowling them over.

Meanwhile, a Xenomorph was yelling out in panic in his native tongue.

"FOX! GET THIS GUY OFF ME!" Yelled out the Xenomorph, as Zentaro was chasing after him.

"Bow before the Great Zentaro!" Zentaro replied with a mischievous grin.

Soon enough, the background music stopped.

"Um, why did the background music stop?" Zentaro asked.

"I… dunno." Treela said as a dodgeball hit her on the face, and sent her into a wall. Upon getting up, she saw what… or rather, who threw the dodgeball.

"Can't let you do that, Treela Floria…"

"The heck?" Treela asked, as she looked up at who threw the ball at her. It appeared to be Treela, only her headband was solid black, she was wearing an oil-stained shirt, blue kakis, and had radioactivity symbols, where Treela's heart markings would be.

"Treena Lavamoon is here to rain acid on your parade!" Treena yelled out loud. "Come on in, boys!"

The next one to appear was someone, that looked like Zentaro, only he wasn't… He had a fly motif on him.

"I'm gonna enjoy me some frog's legs! After dealing with the frog boy!" The fly-boy said.

"Ziggy?! There's time for food, later!" Treena scolded Ziggy.

"Hey, what's the deal?! Are you like… an 100% chance of our evil counterparts?" Lily asked, as she was instantly hit by a blizzard. "Damn, that's cold!"

"Wrong… the cold one here is YOU!" Said a girl, looking like a punk-version of Lily. "Lolly here will make SURE you predict your last forecast!"

"Well, this isn't Fur Fighters, anymore…" Easter replied, as there was a gunshot heard. Easter barely dodged the shot, as he saw his evil counterpart…

Someone dressed like Elmer Fudd.

"I'm gonna really ENJOY roasting you ALIVE!" Said the psychopathic boy.

"Elmer?! You'll have time to roast Easter! Our job is to DESTROY them!" Treena yelled out loud.

"I'm getting pollution boy." Treela said, grinning. "My Noun ball was made for people like you!"

She tried reaching for the ball, but…

"Um, Treela? There's no virtual throwable weapons in here…" Zentaro replied.

"Well… bummer." Treela said, looking disappointed.

The fight went underway, as Vaughn and Bitty watched from the sidelines.

"Hey, why don't we try to sneak out by ourselves…" Bitty asked.

Vaughn was shocked. "WHAT? And let them fend off their evil selves by themselves?"

"Besides… we ALL know that evilness is the way to go… Why not be evil altogether?" Bitty said.

Vaughn looked at the fight going on, and at Bitty. The fight, Bitty…

All of a sudden…

"OW! Dang, that gunshot hurt!" Easter replied, peeling himself off the wall, and going back into the fight.

Confessional: The fight continues!

Vaughn: I'm at a crossroads! I dunno what to do!

Treela: If they made a good evil counterpart to me… Mission Accomplished. Although, I really hate to see what Yagmur's more eviler side would be.

Chris: We tried that, but it nearly crashed the machine.

Creepy Chickens

On the Subway train, Melody, Keala, and Xylia were shooting up the various enemies pouring out of a helicopter.

"Jeepers, how many enemies can totally fit into a chopper?" Xylia asked.

"I dunno… Keala replied. "Seems like a lot. Are our weapons even equipped to handle this stuff?"

"Dying to a helicopter's mainstream, anyway." Melody said, as they continued to shoot at the helicopter.

It lasted for a few more minutes, until…

"Um, we're about to run out of track…" Keala said.

"Oh, perfect, and we STILL have this meanie totally on our butts!" Xylia replied.

The three waited their demise, as…


The helicopter suddenly blew up, and the now fiery wreckage swerved away from the track. The three turned around to see what blew it up.

"Hey, guys! You're gonna get on or what, groovy darlin'?"

"Gladys?" All three said in unison, as a rope lowered. The three got on the rope, and it lifted them into the air, as the subway flew off the unfinished track, and blew up on the ground…

In the helicopter, the three were looking around.

"Gladys? Not to ask too many questions, but… WHEN did you steal a helicopter?" Keala asked.

"Long story short… Felix had to do some convincing to borrow the helicopter… A LOT of convincing." Gladys said, flying the helicopter.

"Yeah, and let's leave it at that, okay?" Felix replied, as he came from the shadows… dressed in a tutu. Most of the Chickens couldn't help but giggle.

"Sorry, Felix…" Ivan said, giggling slightly.

"Um... Where did you get the tutu?" Nancy asked, with curiosity.

"Don't ask..." Felix replied.

"Well, with us done grabbing all our babies, what's next?" James asked, as a fireball was shot at them. The force of trying to dodge the fireball caused Gladys to knock herself out.

"Gladys!" Xylia yelled out, as she moved Gladys from the Pilot's seat, taking over. "Guys! Check the radar to see what totally tried to shoot us down!"

"No need to. It's on top of a building…" Felix said, as he pointed at a building. On top of it, was a mechanical dragon, eying the helicopter. It started to build up for another fire shot.

"Xylia, dodge it!" Nancy yelled out in panic.

"I'm totally trying! Flying this thing is SOOOOO hard! I don't understand how Gladys totally does it!" Xylia replied.

Another fireball then hit the helicopter, making it really shake. The force of the impact caused Melody to stumble back.

"MELODY!" Ivan cried out, as he tried to grab Melody, as she stumbled outside, and onto the side of the helicopter. He used his net as an extention. "Grab onto my net!"

Melody tried to do so, but it was too much, as another fireball caused it to shake, forcing her off.

"MELODY!" Ivan cried out loud.

Yet another fireball hit the helicopter, and that was the final straw to the airborne vehicle.

"Aw, crap! We're totally going down!" Xylia cried out loud, holding on to the controls. "MAYDAY! ARBOR DAY! CHRISTMAS DAY! GARBAGE DAY!"

On the roof, Melody landed, and got up, dusting herself off. She could only look up to see Xylia's helicopter be hit by a fireball, and causing it to crash, with an explosion following soon after.

"Guys…" Melody tearfully said, as she turned her attention towards what caused it to crash…

The dragon from earlier.

Melody's expression was clear. "Well… crap."

Cliffhanger! This is getting intense!

Next Time: The finale of the challenge! But there's also some after challenge action to be had!