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One may endure a world full of demons for the sake of an angel.

Prequel: The Countess of Seven

Groaning the man rubbed his eyes. Kami he hurts everywhere, he freezes realizing his Hite-ate that covered his left eye was gone. He felt he was in a bed, and by the smell it was a hospital.

"I still can't believe I was talked into this. You owe me one Masami. But at least you made it human. I'd call that lucky." A regal feminine upbeat voice spoke.

Opening his right eye everything is blurry for the moment. Slowly sitting up sure enough he was in a hospital, but one he never saw before. He turns and looks at himself in a mirror. "I will never get over how Naruto did that. But why is my eye glowing?"

Sitting in a hospital bed and shirtless –and the rare time mask-less- the former sensei of Team 7 Kakashi Hatake looked at himself. It still amazed him that while he was in his mid-thirties he looked and felt in his twenties. Even his Chakra network was stronger. All thanks in due to Naruto using one of his clan's sacred Fūinjutsu seal.

"Our eyes will be like this in Gaia. This is a byproduct of our high chakra proficiency and the overflow of the Lifestream in Gaia. Well, for my case being a demon made of pure chakra." Spoke the same voice, now almost purring.

Looking to his left the silver-haired Jounin widened his one open eye at the figure sitting not too far from him. But who was before him he knew was dead.

Sitting in an arm chair with one leg crossed over the other was none other than the Nanabi Jinchurriki, Fū. But something was different and Kakashi could feel it. For one this person is taller, 5'9 he could guess. She wore a sleeveless white with blue lining cheongsam shirt; from the waist down was a layered free flowing white skirt with also blue lining, a green sash was wrapped around her waist like a belt.

Her hands and feet were claw-like and she wore no shoes or sandals. But there was the known mint green hair in bob-cut style and her flawless caramel skin and glowing orange pools that are her eyes. But her figure was more hourglass and slender, and her facial features were different. And this person look about twenty-five not seventeen.

"Um, I know I am about to sound quite rube but aren't you dead?" Kakashi asked as politely as he possibly could.

The woman before him almost rolled her eyes at the question. "What you see before you is a tribute to the container that should never have to endure the hardships of being Jinchurriki."The woman soon stands as she walks in front of the bed looking down at Kakashi. "To your kind you call me Nanabi no Tengu, or the Countess of Seven in the demon Hierarchy. But please address me as Choumei. I see why you wear that mask now. You are rather handsome for a human." The Bijuu woman smirked.

Rubbing the back of his sheepishly Kakashi lightly chuckles. "Why thank you Choumei. But may I ask what happened to my clothes?"

Sighing, Choumei walked over to the side of bed and sat down. "It's the one hazard humans have using Kokudo Tensou. And only a Jinchurriki or someone with your unique condition can survive the travel. You're lucky Naruto used that sacred seal on you. With the added bonus its efficiency works even better here."

And that was the truth, the copy ninja owed his former student a great deal. During the war he was caught by surprise by his former teammate Obito and nearly killed in his Jūbi Jinchurriki form.

Had Naruto not acted fast enough and used The Fumetsu he'd be long dead by now.And considering how much of a lousy sensei I was to him and Sakura, I am amazed he always showed me such loyalty.

A feminine claw-like finger tapped his forehead snapping him out of his thoughts. Choumei looked at him somberly. "You made it up to him eventually. That's all that matters."

"You heard my thoughts?" Kakashi asked surprised.

The Bijuu Countess smirked. "My kind is telepathic remember? Plus I made a mental link between us. This is similar to how what a Bijuu shares with their container. But get some rest Hatake, I'll explain things tomorrow."

Nodding the silver haired Jounin lays back down. But could not stop the one question from coming out. "Where did we land in Gaia?"

Choumei smirks as she stands crossing her arms under her bust. "This is an island village called Mideel. Ironically it's a medical village meant for healing. As I said, you're lucky handsome."

The Bijuu woman winked as she left the room. Kakashi lifted an eyebrow, was it just him or did she just flirt for a second there? Shaking it off the copy ninja looks at the ceiling.

Only one thought helped him close his eyes and sleep, a solemn vow to his student. "Naruto, while I get the feeling you have no intention of leaving here. I won't force you to, however you decide to live your life here. I'll help however I can. I promise."

XxX ~ Choumei ~ XxX

Leaving the ward the Bijuu woman stops at the nurse's office. The woman behind the desk looks up at her with a warm smile.

"Your husband is rather remarkable. I never saw anyone heal that fast." The young nurse smiled.

Choumei winked. "You'll find Kakashi is a rare breed. Thank you for taking us in"

The nurse checked her chemicals for the next patient, but smiled at the woman before her. "Thank the elder dear. She is perhaps the kindest person I ever met. Have a good evening!"

Bowing her head the Bijuu Countess leaves through the door. Sighing, she leans forward with her arms crossed on the railing. The central hospital of the village was located on a hill which a metal stairway leads up to it. Staring out at the early evening moon Choumei smiled at the beautiful stars in the sky. While like her elder sister Kisara, she also hid amongst humans in the elemental nations but never in her ageless years has she seen such a place like this.

Mideel was a modest sized island with actual several different hospitals meant for different means of medical care. While at the same time rested a village within it –with families and commerce flowing generously-, the place was truly unique in every sense of the word.

With a slow bow she send her thoughts through the cosmos, knowing they were never to be heard, but still wished to have them solidify her resolve. And perhaps the single largest bookstore I ever seen. You would have loved this place Fū. I know Kakashi can play his role I made for us on the island till we leave. That should be a month or two. I need to get him up to speed with how this world works along with all his Jutsu now being Materia.

"How is your husband my dear?" A kindly aged female voice spoke.

Looking to her right Choumei sees the elder of the village, Miriam walking slowly up the steps. A small woman in her early seventies wearing a simple but respectable dress, her once long blond hair now gray pulled back in ponytail, walking with a very basic but well-crafted cane. Her old blue eyes gaze kindly at the younger woman before her.

In moments a concerned Bijuu woman is beside the old human woman helping her up the stairs. If there was one thing about The Nanabi she is perhaps the kindest of her brethren next to The Nibi who is a pure sweetheart. Miriam smiles kindly being helped up the stairs. "I have never seen such a kindhearted young lady in my life."

Choumei smiled at that and helped the woman up the last few steps and to a solid grounding. "I try. But you should be resting Miriam."

Reaching the final step near the hospital door the elderly woman rubs the Bijuu woman's cheek warmly. "I thank you, but I am not so old I will break in the wind my dear."

Choumei sighs as both ladies stand beside each other looking at the night sky. "I always found looking at the stars soothing. In Midgar it was always night on the upper plate, still is."

Since arriving a day ago the Beetle demoness took in as much information as she could. The constants she picked so far are Shinra Electric Power and Midgar. The massive industrial man-made capital fueled by eight giant Mako Reactors. Choumei mentally snarled at that, she felt it and she damn well knew her sister feels that those damn things are draining the planets very life-force.

The older woman looked to the Demoness and smiled warmly. "But I am glad I came here. Never could get use to that place, and you think your sister and friend are there?"

Choumei shrugged a bit, still staring at the world before her and the stars. "Call it a hunch. But my sister is the wandering type who loves moving from place to place. And I know she dragged along Naruto."

"You really do love your sister enough to look for her." Miriam smiled.

Choumei rubbed the back of her neck. "Truthfully, Kurama and I had always had an odd relationship. I love her but she always got along better with our youngest sister."

And that was the truth, while the two acknowledged each other and there was love, the two were always distant with one another. Perhaps it was due to their personalities being so contrasting.

Choumei being so upbeat and positive; while Kurama was shrewd and calculating. That and the fox woman's sense of humor is on the twisted morbid side. Masami being the only one who really ever actually laughed and enjoyed their eldest sister's jokes.

"Still you decided to come and find her and this Naruto fellow. Means you care for her just as much."

The Countess shrugged at that. "You might be right. Just hope she won't be too hard to find."

And that worried the Bijuu woman, since coming to this realm she has not heard a word from her sister telepathically. Granted it could be Kisara was just pissed off for her and Kakashi coming here. Not the first time she got her sister angry before, doubtful it will be the last. But did not stop the worry for her sister and blond she considers a true friend.

She knew she would be ignored, but tried a message to Kisara either way. I know you can hear me sis. And you might want to rip me a new one but could you really expect your siblings to do nothing especially with the darkness surrounding this planet? One way or another Kisara I will find you. As well as you my dearest friend…

XxX ~ Next morning ~XxX

Sitting on his bed wearing sweats and one his black shirts which had his usual built in mask collar. Kakashi was really glad all his sealing scrolls survived. Sitting Indian style with his left Sharingan open he looks at the strange gold glowing orb in his hand.

Kakashi asked in a very confused and doubtful voice, but even if he was skeptic, he knew it was somehow true. "All my Ninjutsu is in here?"

Choumei nodded sitting on the bed in front of him. Since before sunrise both had woke up, and the Bijuu woman has been explaining the mechanics of Materia and the Lifestream. And showing him that his own personal Materia was interesting.

But she was secretly glad he only had six materia and not a thousand, considering all the Jutsu he copied with that accursed eye of his.

Looking with his Sharingan it shows him the pure energy almost raging inside the small orb. While to anyone it would not look like much, with his glowing single Doujutsu he saw intense power wanting to be released from inside. Placing down beside his other five which were; his Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, his Raiton, Katon, Doton, and finally Suiton.

Though he was sad when Choumei explained that summoning abilities won't work here. Being cut off from Pakkun and the others would weaken their searching, but they will make up for it somehow. Imagine Naruto did not take it well not being able to call on the Toads anymore.

Was either that or death.

Closing his left eye to look up with his normal right; the copy ninja was still getting use to someone speaking to him telepathically. But he nodded to the Bijuu woman in agreement as he looked at her. It was strange when seeing Choumei with his Sharingan, while she looked human, his doujutsu could see her body was like living flames of green and blue. And he felt more comfortable seeing her as a beautiful woman.

Kakashi asked in confirmation about what he nodded to do with them. "So I place these in my body next to special Tenketsu points."

Choumei nodded at him and smiled. "Once you do, I will help you get adjusted to using Materia Jutsu. You will be very tired for maybe a week of the training but you will get use it. The more one uses Materia, the easier it becomes. And remember, no need for hand-signs."

"But you want us to stay for a month. Why is that?" Kakashi lifts a brow.

Choumei smirked and tried to speak playfully. "Considering all the Jutsu you have, I want you to retrain yourself and remaster them all in Materia form. This will take a month or two I am guessing. Plus, learning as much of this realm as we can hear before leaving I feel is best."

The copy ninja nods, it was a sound plan. Though he still wanted to find Naruto a little sooner than later, but he was not going to argue. "I imagine Naruto asked how Kurama was still the same and not changed."

Choumei shrugged a bit, truthfully not knowing but she would guess any human would be curious given the circumstances. "My sister and I are beings of pure chakra. And being what we are we having the power not to be influenced by the Lifestream."

Kakashi knew from the talk earlier that she was telepathic, especially to the others of their kind. "Can you feel your sister anywhere?"

Kakashi tilts his head seeing the Bijuu woman looking away in annoyance. "She knows we're here. But she is not saying a damn thing to me. While neither of us has ever been hostile to each other, we were never that close either. Matatabi was the only one that really connected with her since they were always close."

The silver haired Jounin had a feeling that was all he was getting as both became silent. Choumei watched as Kakashi studied his materia with his Sharingan. While she, unlike her sister, never held the same level of pure hate for that certain Doujutsu or the Uchiha Clan at all, she held a strong distaste for them. Yes, she was just as enraged as the others when all felt Kisara taken by Madara and things he done to her sent the others to try and find her as fast as they could. Sadly they were all caught by Hashirama before they could save her. But hearing Masami's tearful desperate plea sent the Senju charging after the rogue Uchiha and into their final battle.

Shaking her head, the Countess removed those darker days from her thoughts. Since something presently was bothering her. "Can I ask you something Kakashi?"

"I am still single and looking." Hatake eye-smiled while speaking in a chipper tone.

The Bijuu woman lightly glared before smirking playfully. She leans closer so her face is nose to nose to his wide eye shocked one as she lifts her hand up and slowly guides a finger under his chin.

"Think you can handle a Demoness, let alone a Bijuu woman, when she is in the mood? We can be rather… Vigorous compared to human women." Choumei purred in a sultry tone.

Kakashi eye almost popped out his socket as he scratched the back of his head. "Well Naruto always said I should try things least once." he said in shaky tone.

The Bijuu countess smirked; nice finding a man let alone a human one with a backbone when she flirted. She lightly taps his cheek. "We may find out later down the line, since I'll hold you to that. But shall we get serious?"

Kakashi Eye-smiled as Choumei leaned back and both got serious. "Why come here for Naruto? Especially if the intent was never to bring him home? I don't understand you or your Hokage in this at all in this."

Fair question; he figured. "While Lady Tsunade would love nothing more than anything to have her son returned back home to her. She also realized like I did that the elemental nations truly held nothing but misery for Naruto."

Kakashi looked solemn as his memories flashed. "He was made an orphan just hours after being born, endured more scorn and abuse I ever saw anyone endure from our village, but he rose above it. He became the true hero of our nations stopping the Fourth war but he lost his wife Sakura, and it was losing her by, of all people, Sasuke that broke something inside him. Granted, Karui was able to bring some of him back but Naruto never truly returned as Naruto. And in truth I don't blame him. He trained constantly to near death and perhaps became the second coming of Hashirama Senju. By turning into a pure one man army like the Shodaime tipped the scales to Naruto's favor when he finally killed Sasuke years later."

Choumei nodded, fully understanding all too well and already had before this. But she felt him dodging the true meaning of her question. "You did not answer my question Hatake."

Kakashi sighed in defeat. "I was getting to it. In short, there is nothing left for the Anbu-Sennin Naruto Uzumaki in our world without Sakura Uzumaki in it. She was his entire world and meaning to continue the fight. But when Sasuke took that away, so was his purpose. So when we learned that Kurama sent both her and him here to Gaia, Lady Tsunade thought what to do."

The Bijuu Countess was taken aback seeing the level of seriousness in the man's face. A slight determination unfathomable by her standards dealing with humans. "This will be my final mission as a Shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato. As my order was given, I am to forever be Naruto's protector till the final end of my days."

Choumei gazed at him sadly. You blame yourself for what happened to Naruto don't you? To you, this is your penance for your inaction you believe you've done for him and Sakura. All that pain you hold inside, you can't see you're just as broken as he is.

Gently placing her hands on his cheeks she leans in again. "I will help you. I was fully intending to return home after we found Naruto and Kurama. But I know now that will not be the case now. We shall both protect Naruto and my sister; however… never forget you're human just like Naruto and need to live your life like one while doing our duty."

Guess I now have a broken man of my own to heal just as much as you do sis…

Kakashi was floored by her words. He figure after finding Naruto and Kurama, Choumei would simply go home. But her choosing to stay, while feeling there is more to this than aiding him in his mission, he'd accept the help regardless.

"Thank you Choumei." The silver haired Jounin bows his head as she let go of his cheeks.

She smiled deeply as she sat back. "Chiyoko…"

Kakashi looking confused, The Countess elaborates. "Bijuu have two true names. The body name: Choumei, The Soul Name: Chiyoko. Since we're staying you may as well call me that when we're alone."

The silver haired Jounin smiled. "Well a husband should know their wife's name. Otherwise they would not be much of husband would they?"

"I'll train you yet, Hatake." Chiyoko tapped his cheek playfully.

Both got into character as a doctor walked into the room. "It seems you're looking better Mr. Hatake. And seems Mrs. Hatake is keeping an eye on you."

Chiyoko sighed, keeping the character of a worried spouse upholder. "In my case both. He does like to go overboard doing his work when I am not looking." The Bijuu woman playfully glared which Kakashi rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Young love…" The old doctor mused. "Well you have a clean bill of health, but since you both said you're staying here for two months there is a guest house above the hospital. You're both free to use it."

Both Bijuu and human smiled at the elderly man as they thank him.

XxX ~ One month later ~ XxX

"Think you can keep up Hatake!"

Deep in the forest area of Mideel, Chiyoko and Kakashi do their early morning training. The lush environment of the forest was nearly similar to Konoha's and gave the now former Jounin somewhat of an advantage. But can you really call it that when your sparring partner is the third most powerful of the Bijuu, who happens to the most physically strongest of her brethren. In short, she could make Tsunade Senju's famous punches look like a meek little kitten.

Next to that, every insect on the island seem to obey her like the bugs of Aburame Clan. Which also includes the odd bug-like monsters that occasionally appear; they become absolutely obedient when she just only used a small portion of killer intent/laced with her demonic chakra. The insects of Mideel along with bug-monsters became her permanent loyal sentinels to watch over the place. Though it freaked out the Mideel citizens till Chiyoko came up with a very convincing lie.

Kakashi had one thing to say, the Bijuu woman could be very persuasive and inventive.

Leaping through branches Kakashi keeps to the shadows. While his shirts were the same with his mask collar, other things were different, like over that he wears a black long-sleeve leather jacket; his usual fingerless gloves with special chakra metal sown in were still there; finally he wore black leather pants and his shinobi sandals. To cover his Sharingan eye, Miriam gave him a Bandanna that was much like his Hitai-Ate, but black in color.

Overall, in Chiyoko's opinion, Kakashi's new look gave him a roguish handsome look.

While keeping his breath in check the now former Jounin waiting for an opening, or for his new friend to give an opening.

Think you can hide, handsome…

Hearing her sultry whisper the former Jounin leaped off the tree just as a fist hit it from below. The force from Chiyoko's punch literally shattered the tree into bits as Kakashi sweat-drops from another branch.

"Overkill much?" he says in a shaky tone.

Soon arms wrap around him from behind as Chiyoko lays her chin on his shoulder smirking. "I still win… nice try Hatake."

While sighing in defeat he quickly eye-smiled. "Well it worth a try."

Choumei smiled and giggled a bit. "You are improving and coming from me that means something. You even remastered your Materia-Jutsu in two weeks. Not bad, handsome." She smirked and pressed into his back a bit more to flirt with him as she always did.

She was really impressed how quickly Kakashi had redeveloped his skill set. And from what she learned from him about the Fumetsu, his chakra network got one hell of power boost. The benefits were damn impressive in her book.

Kakashi wasn't one to blush, but he did get nervous when shown attention, so with a shaky voice he tried to derail his embarrassment any longer. "Well shall we go have breakfast?"

Chiyoko let go; now standing beside the former Jounin with a smirk. "They should be starting since it is seven now. It is a lucky number."

Kakashi sighs as the Countess quickly leaps through the tree. "Never met a woman so upbeat in my life." He soon eye-smiled, loving the attention no matter how nervous he got with it. "That's not a bad thing."

XxX ~ Mideel Town hall ~ XxX

The smell of cooking food along with sounds of people in jovial tidings made both Kakashi and Chiyoko smile as they sat together at one of the many tables in the room. Something of a time long tradition in Mideel, people gather for a joined breakfast and dinner in the community center/town hall.

Everyone from the whole village was inside the massive room, while people of cooking talents took turns on who was the chef for the morning and evening. To their surprise they found Kakashi was actually a decent cook when they gave him the reigns to be chef. But it was his 'wife' that shined being an outright genius when coming to culinary arts.

But that was not the only thing Kakashi learned about the Bijuu Countess. For one thing, she deeply loves children and plays with all the kids on the island nearly all the time. She loves music, and reading books, and when she dragged the former Jounin to the bookstore and he saw the first volume the Icha Icha series, the man got on top of the highest building and yelled out at the top of his lungs.


Everyone on the island sweat dropped at the man's antics while Chiyoko felt like hitting her 'husband' into next week with her eye twitching dangerously. The Bijuu woman hated that damn book series with a passion since it was nothing more than cheap porn, but sadly her former container was much a fan of the books like Kakashi.

Eating breakfast the duo watched the people enjoy their lives to the fullest. "So how much longer should we remain here?" the former Jounin asked.

"Well, considering you surpassed all my expectations. We could leave anytime. But can we wait for a few more days?" Chiyoko asks while watching some children playing.

Thanking a lady for bring over their meals Kakashi nods. "Want to leave when it feels right, eh?"

The Bijuu Countess only glances at her new friend with an appreciated smile. The two had become close friends during the month of living on the island. Not to mention their flirting seemed to have been growing in fever to the point they try to out embarrass the other. But a blind man could see the heavy attraction between the two. But something just stops them from going to the next step.

Chiyoko shifted through Kakashi's thoughts and saw he held strong feelings for a former teammate named Rin Nohara. After her untimely death Kakashi felt he was better being alone with some flings here and there. No surprise it took Naruto to wake up the former Jounin that he deserved someone for himself. The closest thing he had to a girlfriend before and after the war was Yugao Uzuki. The two were steady but never went anywhere. Perhaps it was due to them both lost someone they loved deeply, not to say they did not love each other. Both were protective of the other and affectionate when off duty.

But perhaps they saw the past for which they couldn't move ahead into the future.

And now, with Kakashi now in another dimension of space and time. This could be what gets both his and Yugao's life moving again. Time will tell.

XxX ~ early afternoon ~ XxX

As the people of Mideel got about their lives Chiyoko took the time to look around the local bookstore. She was happy in learning they received new books from the main land's every four weeks. Walking through the aisles she stops at the romance section.

"Books are marvelous are they not?"

Hearing a man's voice her glowing orbs move up to see a man the height of Kakashi with short red hair and crimson trench coat. His glowing bluish-green eyes skimming over the hard copy of 'Loveless'.

"Heard they are performing a play for that book." Chiyoko wasn't one to be rude, so she was obligated to reply.

"So have I. but I always preferred reading the material than simply watching. Allowing your imagination to create the stage and players to perform."

Chiyoko nods, it was a sound philosophy, if a little weird. The man was steady, unnerving, and calm as he spoke his next sentence. "Still I wonder what action you will be performing on the grand stage Countess of Seven…"

The air in the building stills as a small chill envelops the room. The Bijuu woman's eyes grew serious in seconds as the man raises his hands up in defeat. "I mean no offense Lady Chiyoko. We are grateful for you and your sister coming. As well as the two people that came with you. The child of prophecy was exactly who the Goddess needed."

Lifting an eyebrow at the 'we' part, the Bijuu woman slowly looks just outside the bookstore. Standing wearing an beautiful and elegant white dress which matches her pale cream skin, her long blond princess-style cut hair flows some from the island breeze. Her pure almost ethereal blue eyes cast a glance at Chiyoko. She gives the warmest serene smile before vanishing as two people walk in front of her. Sharply turning the man was gone save the 'Loveless' hardback on the shelf. Picking it up and Opening the book a paper falls out.

Quickly picking it up she reads what it says. 'The Foxes guard the last Angel at the Empire's Gates.' Her eyes reading over the words over and over again, deciphering the message. She had to make haste to Kakashi...

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

"The foxes guard the last angel at the Empire's Gate." Kakashi re-read the note sitting at their table.

Since that meeting, Chiyoko bought the Loveless book and looked for the former Jounin with haste. Telling him what happened both went to their home above the hospital and tried to figure out what had happened and the mystery of the note.

"I can think of Kisara and Naruto being the foxes, but who is the last Angel? And the empire's Gates, Shinra?"

The Bijuu countess paced as her mind went on overdrive. Someone just gave one hell of a bread crumb to start their search. But who the hell were those two? She felt no malicious intent from either one of them, so they weren't enemies. For now at any rate.

Kakashi rubbed his chin as he let his mind process the information. Maybe Kisara sent them to tell us what was going on? No that can't be right; Chiyoko said her sister has not spoken one word since we landed in Gaia. Some independent party, but how do they know Naruto is the child of prophecy? We're getting more questions than facts to this.

Empire's Gates…

Both stop and blink as they quickly look at each other. Both uttering the place's name at the same time.


A loud crash catches their attention as they hear screaming outside. Both Shunshin in seconds.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Both appear on the center of town as they see people fleeing from what looks like an eight foot tall mechanical red Minotaur with golden horns. It gives a robotic roar as it lumbers after some people. A child tripped over her feet as the red beast's shadow loomed over the girl. It raised one of its giant arms to smash the innocent and snuffing out her light. Her parents scream became shock as the arm came down and was stopped by one raised hand from an angry Chiyoko. The little girl who closed her eyes opens them to see the Bijuu countess had saved her.

"Big sis!"

"Run home to your family sweetie. I have something to discuss with big red here." Chiyoko's voice gave no strain as she holds the monster's arm effortlessly.

People could hear the gears strain from the metal beast as the Bijuu woman's grip became tighter and starting bending the metal.

"A mindless drone with no soul. How unlucky for you, you tin can. But trying to hurt a child in my presence." In a fluid motion she ripped the creature's entire left arm off effortlessly. "Your punishment shall be harsh!"

Kicking the beast in it stomach everyone heard a clang as her power kick sent the Minotaur flying several feet away. It skidded off the ground like a rock over water before a hand covered in lightning sounding like chipping birds ripped through its head.

Kakashi glared evenly at the now dead machine as he pull out his hand and flipped backwards to let the beast fall forward making a loud sound.

Every one of the village looked in awe as Chiyoko and the former Jounin just stared at the dead robot beast. The two walk away while the silver haired man pulled out his Icha Icha novel much to his female companion's ire. Five feet away the paper bomb Kakashi put on the metal menace ignites and destroys the creature in a large explosion.

Now that the crowd settled Miriam stands in front while the children run to a now smiling Chiyoko.

"You told us you were Shinobi but I hardly believed It." the old woman said in awe. "But you said you're both are not from Wutai?"

Kakashi eye-smiles. "That's correct elder. Sorry if our fight caused any undue discomfort."

"How could say that!? You saved everyone from that Shinra monster!" someone yelled out.

"You're not upset with us?" Kakashi was slightly taken back. The place was so peaceful, and they never liked violence. He and his partner were as violent as they came in a fight.

Miriam only smiled. "You never once been dishonest with us and have protected this place since being here a month ago. As far we all are concerned your family."

The crowd cheered as they thank the surprised duo. Both look at each other sheepishly as they shake hands with people of the village.

Not bad Chiyoko…

The mint haired Bijuu woman widened her eyes as she heard finally the voice of her elder sister. A small hidden smile appeared on her lips as she hugged the children.

XxX ~ one week later ~ XxX

Everyone looked mournfully as Chiyoko and Kakashi announced they had to leave a week ago. Since that one occasion, Kisara had been silent again, much to the Bijuu Countess's chagrin.

When learning the origins of the metal Minotaur, the duo were internally pissed on hearing a massive tower called Fort Condor was occasionally attacked by Shinra. Both made a vow to put a stop to that, and since Kakashi was properly conditioned to use his material Jutsu, there was no need to stay.

Plus, the mysterious duo giving their hidden message still bugged them. If they wanted answers, there was only one place they would have to go.


Chiyoko held the crying children assuring them their big sister would come to see them when she could. Kakashi gave thanks to the elder who shook his hand warmly.

"Farewell you two. We will miss you..." Miriam said sadly.

"We'll try to come by some time when we can. Just without me being injured, I hope." Kakashi said sheepishly.

Saying their final farewells the two quickly dashed away from the village. Standing on a roof of a hospital the man with red hair and red trench coat smiled softly. "The stage will be set and actors will make their appearances for their performances. All will be made to reality by your will, my Goddess."