Chapter 3

"I'm afraid I can't. Not anymore."

Her anger was rising by the minuet. "What do you mean by that?"

His low chuckle at her question almost made her shake with frustration. "How could I possibly resist you now that I have all of you? It's a temptation I have no intention of enduring."

Jenny's stomach dropped. "All of me? No intention of ENDURING?" Her words came out in a hiss and she could feel her nails curl into her hand as she made a fist. "You can't think-"

"Yes I can, Jenny. I won." Julian cut her off, his smile gone and replaced with what could only be described as a tired expression. "You don't seem to understand. I don't have to trick you to touch your cheek nor to steal a kiss. I'm giving you the choice to feel your love for me. Maybe I wasn't very clear." He sat up from the bed and opened his hand to her. Almost like a magic trick, a watch appeared in the palm of his hand. But not just any watch. Tom's.

"Tommy?" The watch had a gold face, but just as everything Tom owned, was simple with its worn leather strap. She choked as she was hit with guilt. She hadn't thought of Tom in what felt like days.

Julian's lip curled, not at all pleased with her reaction. "Yes, Tommy." Dangling the watch from his fingers, he walked around Jenny."I thought you might need a reminder who owns Tommy now. Who owns you."

Her face was burning up, her ears blazing. Not from embarrassment though, but from a dense anger. The kind that makes your eyes tear up and your throat close. A hopeless anger.

She jumped, at him, reaching for the trinket, but he quickly raised his arm higher. "Ahh ahh. I'm afraid I'm rather fond of this watch." He smiled as if an idea popped into his head. "In fact, I'm sure it will look much better on me than your precious Tom." Hardly. They both knew that while Julian could wear anything with ease, something more with more glamor and flair would suit him more.

"Don't you dare."

He said nothing, but at the sudden sight of tears in her eyes he made the watch vanish as quickly as it had appeared. "I didn't come to your room to fight with you, Jenny. I'm actually quite disappointed that we are wasting time on this repetitive lesson." He paused for a moment, waiting for her to talk back. But she remained silent, fuming on her own and avoiding eye contact. "I would much rather show you around the house."

"The only thing I'm interested in seeing is the exit."

He raised an eyebrow. "Well if you wish to be stuck between worlds, I would be more than pleased to show you. But you'll find that there are creatures that wish you more harm than I do out there."

"What do you mean?"

"This house is my own creation, an oasis in the middle of a chaos you wouldn't even comprehend. Outside of this house, we are not in one world, but between." He reached for her hand, and in a moment of weakness she didn't fight to snatch her hand away. "Out there, there are beings that are manifested from nightmares, that hunt and destroy. This house, me, that's all you need Jenny. All you have now." Those words did make her try to take her hand out of his then, but his grip only tightened. In an attempt to sooth her, his thumb stroked lazy circles around her wrist. "Come see the house. I know you are curious."

She pulled again and he let her go. They both know that he let her, but neither said nothing as Julian opened the door and Jenny followed after him.

She wasn't sure why she was following him, or why she hadn't tried to escape yet. Maybe she was in shock. She had seen it in movies and TV shows. Maybe her sanity was holding on by a thread and she could only handle the idea that she was captive for so long before she fell into a deep depression or went crazy.

Or maybe she was scared.

She didn't know how to react now that she had actually lost. Before she had everyone to help her. How was she supposed to defeat Julian all on her own? Or could she even defeat him? After that conversation it was clear that she had more than a few obstacles to overcome, and it was clear that he would gladly point them out to her. From where she was standing there was no loophole, no trick she could pull. She was truly at his mercy.

The hallway outside of her room was narrow and long, and lead to the top of a very extravagant staircase that opened up to what she assumed was the entry way. So extravagant that she had to pause and take it all it. It was a marble staircase, with a silver railing that was decorated with delicate silver vines and flowers. This was the kind of interior that she expected from Brook Shield's house, but she supposed it made sense that Julian liked it as well. What really caught her eye though, was at the bottom of the stairs and what she assumed was the front door. But it wasn't like an ordinary door, or even something that spoke to Julian's odd style. It stood out against the rest of the decor. It was large, very large and red and in the center was the ruin that she had used to seal Julian in the first game.

She caught him looking at her with a smirk.


"This is just the entrance, Jenny. Just wait until I show you the rest of the house." His blue eyes sparkled at her, almost mocking. He knew what she thought of the door when she saw it, and enjoyed her reaction.

He wanted her to feel trapped here.

"Come, let's continue the tour." Dazed, she followed, not really thinking of anything besides the large rust-red door that looked as if Julian was using it to seal her inside.

Or to seal out whatever was outside.

Instead of taking her down to the first floor, he took her around the corner to what appeared to be an extravagant, somewhat modern furnished living room. Then a series of what seemed to be guest rooms and bathrooms. None nearly as glamorous as hers but still had design that was pure Julian. She was beginning to see a pattern. He favored greens and golds, and other deep colors like royal blue and blood red. He also enjoyed throwing different designs around each other. One room would be so traditional she felt as if she were in the royal palace, while one room would have funky modern designs that reminded her of a Picasso painting. It almost made her laugh, seeing Julian's style come out as an interior decorator.

As he showed her the final rooms of the house, the kitchen, dinning room and movie room, Julian said very little, keeping to himself. Instead, he watched her, almost enjoying her taking in the expensive furniture and beautiful authentic paintings. She could feel his eyes on her as she looked around, but she didn't feel much more than confusion.

What was the point of having such a large house when there was just the two of them? And why make it so extravagant when she was nothing more than a prisoner. She was tired of just quietly following him around. She wanted answers.

She turned to face him. "The house is beautiful, but where are you holding my friends."

A grin split his face. "Oh, Jenny. They aren't here. You don't have to worry about that." He walked towards her, his smile only growing as she frowned. "They are somewhere where they won't distract our progress."

"Our progress? There isn't anything to improve between us Julian. You won the game. Period."

"You didn't think that now that I've won the game that I would simply force myself on you?" He almost seemed hurt at the thought. "No, Jenny, it's not over until you come to me willingly. I want your heart and devotion as much as I want you physically by my side."