Chapter: 1

Hi welcome to my Lord of the Rings fanfic thing majig. So first I'll start with the disclaimer! I do NOT own Lord of the Rings or else I would have a life signing books and be rich and all that what not. So I'm not sure if I want to do a Legolas romance thing, or have it be with a soldier. All I know is there is going to be some romance. So please review! Oh and this means thinking.

The leaves had recently fallen making every step end with a crunch. I closed my eyes taking in the smell and noises of the forest. I continued walking until a sudden horrible burning sensation over powered me. The pain was impossible to match and I could hear a distant screaming. Not a human scream, nor was it a scream in pain but a scream that was malicious and cruel sounding. As soon as the feeling had come it vanished. I gasped and fell to my knees in shock. Something was wrong. I ran towards the spot where I could hear something calling out to me in pain, in a horrible agony. As soon as I got there I saw nothing out of the ordinary. The voice calling out my name stopped, and the entire forest was silent.

"I just don't get it."

"Neither do I my child and yet I have a feeling there is more to this."

"What are we missing?"

"Only time can tell."

*Flash Forward About 2 years*

I remembered the, vision, from long ago after years it had seemed to go away but I didn't know it would happen until I was there. The battlefield was a blaze with fire that seemed to dance before my eyes leaving long shadows on the walls. The castle, my home our kingdom, everything was being destroyed. How were we going to fight an enemy so powerful and mighty? Elves I had known my short 9 years of life were dying and I couldn't do anything about it the feeling left a pit in my stomach, and even worse, the feeling of dread.



"Adriane, honey we have to go hide now let us go quickly!"

My mother grabbed me by the arm and pulled me along towards one of many hiding places that I had ran through countless times before to avoid getting into trouble, I guess that they weren't actually so secret if my mother knew about them. We arrived into a small room that we crouched in my mother forcing me to the back.

"Mother I'm scared."

"Hush little one we will be safe here."

She sounded so confident I believed her until the footsteps of soldiers came. Not our soldiers, enemy soldiers. I remembered the first time they raided our home. At first we didn't realize it as an attack they were men, they wouldn't have any quarrel with elves. We were nothing but kind to these people. But then there came more of them, and more and more. And some weren't even humans they were orcs and goblins each holding weapons made in the most terrifying place in the world. Morrdor. I snapped back into reality as one of the soldiers gabbed my mother by her hair out of the room. She retaliated with her knife that she pulled from thin air like magic. She stabbed his arm and tried to fight another but there were to many.



Blood dripped from her mouth as the blade ran right through her. She fell on to the floor her white dress turning crimson as she laid in a pool of her blood. I was so shocked and filled with terror I didn't even react when the other soldier grabbed my arm probably to do the same thing to me as he had done to my mother. Suddenly my eldest brother burst in with our soldiers. First killing the one who had grabbed my wrist and was raising the knife, then the others, one by one. I didn't much care all I could see was my mother and how quickly I had lost her. I didn't do anything. I just let her die I didn't even try to help her. I was to weak.

"Adriane! Are you ok? Adriane!"

*Fast Forward Again 13 years*

The beast reared its head and roared tearing into the flesh of the man it just dragged off. I just needed one good shot… A twig snapped and in a second it was gone. I have spent weeks hunting this thing and trying to kill it and frankly,I was ready to kill whatever made that noise and the beast along with it. I walked quietly towards the noise and saw… an old man with a grey beard, hat, and robes. Of all people... I walked into the clearing where he was oh so noisily calling my name.


"Ah! Oh! Yes there you are." I startled him making me and him jump back.

"Yes Adriane now… Have you grown, last I saw of you, you were…"


"Yes 7… Have you had those visions again?"


"I am terribly sorry about your—"

"Don't worry about it… So what brings you here?"

"Yes on to the topic of business. We are having a meeting about the… Is it safe here?"

I looked around and tried to sense any danger but there was none just the faint trail of the beast that I had been hunting but, it was long gone now.

"No, Gandalf what is—"

"I have little time here just worry about what I have to say now. The ring has been found. A council is being held in Rivendell soon and we look for your arrival there. We will need your help."

It took awhile to let the words sink in. The ring. No wonder why Gandalf was worried. I had so many questions but all that came out of my mouth was, "Pardon?"

"Yes we have no time! Rivendell is but a days journey! I am lucky to have found you so close here we must go!"

"You have the ring of power?"

"Did you not just here me? Let's go!"

Gandalf rushed to a horse that was waiting steadily for his arrival. He mounted immediately and was looking at me to hurry. I whistled for my companion who was faster than lighting and appeared in a matter of seconds I mounted her.

"Go at a steady pace girl, normal horses can't keep up."

It's not my fault they're so slow.


Fine. You owe me some more oats.


"Let us ride hastily!"

The ride lasted around 7 hours with no breaks leaving Gandalf's horse exhausted. When we reached Rivendell it was nightfall. The moon was high in the sky and Elrond was waiting at the arch for us.

"Elrond I have brought help, please pardon the late arrival."

"Yes. Miriath told me you would be coming with help… But not with a mere child."

"Please Elrond I was born in battle I am not merely a child anymore as well."

"Very much so, I have your cousin show you to your room Gandalf we must talk."

He said this in such a commanding voice we obeyed him in a silent and orderly fashion.

"Ah Adriane it has been long."

"Yes Arwen considering…"

Her face saddened at this and she beckoned me to follow her to my temporary boarding.

"I believe you have been here before so you know where everything is, we should be eating in the mess hall soon."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome and call if you need anything."

She exited the room making the only noise to be heard the closing of the door. I cleaned up and got into fresh clothes that I left in my pack that I always had ready for emergencies. I quickly and silently walked to the dining hall before I ran into anyone who I knew to avoid any unnecessary conversation. When I walked in I saw many familiar faces and some very unexpected ones as well. Some of them were others elves and Aragorn of course but then…. I saw, Hobbits? What were hobbits doing here? The most unlikely of creatures and probably one of the most peaceful, was here attending a war council? It was dumbfounding nor did it make sense. I walked towards the empty table keeping my head low and face hidden as to avoid being noticed, but of course Gandalf.

"Adriane! Come say hello!"

So much for being stealthy. A sigh escaped my mouth and I walked over reluctantly towards the group.

"Yes, yes. So Adriane meet some friends of mine."

As soon as I got closer, a wave of pain eradicated from some unseen force.

"Scuse me a minute."

I couldn't take being there any longer so I ran off somewhere far in to one of the many pavilions in Rivendell. I was shaking so uncontrollably I couldn't even stand. I sat on the floor trying to shake off that horrible evil feeling that chilled the air. What was that?

"Are you alright?" A voice asked me I looked up very slowly. I stared into blue eyes that seemed remotely concerned. It annoyed me.

"Quite fine thanks."

"Are you sure milady? Would you be in any need of assistance?"

"No as I said I am quite alright thank you." He paused looking slightly confused.

"… Would you like to accompany me to the dining hall?"

"Erh, No I am not so hungry." What was his deal? He just wouldn't stop being so polite. I got even more annoyed.

"Alright I shall leave you then."

He walked off in the direction of the dining hall. Sheesh what a pretty boy. He has said nothing but kind words to you. A small voice in my head told me. Well? Shut up. Walking back to my room was a long walk. Rather longer than I had hoped I just needed some rest then everything would be alright. I'll feel much better in the morning…