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"Okay everyone, can I have your attention for a moment," Mr Molina says, drawing our attention to where he stands beside the bus. "I just want to go over athe rules again before we leave."

I quickly pull a small notebook and pen from my pocket. Not everyone in our class seems to be paying attention so I'm confident that they will all appreciates me taking notes for them.

"Now as this is a school excursion, the same rules will apply. No smoking, no alcohol, no drugs. I reserve the right to search your packs if I suspect that you're in possession of any contraband. Understand?"

I roll my eyes and agree, obviously no-one is going to be drinking and doing drugs. With all the amazing things to see and study in the Olympic wilderness that we will be exploring, who needs to. Judging by the chuckles from my classmates behind me, I'm not the only one who thinks that rule is unnecessary and downright silly.

"Great," Mr. Molina continues. "As we will be hiking in a national park, it is important that we stick to the marked trails in order to protect the natural flora and fauna, and so that nobody gets lost, we need to stay as a group. That means no wandering off on your own and if for any reason someone needs to stop, we all have to stop. Remember that this is an overnight trip, so I expect you all to behave appropriately...Any questions?"

Nobody responds, so he quickly directs us to board the bus. Being courteous as always, I stand back and wait my turn. When I finally make my way done the aisle there are only two seats left. One is beside Bella Swan, the other is being fiercely protected by my best friend Jasper. Lurking in the aisle next to him is my twin sister Alice.

Ever since Jasper and I became friends, Alice has been following him around like a lost puppy. I often tease him about it but the older we get, the more terrified Jasper seems of her.

"Edward, quick! I saved you a seat," Jasper says frantically. I glance sadly at the other empty seat as I sit down next to Jasper. This could have been my opportunity to get closer to Bella, but I can't let my best friend down. Bros before hoes after all.

Not that Bella is a ho. Because she's not.

She's kind...

And beautiful...

And she always smells nice...

And she is way out of my league.

"I was going to sit there," Alice whines. She looks different than she did when we left the house this morning.

"Did you change clothes?" I ask. "Wait...are you wearing make-up?"

"No!" she shrieks, blushing furiously as she stomps over to Bella and sits down. I chuckle, turning to Jasper to see if he's laughing at Alice too. He's not. He's looking out the window now, blushing almost as much as she is. Weird...

With everyone settled, the door closes and we are on our way, off to explore the Olympic National Park. Although this will be my first real camping trip, as my parents are not fond of outdoor activities, I have spent weeks studying books about the region and learning wilderness survival skills in preparation.

As this excursion is mandatory, our entire senior biology class is going. Looking around at everyone, I don't think I've ever seen such a diverse range of students on one bus before.

Towards the front of the bus sit Bella, Alice, Angela Weber and her boyfriend Ben Cheney. As well as working on the school newspaper, they are also responsible for organising every school dance, fundraiser and pep rally. They are truly the engine that keeps our little school running.

Across the aisle from me are Eric Yorkie and Tyler Crowley, quite possibly the happiest people in Forks. I always see them smiling and laughing, even now. They must be really excited to go on this trip, as I often see them coming out of the woods behind the school smelling of damp and smoke. Maybe after I've put my wilderness skills into practice, they might ask me to join them one day.

At the back of the bus sit the jocks and their groupies. I say groupies because although our school is big enough to field a football team, there is no official cheerleading squad. So the popular girls, Jessica Stanley, Rosalie Hale and Victoria Sutherland, follow the team from game to game as their unofficial cheerleaders. They must take their supportive role seriously as I've witnessed them being affectionate, even intimate, with all the members of the team at one time or another, sometimes at the same time.

The jocks in our class, Emmett McCarthy, James Witherdale, Mike Newton and Laurent De Revin, are really great guys, always pulling pranks on me at school. Like the time they glued all my books into my locker, that was a good one. Or the time after gym when they stole all my clothes? Hysterical! I'm constantly thinking of a great way to prank them back. I bet they'd love that, those crazy practical jokers. Sure, not everyone appreciates their sense of humor, but as the principal always says, "boys will be boys".

Finally, there's Jasper and I. We don't really fit into any group, but I like to think that we're friends with everyone. We met in the nurses office on the first day of the fifth grade, I had gotten a nosebleed and he was recovering from an asthma attack. Bonding over our shared love of video games and comics, we've been best friends since.

The aged bus slowly grinds to a halt outside the visitors center and everyone clambers to get out when the doors finally open. We gather our packs and maps, and with some last minute instructions, Mr. Molina leads us towards the marked path to our campsite.

Well there you have it, the first chapter...

But I'm thinking that there are WAAAY too many characters. So I'd like to know who you would get rid of? And why? The most popular (or should I say unpopular) choice will be taken out...literally!