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"You're not calling anyone!" Booth said, angry that two men could so quickly confound him. He was also very furious that Castiel was claiming to be an angel.

"I thought I could call a lawyer?" Dean said, phrasing his question at a demand. Booth groaned; Dean had him there.

"Yeah, fine. But first we gotta get you down to a holding cell. And a an interrogation room." Booth conceded, moving to uncuff the handcuffs from the chair and onto Dean's other hand.

"Listen, I don't know how you know about our case, and I sure as Hell don't know how you managed to make me spit it out like that, but I do know one thing: You're not an angel." Booth asserted to Cas, "Angels don't wear fucking trench coats."

"Actually this is just my vessel, Jimmy Nov-" Cas began, but Booth cut him off by handcuffing him with the spare pair he kept. Indignant, Cas stood straight up. Dean chuckled. This was surely the first time the angel had ever been handcuffed.

"Dude, why don't you just mojo us outta here?" Dean asked his companion, ignoring the others escorting them.

"Because, Dean," Castiel began, "We need their help on the case. This way we have already made contact rather than having to walk in here demanding their help with no way in. If I used my 'mojo' to get us out than we will be set back." Dean could see Cas attempting to make air quotes with his handcuffed hands.

"Why do we need the FBI anyway…" Dean grumbled, and Cas just smirked at the other man's independence, realizing it was rhetorical.

Booth was just confused while he listened to the two men. They were obviously close; they interacted as best friends- or more- would. They seemed to have shared delusions of religious importance… Sweets would have a field day with them. It was rather late at night- or extremely early in the morning- so Booth called Sweets to tell him to meet him at the office.

"Hey, Sweets. Yeah, I know what time it is, but we got to people here who need you to do your shrinky thing on them. It'll be easier if you just come out to the FBI Headquarters and do it. One of them was burning the bones from two days ago. Great, see ya Sweets." Booth hung up to see Dean and Cas looking over their shoulders at him. Booth was in the back of the two and Brennan stood in front.

"Dude, no shrinks." Dean said gruffly.

"Maybe it's best if you see a psychologist, Dean. I believe it could help you." Cas spoke up fearlessly.

"Cas, Why the Hell would I need to see a goddamned shrink?" Dean demanded, turning all of his attention to Cas now. Booth was once again on the outside of their conversation, forgotten by the two. He saw Castiel visibly flinch at the blasphemation. Odd, Booth thought, If Castiel really is an angel, then why is he letting Dean talk to him like that? Shouldn't he be dust in the wind by now?

"Dean, perhaps with the help of an outside opinion you will be able to realize how truly wonderful you are, rather than spending each day regretful." Castiel responded, and Dean turned pink and tried to hide a smile.

"Dude…" Dean complained, obviously embarrassed at the public compliment, but he couldn't hide his smile very well.

"I only say this because I care about you, Dean." Castiel assured Dean, and Dean's grin grew as the man blond man lovingly bumped the other man's shoulder with his own.

Booth, seeing this conversation take place, realized that maybe this relationship was more than just friends. As they neared the Booth's car, Booth decided that surely this man was not an angel. What kind of angel would be in a relationship with not only a human, but another man?

"I assure you I am an angel, Agent Booth. God does not care about matters of the heart, only that you are moral and just." Castiel answered Booth's unanswered question as Booth opened the car door for the two men in handcuffs, and Booth fought a rising embarrassed flush.

When Dean and Cas sat down, Booth uncuffed a hand and locked the cuff to the door for both men. Now with a hand free, Dean put his arm around Castiel and Cas leaned into the half embrace. As Brennan and Booth got into the car, Dean kissed the top of shorter man's head and shot Booth a look, as if to say, 'watcha gon' do 'bout it?' (in a very sassy way, of course).

Booth just shook his head in disbelief and Brennan smiled a little bit. A sharp tone rang out and Brennan checked her phone.

"Sweets is in his car; he's about ten minutes away." the woman said, speaking for the first time in a while. Booth nodded and grunted something that sounded like 'good'.

When they finally pulled into the FBI headquarters, Sweets was there to meet them. His eyes widened at the sight of the two men, whose handcuffs had been reattached properly and were currently being led out of the car.

"So these are the guys you called me out of bed at 3 AM to talk to?" Sweets asked, obviously annoyed. Booth ignored Sweets's annoyance and led the small party into the building, unlocking the doors. (AN: IDK whether or not the main FBI office is like 24/7 or what, so I'm gonna guess it's not seeing as how it's not DQ or Taco Bell) He went into the interrogation room and unlocked Dean and Cas's handcuffs before leaving them in there so Booth could talk to Sweets.

"Go see if you can get their names- their real names. The brunet's name is apparently Castiel. the blond one's first name is Dean, so he says. He think he's an angel." Booth spat out.

"Dean thinks he's an angel?" Sweets asked, confused that the less angelically named of the two would think he's an angel.

"No, Castiel does." Booth huffed, and Sweets nodded before entering the room. Cas and Dean had both sat down at this point, Dean's arm around Castiel protectively once again. Sweets noticed it right of the bat and immediately surmised they were dating.

"Dean, Castiel… Sorry for bringing you out here so late." Sweets said, trying to lighten the mood.

"Sorry for burning a body so late." Dean responded, and Castiel tried to hide his smirk with a disapproving glare. Dean grinned in his boyfriend's direction, and Sweets chuckled.

"Yes… Why were you doing that?" Sweets asked. Dean glanced at Castiel with a question in his eyes, and Cas gave the other man a nearly imperceptible nod. So they're close enough to understand each other without words… Sweets thought.

"See, Cas here says you're gonna help us with the latest case, so I goes I'm s'posed to tell you the truth. I was burning the body to get rid of the ghost of the dead lady." Dean continued before Sweets could call him delusional, "There's been a pattern. This killer keeps creating ghosts to leave behind. Now, he's gotta be doin something to make this happen, cuz not all of these people are gonna be choosing the vengeful route, even if they all got murdered. Statistics don't match up." Dean then turned to Cas, "Show him some mojo to prove it, babe." Sweets couldn't suppress his eyebrow raise, try as he might, at the man's odd request. He, however, said nothing about it.

Suddenly then lights started to flicker, and thunder that was so loud it sounded as though it was from within the room itself started. One of the lightbulbs blew out before it all stopped suddenly.

"We need your help." The angel demanded, "God commands it." Dean stifled a laugh.

"Well, technically your boss's boss, king of the dick angels, commands it, cuz God's kinda a no show right now." Dean joked, earning him a real disapproving glare.

"What the Hell was that?" Booth demanded, bursting into the room. Sweets was still shell shocked.

"It was my grace. I was proving Dean's claim to Lance by showing some 'mojo'" Castiel answered, using the air quotes as usual.

"What…?" Booth trailed off when the dark haired man disappeared. Dean chuckled at something behind Booth.

"Agent Booth." Castiel called solemnly, and Booth whirled around at the sound. Sweets jumped in his seat.

"I believe we have some things to discuss." Sweets squeaked out. Dean agreed with the man, and repeated his earlier request.

"Exactly. Now can I call Sammy?"

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