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Entering the Impala and pulling out into the road, Dean thought. Sam was in the back working on research and Cas was in the passenger seat, lovingly twisting his fingers through Dean's hair. He had chosen to take the car with them rather than flitting around at Dean's insistence.

Dean thought about the case and Sams health. No matter how hard he attempted to hide it, Dean could tell Sam was sick. He decided to leave it, surmising it was just remnants of the bug since Cas hadn't deemed it necessary to bring up. If Sam was seriously ill, then Cas would register it and let Dean know.

Dean also thought about the case. He realized it had to be something witchy or magicy, but all of the other killings had been ritualistic. This new one didn't follow any established patterns nor did it complete the previous established pattern. If there had been one more eight themed killing, Dean would have assumed it was a multi-step plan. This was baffling. Frustrated, Dean frowned a little. Cas noticed and moved his hand to the nape of Dean's neck, attempting to calm his boyfriend. Cas looked over to the taller man.

"What's wrong?" he asked quizzically, tilting his head in an ever-so-Cas manner. Dean's frown lightened up a little; he was pleased his angel had noticed his tenseness. Without removing his eyes from the road, Dean explained his confusion. Maybe Cas could help or maybe he had heard of something similar before.

"This new killing… It's not connected. I doubt there's any rituals or anything… Look, it's a witch, or something along those lines. This new killing? Not connected? Possibly not even a part of the spell-" Dean's phone rang in the midst of explaining.

"Ugh." Dean groaned, "Could you get that?" Cas nodded, picking up the phone and bringing it to his ear, slightly uncomfortably. It seems so strange that people live without hearing each other's minds. Though it is true that the frequency is getting less loud, so I suppose I could fathom it. Ever since I came here with Dean it's been near silent. Cas thought, straining himself for a moment in an attempt to hear his brothers and sisters. Nothing. Cas sighed and pressed the talk button.

"Dean's phone." he rumbled, waiting for the caller to speak. Castiel heard a cough on the other end and a jumbled mess of nervous squeaks. Obviously this was Agent Booth; the man seemed so nervous around Cas. He was a devout man; he probably felt out of place or like he should be worshipping Cas. Castiel smirked at Dean, thinking I wonder if I'd love Dean the way I do if he acted like that around me. I doubt I wouldn't like him at all if he acted like Booth.

"Agent Booth?" Castiel sighed, annoyed at the supposed professional's reaction. He didn't act like that in person; Castiel reasoned it was the shock of talking on the phone with an angel.

"Erm, yes, Castiel. Uhm, update: Brennan told me the killer knew the newest victim. They got audio of the video of Jane Emsery recognizing someone. I think the killer might be at her workplace." Booth reported, freaked out that he was talking to an angel on the phone. Shouldn't angels do something more impressive than use the telephone? Like project their voices into your head, Joan of Arc style? Granted, Brennan was always going on about how it was reasonable to surmise Joan of Arc had frontal lobe epilepsy, but still.

"Great. We're on our way to the elementary school she worked at." Dean spoke up; Cas had put them on speaker phone.

"Actually, I think I'd better go alone. We don't want to freak the killer out and she may've heard of you guys before." Booth suggested, hoping the men would agree. He didn't want to start some weird magical fight in the middle of an elementary school.

"Bobby just sent me an email- there's a demonic possession in D.C. We should go check that out while Booth does that." Sam said to Dean and Cas, reminding both of the men that the giant was still in the car. He'd been silent most of the ride.

"Good plan, Sammy. Hear that Booth? We'll take care of that, you go talk to the teachers." Dean said to the phone. Booth agreed, and they hung up.

"So where's the demon we're gankin'?"

The two men and one angel pulled up to the suburban house. A man just over six feet tall with bright red hair and a smattering of freckles stepped out. He was thin and lanky, and ran quickly to the Impala, tapping on the window. The men got out of the car to speak to the frantic man.

"Bobby said he'd send somebody. There was a werewolf at my office a few years ago and I helped out with killing it. The hunters then left his number in case I needed any help with any other supernatural stuff. M'name's Fred Weasley." Fred stuck out his hand, and Dean shook it.

"I'm Dean Winchester and that's my brother, Sam. This here's Cas. Where's the demon, Fred?" Dean asked, getting right to business. Fred led them inside as he told them what happened.

"It's in my daughter. Tiny girl to begin with, and not a very powerful demon it seems, 'cause I managed to knock her down with some holy water I keep around and tied her up pretty easily. I just don't know any exorcisms and sure as Hell don't wanna try on my own daughter, so Bobby said he'd send you." Fred led them into the room where an empty chair stood. Ropes lay on the floor around the chair.

"Shit." Fred said before a loud clang was heard and the others turned around to see Fred on the floor, a small red headed girl beside him with a frying pan. Her eyes flicked black for a moment when she saw the hunters and angel.

"Winchesters… I heard you and your little pet angel were in town." the demon taunted, and Dean began reciting the exorcism without hesitation. The demon hissed and proceeded toward Dean, but before he would have to fight a little- albeit possessed- girl, Sam got in the way attempting to block him. The girl laughed and threw the huge man at the wall. Sam got up quickly but quickly crumpled back to the ground- he had sprained his ankle very badly. Castiel attempted to put his hand on the girl's forehead to burn out the demon, but nothing happened. Cas withdrew his hand from her forehead, looking at his palm in confusion.

Dean finished the exorcism before the little girl could go any further, and black smoke spewed from the child's mouth. She crumpled on the ground next to her father. Castiel walked over to Sam and healed his ankle then walked back to the father and daughter and roused them, healing Fred. When Sam stood up he could tell Cas hadn't finished the job; a shooting but ignorable pain hit him with every step, but Sam didn't say anything. He had only succeeded in awakening the other people; it was obvious Fred had a concussion from his dilated pupils. Castiel looked enormously confused. Before he could bring it up, however, the girl realized she was awake.

"Daddy!" she squealed, running to her slightly stumbling father and hugging him tightly. The redhead smiled deeply.

"Ginny! I'm so glad you're safe!" Fred turned to the hunters, "Thank you so much. I'm not sure how I could've explained that to her mother…" Dean chuckled and the three men said goodbye, heading out to the Impala.

It had managed to become late already, and the trio decided it was best to hit the motel. Dean called Booth and let him know that the demon was taken care of and that they'd meet the others in the morning for more updates. When he hung up with Booth, Dean flicked his eyes over to Cas in the passenger seat.

"Cas… What happened to your angel mojo?" Dean asked cautiously, and Castiel grimaced. He'd been wondering the same thing.

"I'm not sure. I couldn't fully heal anyone or remove the demon. I also haven't been hearing much on the 'angel radio'." Cas said, using his trademark air quotes, "I thought the angels were just being quiet, but now I'm not so sure…" Dean nodded sadly.

"Do you think it's got something to do with the case?" Dean asked, and Cas just nodded solemnly.

"I wanna try something. We're goin out to the city limits." Dean said, continuing on the road. Cas looked puzzled, but went along with it. Sam said nothing.

The Impala crossed the city limits and everything was normal for a few moments. After a little while the Impala and its contents started to fade until they disappeared.

When Dean noticed they were about to pass the city limits sign again, he swore and they stopped and turned around back toward the motel.

"We're trapped." Dean guessed, "This whole thing was a trap." Castiel just sat in quiet contemplation until they reached the motel.

"There's been a veil placed over the town. Veils sap an angel's grace quickly and keep specified people inside." Castiel finally spoke up when Dean parked, drawing the two brothers' attention.

"What's that mean?" Dean asked, curious and worried. Cas grimaced before he spoke, wiggling in his seat and answering Dean's question.

"It means… It means we can't leave. And it means that by tomorrow morning, I'll no longer be an angel." Dean sighed and turned to his lover.

"I'm sorry Cas. We'll fix it." Dean promised, feeling guilty he was looking forward to a human Cas.

"I'm not sure I want to. At least this way I can fall without losing my memories. And without the pain." Castiel smiled faintly, and Dean felt his heart rocket in his chest.

"Why do you say that like you were going to fall either way?" Dean asked, holding his breath. Castiel smirked at his worried boyfriend.

"Why do you think?" he smiled, leaning in to kiss his grinning beloved. Before they could make contact, however, Sam coughed and opened his door.

"Well, on that note," he started, gathering his stuff and sliding out, "I think I'll go inside and do some more research." Sam coughed, this time involuntarily, and hustled out of the car, Dean calling after him.

"Bye, Sammy!" his older brother yelled, not moving his face from the soon to be ex-angel before him. Cas smiled again, and leaned in to kiss his hunter passionately.

Sam hurried into the motel and went directly to the bathroom, dry heaving until blood started to splatter the toilet water red. When it was finally over, Sam leaned against the sink and grimaced, wiping his mouth and flushing the bloody water down the disgusting motel toilet. Sam realized his health was getting worse and worse, but he couldn't bare to drag his cmopanions into it. It will pass. He kept telling himself that, doing his best to ignore it like he ignored his still painful ankle sprain.

It will pass.

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