SO, way back in 2010, somebody excitedly pointed out that there was a new Golden Sun game coming out which got me all excited which prompted happy flails from the both of us and also this cracktastic crossover idea. Somehow. For the next year, we wrote and swapped little ficlets before RL/disinterest/what-have-you demanded our attention elsewhere and this fell to the wayside. Only now is it being dusted off, polished, and posted.

I will only be posting what I wrote here while my partner in crime is posting her half on her account. You can find the link in my profile.

Chapters will be posted as I edit them. They will also not be in chronological order for the most part because we didn't write them in any sort of order. Hey, it's more fun like that.

"ARRG! Get it off, get it off, get it off!"

Several mechs looked up in surprise as Ironhide's shouting permeated the hallway leading to the rec room, but they weren't alarmed. Raised voices carried surprisingly far in the corridors of the Ark and, aside from Ratchet, Ironhide's voice could be heard almost on a daily basis from any level. They'd almost gone back their business when the shouting continued instead of dwindled away. Most hastily stood up from their seats, intently listening. They all charged out in alarm when Ironhide's shouting took on a new level of volume, quickly followed by ominous sounding KA-clangs.

They didn't know what to think, however, when they did find Ironhide. The security mech was flailing about in the middle of the hallway, hands randomly groping his frame as increasingly creative curses continued to fall from his vocalizer.

"Errr, you alright there, Ironhide?" Bumblebee cautiously asked. He couldn't see anything physically wrong that could possible be causing Ironhide's very odd behavior.

"NO, everythang's not 'alright'!" Ironhide shouted back and then slammed his back up against the closest wall. He released a high-pitched yelp a moment afterwards. "Aw, fraggit all, that tickles yah little cretin!"

Just as Sideswipe was commenting that maybe someone should comm. Ratchet, Ironhide had clearly lost what few processors he had left after all these years, the cause of Ironhide's strange actions popped up into view. Literally.

In the junction where Ironhide's helm connected to the rest of his frame, a little red something wiggled its way out from in between the wires and tubes. Ironhide spat curses as the creature jumped out and stuck a perfect landing on top of the red mech's protruding chest. It was tiny in comparison to the rest of them and yet it seemed completely unfazed to be surrounded by beings many, many times its' size and mass.

"I'm a fire Djinni. The name's Core," it said without preamble and didn't seem to care about the multitude of flummoxed gapes it got for speaking. "And I was trying to take a nap. So, if you'll excuse me." It made to jump back into Ironhide's wiring.

Ironhide, predictably, had a problem with this. "Now hold on just a klik, there!" He quickly blocked off access to his throat with a hand. "Who gave yah permission ta take a stasis nap in mah circuits? Ah know Ah didn't! Just where did you come from anyway?"

The Djinni sounded bored as it replied. "I came out of the volcano like the rest of the Djinn. You're an Adept and you're warm. That's all I need." It skillfully slipped between the sizable gaps of Ironhide's fingers to once again burrow into the wiring in his neck. Ironhide didn't dare plunge his fingers after it to try and fish the little creature out. Instead he settled for an angry grumble as he glared at the mechs still gathered around him.

"So," Smokescreen piped up from near the back of the surrounding gaggle, "does this mean that you get to join in with Ratchet and his little bundle of joy in saving the world now?"

"Erg. Primus save us all."