Ash walked cheerfully side-by side with his pikachu, and his friends Iris, Axew, Cilan, and Pansage. They were on their way to Ash's house to surprise his mom, Delia. Deciding to go home to Kanto, Iris and Cilan had tagged along for their own reasons, Cilan to see the world, and Iris to meet other dragon types.

They were just coming into sight of Pallet Town. Ash was about to jump out and surprise Delia, when, he spotted his mother out front talking to two others about her age. A man and a woman, the woman was short, had long blonde hair, and big yellow eyes. The man was tall, had raven hair just like him, and intense red eyes. The woman was speaking, and Iris pulled him down behind a boulder.

"…and we're considering building a permanent house in Viridian Forest or on Mt. Silver instead of lodging with the other holders or staying in Pokémon Centers. Anyway, enough about us. What's been happening with you?"

Delia laughed nervously. "Oh no, nothing new! Ash set out on his journey, and has been to quite a few regions, though. He's been quite busy."

The man nodded. "Multiple? Won any Pokémon Leagues?"

Delia winced. "No, but he came awfully close a few times… "

The man looks sad, or maybe disappointed. "Aw well, he'll get there eventually. I know he will. Out of curiosity, what was his first pokémon?"

"Well, he… woke up late when his alarm clock broke, and he missed all of the starters to Gary and his friends."

The man sighed. "Then how did he get a Pokémon?"

The woman looked concerned about something else. "Was his parents there?"

Delia shook her head. "No, why?"

The woman shook her head. "Those… stupid… when will they ever finish with their work to take care of their son?"

Delia frowned, and turned to the man. "Well, it wasn't a total loss. He got the pikachu that hatched from the egg you two donated. They had some trouble at first, but now they're inseparable!"

The man nodded, satisfied. The woman spoke up. "I knew we did the right thing, Delia, letting you adopt him. He never would have gotten far with this oaf of a father."

The man looked offended. "Hey!"

Delia looked relieved. "So… you're not taking him away?"

The woman looks surprised. "No! He doesn't even know us, and he thinks you're his birth mother! We would never do that!"

Delia sighs. "Phew… thank you, Red, Yellow. That's a relief."

Then, to Ash's shock, the man, who he figured was Red, turned and fixed his intent crimson orbs that were probably his namesake on the boulder. "You three can come out now."

Wide-eyed, (and Ash feeling like he just took a slap to the face) all three stepped out of the cover of the rock.

"How did you know?!" Iris demanded.

Red donned a small smile. "You don't go through what I've gone through without getting a good sense of… well, getting these hunches."

Cilan seemed stunned, like he's about to blow a fuse and start crying and start laughing at the same time.

Two pikachu ran out of the undergrowth, and Ash's pikachu bounded over to them curiously.

Yellow walks over, examining Ash head-to-toe. "You're so big."

Red just stared. Finally, he spoke once again. "Do you have a Pokédex?"

Ash just nodded.

His father smiled. "Then we'll be seeing you soon once again."

And with that statement, he walked away, waving to all four, arm around his wife.

"Pika! Chuchu!… goodbye, Ash." As she left, she smiled.

After they left, the remaining four looked at one another. Then Cilan spoke up. "Was… was that the legendary trainers Yellow and Red? Pokédex holders, Red the Kanto Champion and Yellow the Viridian Rareborn?"

Delia nodded, and turned to Ash. "…I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. Please don't be mad at me!"

He blinked a few times, then smiled. "Yeah, I forgive you. But you have a lot of explaining to do…"

Sol: Like it? It popped onto my head. And, in case you're wondering, Gary is Blue and Green's son.

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