The Meeting

"Why are you guys at my family reunion?"
All of the kids stared at her, incredulous. Finally, Lyra and Ethan broke the silence.
"This is a family reunion?" Lyra had shouted it while Ethan had stated it firmly. They both glared at each other.
May looked surprised. "It had never said anything about a family reunion in the letter… it just said to come here at 3:00. It was really cryptic."
The others all nodded in agreement.
Gary frowned, "Did it say anything about a family reunion in you letter?"
"Well, no, but…"
They heard a shout in the distance. "Aaa! Why am I always late?!"
Gary's eyes widened. "Aww, no, he's here too?"
Ash emerged from the bushes, falling on his face.
May blinked. "Ash?!"
The boy stood up, brushing himself off. "Gary?" He asked, looking around. "May? Max? Lyra? Dawn? Barry?!" Then he looked at Ethan. "And who are you?"
Lyra recovered quick, "Ash! You're here too? And you know all these people?"
He nodded, pointing again to Ethan. "Who's that?"
"Oh yeah, that's my super-serious and annoying twin brother, Ethan."
"I'm not annoying, and someone has to be serious between the two of us."
"Yeah, yeah."
"Why are you guys here?" Asked Ash. "I'm here because Mom told me that while I was visiting Misty, Red and Yellow had come over to tell me to come here."
"We all got cryptic letters or e-mails, or our parents just told us to be here." Gary said. "And, you're not late, it's only 2:45."

The silhouette in the sky that had just roared swooped down, dropping two people off, a boy and a girl.
"Whew! We made it! C'mon, Rosa, it's not that big of a drop."
"Nate, you know I'm scared of heights! I would have taken the Royal Unova Kanto Tour here if you'd told me we'd be flying…"
"That's exactly why I didn't tell you!" Nate grinned cheekily. "Hydriegon, return!"
The giant dragon-like pokemon disappeared in a flash of light.
Rosa then noticed the others. "Hey, you guys must be the other kids we were told about! I'm Rosa, and my big dunderhead of a boyfriend here is Nate."
"Hey, I'm not a dunderhead-"
"Yes, you are. Anyway, you guys are?"
They quickly introduced themselves. Rosa like Pikachu especially. ("We don't have these in Unova!")
"Well, it's nice to meet you all. Right, Nate?"
He nodded his head quickly.
"Good. Anyway, what time is it?"
Gary checked his pokégear. "2:55."
Then they heard a big crash from inside the gym.

Ash, stupid as he is, rushed in without a second thought. "It's probably Team Rocket! Pikachu, prepare to use thunderbolt!"
The others (besides Rosa, Nate, and Ethan) shook their heads. They went in after him.
The scene in front of them was comical, to say the least. A guy who looked a lot like Ethan was suspended by his pants, hanging from the ceiling, with a woman like Lyra was rushing about in a panic. A big cart that had been wheeling a just-as-big cake had ended up on its side, and the cake had ended up on a blond man and his blue-black haired friend, both of whom were wearing scarves. (Barry had choked out a small, "Dad!") A man with red eyes who looked suspiciously like Ash was staring on shock at a pile of broken glass all around him, and a short, yellow-haired and eyed woman was giving a talking-to to a woman who looked like a tough May, who looked ashamed, not to mention scared for her life. Another red-eyed man, who this time was wearing a hat, was helping the yellow-haired woman. A Gary-like man had a hand on his face in a face-palm, and an extremely pretty woman was sitting, exhausted, in a chair. A small blond guy was rushing around while snickering, a man with similarities to Nate was cracking up to the point of tears, a woman with similarities to Rosa was attempting to shove a musharna onto his head, which wasn't doing anything except making him laugh harder, which was in turn making her laugh. An older Dawn was just standing in a doorway in the back, staring open mouthed at the chaos.
"… it's your fault for giving Red the glasses, you knew they were fragile, and I told you that his hands were acting up, and you still gave them to him… and Red, you! Why did you accept them?!"
"Yellow, I just wanted to help, and since when did you become, so… motherly?"
Yellow blinked and said, "How in Mew's name did Gold end up on the ceiling?"
Gold, hearing shook his head. "Even I don't know."
Then, they seemed to realize that they were standing in the doorway. Yellow ran up to them. "Blue! They're here!"
She turned to them. "Hey… um, I should let Blue do the explaining…"
The woman in the chair got up, muttering and shooting dirty looks at Yellow.
"Welcome to the first annual two-generation Dex Holders meeting…" Blue see,ed half-hearted. Until, however, she saw Gary.
She wrapped him in a hug, sobbing. "Gary! Oh, I missed you so much… I'm sorry I haven't been able to see you…"
Gary scowled, and shoved her away. "Where have you been all these years?! You left me alone for ten years! I'm sixteen now! Ten whole years! You were away on business all that time! Tell me your excuse, and I'll deem it fit or not!"
Blue seemed shocked, and ran over to the Gary look-alike. "Green…"
He walked over. "Gary, we are very sorry. But don't take your anger out on your mother. It's my fault."
Gary blinked.
Green continued. "Gary, despite what you think, we have had very good reason to be away. It takes longer than you'd think, rounding up a regrowing criminal organization. I take it you had trouble with Team Rocket on you journey? Well, it would have been much worse if me and your mother hadn't been away, capturing them. So, what do you think of our 'excuse'?"
Gary looked away. "I'm sorry." He whispered. "But you still should have told me!"
The red-eyed man, aptly named Red, walked over and ruffled Gary's hair. "Yep, that's still the same stubborn Gary!"
Then, a red haired man with silver eyes walked in, saying, "What did I miss?"

It wasn't as exciting as one would think, at least at first. They spent the whole first half cleaning Green's gym up. It was hilarious getting Gold down, though, for the whole way down (via Yellow's telekenisis) he was screaming like a little girl. Neither Emerald nor Silver would ever let him forget that.
And then it was time for proper reunions.
It had started with Red, Yellow, and Ash (Gary, Green, and Blue had already gone). Though, it was extremely awkward, ("So, um… how are you doing?") for they all seemed uncomfortable, especially since Red and Yellow had been visiting Gary. (Ash was a bit ticked off by that.)
Since Nate, Rosa, Lyra, and Ethan had grown up with their parents, it was agreed that they didn't need to talk to their parents more then needed.
The Hoenns were amusing, as Ruby and Sapphire had argued over who would hug them first. They came to the agreement that they could both hug them at the same time. Then who would hug who first. In the end, Ruby hugged May first and Sapphire hugged Max first, and then they switched.
Max looked up, "You'll be home more often now, right?"
Ruby nodded at the same time as Sapphire. "Promise."

Dawn, having finally processed that her parents were back and mother alive, burst into tears.

At the end, there was announcements.
Red and Yellow stood up. "We've decided to move to Pallet Town. We've bought a house already."
"And there's another house on sale, perfect for three…" Yellow, while saying this, shot a look at Blue and Green.
Black and White stood up. "Me and White have been dating for a while now, and we've decided to get married!"
Rosa and Nate shot up, both shouting, "WHAT?!"
"But… but… then me and Rosa will be siblings according to law, and…"
White laughed. "Don't worry, we already worked that out. Since you guys don't have a common parent, then you guys can not be siblings!"
While Black and Nate stared at her as if she was speaking Pokétounge, Rosa nodded.
"Makes sense."

And luckily, Dia and Pearl had made an extra cake.

Sol: I know, horrible ending. I didn't know how to end this…
This story was inspired by the fact that Ash and Red look alike, and thank the fact that they gave Ash an eye color. I thought that his eyes looks orange, and red and yellow mixed makes orange, and, poof!
Thanks for reading!
G'syr: thank you for sticking with me and Sol through this series, even though we should have been writing Reborn Phoenix…
Thank you once again.

Yellow bustled around the house, sweeping the floor and cooking dinner at the same time (thank Arceus for telekinesis).
Yellow jumped, then rushed over to the door, opening it for a beautiful brunette.
"Oh, hello, Blue! Come in, come in!"
"Thanks, Yellow. You're a lifesaver."
"It's not a problem. Anyway, what did I just save your life from?"
"Green forcing me to help him help the movers move boxes into our new house."
Yellow's eyes widened in delight. "Finally! I thought the day would never come."
"Well, it does help that we need extra space now that Gary's moving in… and, I'm pregnant!"
The blonde stifled a shriek. "Oh! Oh, Blue, that's fantastic! How long have you known? Is it a boy or a girl?!"
Blue giggled. "I've known for a couple months. It's a girl, too! Finally! And, since Green picked the name last time, it's my turn to pick. I'm naming her Leaf."
"That's a beautiful name!"
Blue looked at Yellow carefully all of a sudden. "… Yellow, are you also pregnant?"
Yellow glanced down. "… Yes! I forgot! I think Red's rubbing off on me. It's a boy."
"Yellow, that's amazing. You've finally deemed Red ready for fatherhood!"
"His name's going to be Fire. Ash's going to have to be ready for a brother…"