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"How do you deal with all of this?" T.K had once asked his brother, on a sunny afternoon when they were alone, the routine of saving the world at a standstill for a moment.

As if being one of the Digidestined weren't burden enough, Matt was also very different from the other kids his age. At fifteen, he tried to live as normal a life as possible, but that was hard when you had to stick yourself with a needle everyday.

Matt remembered it all very well, like a movie that played itself over and over in his mind. How his mother had struggled to learn how to manage his disease while caring for his two-year-old brother; how his father had been too busy to take the time to learn, and how he himself had taken up the responsibility at the young age of five.

That's when the fights started—the blame that his parents pushed upon each other consumed their lives. Matt was to this day pretty sure that his Diabetes was one of the biggest factors that led to his parents' divorce when he was seven.

For his mother, all hope for a perfect first child had been cruelly shattered. For his father, it was a constant reminder that somehow, he had failed as a parent. Both of these beliefs were severely misguided. A five year-old was too young to be saddled with the task of following a restricted diet and sticking to their shot schedule, but neither of his parents could find the strength to carry it for him.

His parents' feelings were one of the reasons Matt decided to keep the truth about his disease from his friends—it wasn't until he could no longer hide it that they ever found out.

It was not shame or fear that distanced Nancy and Hiroaki from their son—it was guilt. Eleven years had done a lot to assuage that guilt, their family had come to terms with the hand they had been dealt. But still, what remained of Matt's carefree childhood had been forcibly taken, and acceptance was no comfort for someone who had to grow up too fast.

"I grit and bear it," Matt answered simply.

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