The Wayward Princess

written by LDEJRuff

Chapter 1: Metamorphosis

This fan fiction tells what happened to Princess Tatiana during her being captured by the cobra in "Once Upon a Timon".

The story began long ago in an ordinary meerkat colony. The back gate was unprotected (Timon Berkowitz abandoned his guard post so he could get ready for his date with Tatiana, the Duke Meerkat's daughter). This was the perfect opportunity for a cobra to slither into the colony. The cobra broke open the gate, scaring many of the locals. Eventually, it slithered to the Duke's castle, where Fred, who was guarding it, slept on the job.

"State your name and purpose for visit," Fred said, thinking the cobra was a local.

The cobra snapped the helmet off Fred's head with its tongue.

"Hey!" Fred shouted, irritated. He then saw the cobra, staring at him menacingly. "Holy…oh…" he said, voice shaking, and then ran away screaming.

Inside her room, Tatiana was busy painting a lovely picture with bugs in a cornucopia. The cobra broke open the door, capturing her with its tail, and slithered out of the colony with her unconscious. However, Tatiana woke up, miles away from the colony, wondering what happened.

"Huh? Where am I?" she began. "What's going on?" Then, she saw that she was wrapped around the cobra's long body.

Eventually, she succeeded in breaking free of the wrappings, and started running back to the colony. The cobra began chasing her.

"Yes!" Tatiana said. "I'm coming home, father! Your sugarplum is coming home!"

However, she stopped short while being trapped in a net. A hunchbacked man picked up the net and gave a happy chuckle.

"At last," he said. "I, Dr. Cagliostro, have collected a specimen to test my Metamorphitron with. Soon, my little weasel," he continued, to Tatiana, "you are going to become beautiful."

"But," Tatiana started, "I already am beautiful."

"Not to worry, my lovely," Dr. Cagliostro replied. "I will make you even more beautiful."

That night, while inside his laboratory in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Cagliostro called to his assistant. "Torgo, bring the lovely subject in."

His assistant, Torgo, who looked like a gargantuan creature with a tooth-shaped head and bolts on his neck, carried Tatiana into the room. "Torgo obey," he said.

"Well, little one," Dr. Cagliostro began. "Are you ready to become even more beautiful?"

"But Doc," Tatiana started. "I really have to get home. My father, the Duke, will be so worried if he finds me missing."

"No matter, my dear," Dr. Cagliostro replied. "Once you are transformed into an even-more beautiful creature in my Metamorphitron, your father would be surprised to see how more beautiful you've become. Torgo," he said to his assistant, "put her into the Metamorphitron."

Torgo does so, and the Metamorphitron activates. Lights flashed inside the machine, and Tatiana's screams can be heard inside it. Once the process was done, the door opened. Dr. Cagliostro then looked dumbfounded at what he saw; drops of sweat rolling down his face.

"What?" Tatiana asked.

"Little one," he started, "you're not going to like what you see in the mirror."

Tatiana does look in the mirror, and she saw that she had become an ugly creature with inverted pupils in her eyes and a snake-like body. She was horrified at her appearance.

"Ahhhhh! I'm ugly!" she shouted. "Look what you did to me!"

The cobra, which had followed Dr. Cagliostro earlier, looked in through an open window, and was horrified to look at what Tatiana had just become. It then reacted in disgust and ran away.

"It's okay," Dr. Cagliostro said. "I can fix this. All I have to do is reverse the process, and you'll be back to your regular-old beautiful self."

"Well, you better," Tatiana said, menacingly.

"Torgo," he started, quickly, to his assistant, "put her back in the Metamorphitron."

"Torgo obey," Torgo replied. Then, he put Tatiana back into the Metamorphitron.

Dr. Cagliostro set the procedure to reverse. Finally, with the transformation over, Tatiana was back to her normal self.

"Next time," Tatiana started to Dr. Cagliostro, "try to be more careful when making things beautiful."

"Oh, I will," Dr. Cagliostro replied. "Torgo," he continued, "take her home."

"Yes, Dr." Torgo replied. And with that, Torgo went to the teleportation machine with Tatiana in hand and returned her to the Serengeti. As soon as she went to sleep, Torgo pressed a button on his watch and teleported back to the lab.

Little did Tatiana know that she was sleeping next to Timon and Pumbaa, who had just escaped the hyenas.

"That was close," Pumbaa said to Timon.

"Yeah," Timon replied. "The circle of life passed before my eyes."

"Well," Pumbaa continued, "I say we made a pretty good team, huh?"

"Yeah," Timon replied, hopping off of Pumbaa, "couldn't have done nothing without ya'."

The two of them looked at each other.

"Yep," Pumbaa responded.

"Uh-huh," Timon replied.

The two thought for a moment.

"I guess," Pumbaa began, "you'll be heading back to the meerkat colony now."

"Huh?" Timon wondered. "Oh, yeah. Back to the old colony." This lead to guilt on Timon's face.

"Well," Pumbaa started, "see ya'."

"Bye," Timon waved.

"Bye," Pumbaa replied.

Then, they went their separate ways, not knowing that Tatiana was sleeping next to a log.