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Fall of a hero, Rise of a legend.

Chapter 1

Marty stared at the picture on Dave's phone, he couldn't breathe. The Motherfucker had murdered Dave father, and then had the balls to send him pics of the act. Marty couldn't believe it. He looked down to see his friend sitting at the base of the stairs, Dave was weeping into his hands. All Marty could think to do was sit next to his friend and listen to him weep.

Dave just couldn't believe it. His father was dead, the man that had raised him, taught him right from wrong, the man who took the fall for being Kickass, the man whom he belittled for not having any real purpose in life, was dead.

The last things he said before his dad was arrested began echoing through his head. He remembered how he told his dad that he had nothing in his life, that there was nothing that he would leave behind when he was gone. Dave couldn't hold back the self loathing that began to spring forward, he felt the anger well up inside him.

Dave slowly got to his feet and began walking out of the building. He was faintly aware of Marty right by his side the whole way.

"Dave, man, where are you going?" Marty asked with as much concern as he could muster.

"The police station." Dave replied in a weary tone. Dave looked to still be in shock as he got in his car and drove to the police station, Marty didn't speak until they got to the station.

"What are we doing here Dave?" Marty asked in a quite tone, more to himself than Dave.

Dave walked into the police station, he was vaguely aware that his legs felt like they were full of bricks, each step was a challenge in and of it's self. After what felt like an hour of walking Dave made it to the front desk, He immediately noticed that the cops were going bonkers. People were rushing everywhere, there were people yelling to one another, they were flipping their shit, it wasn't often someone gets killed in their own damn building.

Dave simply stood in the center of the room, he held his phone in his hand and he just stood there taking in his surroundings, it was only a few seconds before a cop noticed him standing their and decided to come over.

"Hey there son, what seems to be the problem." A young looking cop asked Dave. "Hey kid, are you alright?"

All Dave could manage to do was hand the cop his phone, the cop took it with a curious look on his face. Marty stepped forward as Dave went over to the chairs to sit down. "Check the last message he got." The cop did so, and for a second he showed no emotion, the then he suddenly recognized the man in the picture as the one that just got killed in back. "It's his dad." Marty said as he wandered over to where Dave was and sat next to him.

The cop quickly walked too his captain's office to tell him the news. 60 seconds went by and the cop and his captain walked over to the boys. "Son, is this your father?" The captain asked Dave with a rough but sympathetic tone.

All Dave could think to do was nod slightly and his very last conversation with his dad played through his head over and over and over again.

"Promise me that you'll never put that costume on again." His father said to him.

"I promise" Dave replied meekly.

This scene kept repeating in Dave's head, he felt more emotions well up inside him as he watched the scene continue to play out in his head. He couldn't help crying at the look on his father's face as he said those words, the concern, the worry, the tiniest ounce of pride.

As the cops began asking their questions Dave just lowered his head into his hands and wept for his father, who had died protecting him.

- 1 hour later

An hour of questioning went by, Dave didn't say much. Marty answered most of the questions for him. Dave found it surprising that it was only around the 45 minute mark that they started asking about his father being Kickass. Dave was quick to answer those questions by simply stating that his dad told him that he had started working at night. The cops didn't take it much further than that with their questions, Dave felt lucky that the cop that was asking the questions was very sympathetic to his very recent loss.

After the questions, Dave asked to talk to the guy in charge of this investigation. He was met by the captain that had met with him earlier, Dave told him that Chris D'amico was the Motherfucker, Dave also asked that they keep the press out of it. Dave didn't want anyone knowing that his dad was Kickass. Dave told the cop that he just wanted to bury his father in peace. The cop understood that if people knew that Kickass has been killed they would swarm this kid. The cop said that he couldn't promise him anything but he would make sure that his father's death was as quite as possible.

Afterward Dave left by himself, Marty was picked up by his father.

Dave drove to his home and was quite relieved to hear a day later that the investigation was over it was pretty open and close. The next day Dave texted Marty and asked him to not tell anyone about his dad.

This confused Marty more than anything else, he had to text back, "why?"

Dave told him that he couldn't let Chris win like that, he didn't want anyone else to give Chris the pleasure of knowing he'd won. Dave told him that all he wanted to do was grieve in private.

In the end that's exactly what he did, Dave called the school and told them that he'd come down with a serious bug and wouldn't be in for a few days. And then proceeded to go through the proper channels to get his father cremated. A week went buy and Dave scattered his fathers ashes over the ocean. And on Monday, he was back at school. Marty was the only person who knew, besides the teachers who all pulled him aside to offer they're sympathy.

Dave spent the first day back at school school is a daze, Marty was there to meet him when he left his classes and walked him to his next. More than once Dave found himself in the bathroom crying. Even though he was trying his best people could tell that there was something wrong with him. Chief among these was his closest friend and old partner Mindy. Dave was lucky that she was currently not talking to him because of the whole hanging up the costume things that she had promised her foster father, Marcus.

Mindy was a perceptive girl though, and she immediately noticed when he stopped talking to her. Sure she had usually blown him off or yelled at him the last few times he tried to talk to her, but he always still tried and even the few times where she thought she had hurt his feeling, he still talked to her, he still said "Hi." when he walked buy or he'd smile at her. Not today though.

Today, there was no "Hi.", there was no smile she could tell that he was down, and for the first time since she'd hung up her cape she was worried about Dave.

After their 3rd period she met Dave outside his class, she really wanted to know what his problem was, there was a knot in her stomach as she saw him walk out of his classroom that she knew she'd felt before but couldn't remember where.

"Hey." she said to Dave as he walked out of the class.

"Hey Mindy... whats up?" He asked with a bit of optimism, though Mindy could tell that is was forced.

"Nothing, just wanted to check up on you, you seem kind of down today." Mindy asked as she analyzed his face, he looked like he hadn't slept in a while. "Is there something wrong?"

"... Yeah I was down at atomic comics and I heard that they had made an anime out of the Elfen Lied Manga, but it sucks in comparison." He replied, receiving a snicker from Marty who was standing nearby.

Mindy stared at him as the depression in his voice faded, either what was bothering him wasn't a big deal or he was hiding something, she guessed the latter. "Come on you dork, just tell me what's up?"

"Alright I watched "Llamas with hats" for like three hours straight and now I'm sad that I stopped." he replied sheepishly, to which Marty snickered again.

Mindy just stared at him, now she was sure he was deflecting. "Come on Dave you aren't the kind of douche that bottles everything up, so come on, spit it out." Mindy was now starting to get a little worried, if this was something that Dave thought he couldn't tell her, then it was huge. She realized that they weren't as close as they had been since she hung up the cape, but she still thought Dave was her friend. Either this was too big for him to share with others or he didn't trust her with his problems anymore, the latter horrified her to her core. Mindy had never lost a friend before she didn't know much about having friends until she met Dave, and she didn't want to lose him. Seeing as he was probably her only friend left in this school now that she'd taken down the popular girls.

A thought struck her, she hadn't heard anymore from Dave about his father getting arrested for being Kickass. She remembered his call to her, in fact she remembered blowing him off without hearing him out that night, telling him that she couldn't help him. "Hey Dave this isn't about your dad getting arrested for being Kickass is it." She said eying Marty.

She noticed Marty's eyes shoot to Dave, but Dave only shrugged. "They didn't end up charging him with anything so he got out a few days ago." He said with a little optimism.

"Yeah," Marty chimed in. "Poor guy. Gets arrested for being Kickass, spends a night in jail, gets out and has to take care of this sap, what did you have Dave, a case of the taco shits or something?"

"Oh god, don't remind me." Dave said with a smile. "I think I lost five pounds of body weight."

"Gross." Mindy said with a giggle. She finally saw the old goofy Dave again. "So if it's not your dad then whats bothering you?" She asked with a smile.

"Okay miss nosy. I met the most amazing looking girl..." Dave started.

"Okay. Never mind don't need to hear about it." Mindy said with a smile as she turned to leave.

"Thanks for checking in on me." Dave said as he turned to head for his next class.

Mindy held her smile as she walked toward her next class. 'There's no problems.' she thought to herself, 'Sure we may be going through a disagreement right now, but Dave and I are inseparable.' Mindy was still a little worried that her and Dave's friendship might be on the decline, 'maybe I should hangout with him one of these days.' she thought to herself.

- meanwhile

"Wasn't that the girl you were banging when you were with..." Marty started with a smile.

"Shut up man." Dave cut him off, "She's the last person I want to bring into this."

"Oh. Why's that?" Marty asked.

"She's my closest friend, besides you. If I could I'd want you out of the loop too but since that can't happen I just need to make sure no one else gets involved." Dave said with a serious voice.

"Okay man, you've been freaking me out as of late. Please tell what your up too? I can help, I want to help." Marty pleaded to his friend.

"I'll tell you later." Dave said as they made it to there class.

- Two day later

Two days went by before Dave called Marty out to a spot in the city, he told him to come as Battle Guy.

Marty arrived at the location, Dave had told him to meet outside of their old Justice Forever Headquarters. Marty stood in the alley and vividly recalled the feeling of being in the headquarters, having a base, a place to be safe, until the Motherfucker tore it apart and killed Colonel Stars and Stripes. Just as the thought ended a dark figure appeared behind Marty and scared the fuck out of him.

"Jesus!" Marty shouted as he jumped and raised his shield. He got a good look at the figure. This person was tall, and wore a long black trench coat with a hood, they looked like the guy with the hook from those movies "I know what you did last summer" They had on long black baggy pants with black boots. Marty looked the man over closer, he noticed that the guy had on thick black gloves, but what stood out more that all that was that the guy looked like he was wearing balaclava under the hood, though Marty couldn't tell in the light. Marty's eyes were also drawn to what looked like sword handles on the guys back. "Hey dude, can I help you?" Marty asked with a bit of fear as he eyed to sword handles.

The hooded figure walked towards him, the guy looked like the scariest bad-ass Marty had ever seen. As the guy got close Marty was able to confirm the balaclava. "Dude... I think you should stop right there or I'm gonna have to lay into you." Marty said, he cursed to himself as he realized how much of a bitch he sounded like.

"Cool your shit Marty, it just me." Came an amused voice.

"Dave?" Marty said as he lowered his shield. "What the fuck man? Is that really you under there?"

"Yup?" Dave replied "Well I guess I got intimidating down. I had you ready to piss yourself."

"Dave. It is you, you bastard. What the hell are you dressed like that for? You look like a fucking demon slayer from the comics." Marty asked as he started to relax.

"Cool. That's what I'm going for. Gotta look like I'm straight outta hell." Dave said as he stood next to Marty.

"Dude whats with all the black. I don't think your gonna inspire anyone with this outfit." Marty asked getting a closer look at Dave's new outfit.

"Kickass inspired people, but Kickass is dead remember?" Dave said sadly. "This new hero is a man of justice pure and simple, no flashy picture, no huge public fan club. Just me and my message."

"Deep dude. So what's this new hero about?"

"Justice. Like I said, he's going to exist purely to make sure that everybody has justice. He'll hunt down anyone who's willing to harm others simply for their amusement. He'll be the blade that I use to carve a path to Chris." Dave growls with a bit of malice.

"Dude, I'm all for setting Chris on fire and watching him burn, but isn't this a bit much?" Marty asked, obvious concern in his voice.

"Everyone thinks Kickass just vanished...just like Hit Girl," Dave says with a little sadness in his voice. "Chris is still out there, The Motherfucker is out there. And someone has to stop him, but before that I'm going to use this outfit to put the fear of god into that little shit." Dave finished angrily.

"Okay man, I get it, like I said, I'm fine with vengeance, Chris needs to die for what he did. So are we going to bring in anyone else?" Marty says, his loyalty to his best friend evidence in his tone.

"No. Like I told you a few days ago. If you weren't already involved I wouldn't have told you either," Dave stated but quickly backpedaled as he saw the hurt on his friends face, "This is about my revenge, Marty. You're my best friend, I wouldn't want you to get hurt while involved with my personal vendetta."

"Okay I get it. Look I'll lay back if that will make you feel better, but you gotta keep me in the loop. Okay?" Marty says

Dave smiled, he often forgot that Marty wasn't Mindy. If he'd told Mindy that he didn't want her involved because she could get hurt, she would have kicked him in the balls and helped anyway. Marty knew his limits and he accepted them, he wanted to help but didn't want to be in the way at the same time. "Its a deal. Thanks man." Dave says as he clasps hands with Marty.

"Okay well." Marty began with a grin. "What this new bad-ass's name?"

Dave looked up at the sky. "I don't know." He sighed. "Haven't been able to come up with anything good yet."

"Well you're still a hero, just an anti hero now. Lets brainstorm. Okay here are a few, Night blade."

"Seriously." Dave whined.

"Um Shadow stalker!"

"That's just creepy. Sounds to much like night-stalker."

"Crap you're right um, The Angel of Vengeance." Mary says with a grin.

"That's the literal way to go I guess." Dave mused.

"Okay, okay, okay. THE FALLEN!" Marty shouts.

"Actually. That's pretty bad-ass." Dave says with enthusiasm.

"Cool! You're The Fallen, a once hopeful hero, who finally got hit right in the balls by life and now you've taken up the sword for those who cant defend themselves, the silent guardian, a watchful protector..." Marty shout dramatically.

"That's an eye opener." Dave laughs. "I have become the dark knight."

"... He was the Hero New york deserved, but after everything that's happened, he has to become the one that it needs." Marty states doing his best Jim Gordon impression.

"You can stop anytime." Dave laughed to his friend.

"Dude face it you've gone from the Shit that was Kickass's origin story, to something on the same level as Batman or Superman, or hell even Hit Girl." Marty Chided.

Dave just laughed at that. "So right here, right now, Battle guy is the one to witness the birth of "The Fallen". You should feel honored."

"So what are you gonna do first mister Fallen." Marty asks in a vary Alfred like impression.

"I was thinking of sending a message to Chris." Dave says as he stands.

"I look forward to seeing it... You are The Fallen now, a sword for all those that have died in the name of justice." Marty shouted to Dave as he walked out of the alley.

- The next day

"Hey Mindy, have you seen this?" one of her classmates asked Mindy as she entered the school.

"Seen what?' Mindy asked as her classmate and squad mate on the dance team approached.

"This." The girl said as she handed Mindy her phone. "Click play on the video."

"Okay so what am I looking at." Mindy asked as she started the video. The video depicted a couple walking down the street, the video was obviously taken from a security camera outside some building. The couple consisted of a young scrawny looking chick and a scrawny looking dude, 'probably stoners', Mindy thought to herself as the couple passed the corner the camera was sitting at. The camera was at the entrance to the alley next to the building, and as the couple passed the alley something drew their attention and soon five guys walked out of the alley and surrounded the couple.

"Keep watching." Her classmate whispered as one of the men from the alley revealed a pipe in his hand and hit the stoner dude in the face with it.

"Fuck." Mindy growled as she watched, the stoner guy went down and his woman dropped to his side to check on him. Right as the thug with the pipe drew back for another swing his attention got drawn to something in the alley behind them. As the thugs and couple looked down the alley a hooded figure in a big ass trench-coat walked out of the alley with two swords drawn. Mindy couldn't help but admire the swords obviously they were single edged, probably ninja swords from a movie or something. The thugs said something to trench-coat then he just goes postal on the nearest guy lashing out with those swords. Mindy noticed that he obviously had some skill with those blades, he was definitely not an amateur.

"Damn." The girl next to her said as trench-coat cut the first guys hand off. The guy with the pipe took this opportunity to take a swing at trench-coat, his strike landed right on trench-coats ribs, but the astounding thing was that trench-coat barely flinched even though the pipe wielding motherfucker was a decent size.

It's at this point that trench-coat took one sword and rammed it into the hand less dudes throat, and used the other to attack, pipe guy. The whole time the couple is cheering on their protector while the other three thugs are cringing at the sight of their dead buddy.

Trench-coat then pulled his sword from the first guy and focused his attention on pipe guy. Mindy was surprised by the skill of trench-coat, all it took was two strikes, one knocked the pipe away, the other cut the guys belly open.

Its at this point the other three thugs ran for their fucking lives as trench-coat wiped his swords on the pipe thug as his guts spilled out. The couple stood and probably thanked trench-coat as they ran away too. Trench-coat just stood there for a second before vanishing down the alley again.

"That's crazy isn't it?' The girl asked as she took her phone back.

"I think I'm in love." Mindy giggled to herself as she replayed the scene in her head. "Damn." she thought. "Now I really want to dust off the cape."

"Whats up?" Mindy heard, as she turned to see Dave walking into school.

"Dude have you seen this video." Mindy's squad-mate asked Dave.

"You guys talking about The Fallen." Dave asks with a smile.

"The Fallen?" Mindy asked giving Dave a look.

"Yeah that's what Battle Guy said his name was, look." Dave said as he took out his phone, opened a web page and handed it to her.

Mindy looked at the page, It was one of the many hero websites that had started popping up all over since Dave became Kickass. There was a message on one of the forums, Mindy read it aloud to her squad-mate and Dave. "To many have died for me to do nothing, I have come to your city to gain justice for all those that have perished in it's pursuit. All my actions from this day till my last will be for the fallen." Mindy scrolled down and found another post from a hero called Battle Guy who said that he met the hooded man and learned that he called himself The Fallen.

"This hero shit is always going to be too damn cool." Mindy squad-mate said as she walked off to join her other friends.

"So this guy legit?" Mindy asked as she handed Dave's phone back to him.

"How would I know?" Dave asked as the two started to walk to the Cafeteria.

"Well you obviously get out more than me." Mindy states blandly.

"What? Oh I guess I never did tell you." Dave started as Mindy stared at him. "I quit the hero thing after my dad took the fall for me."

"What?!" Mindy asked "Why didn't you tell me you quit?"

"Well... no offense but hero business is left to hero's."

Mindy elbowed him in the ribs at that. "I'm more of a hero than 99% of the assholes in capes out there."

"You mean you used to be more of a hero." Dave quipped.

"Ass." Mindy pouted as they walked. "So you don't know anything about this new guy?"

"Nope. Why are you so curious about him?" Dave asks with a sheepish grin. "You falling for him."

"Oh yeah right the guy takes down two punks and you think he's worth my attention?" Mindy asked, her cheeks slightly red.

"eight, actually." Dave said with a smile.

"What? Where did the other six come from?" Mindy asked curiously.

"Well some guy said that a cloaked figure broke up a robbery and killed two of the guys involved. Then another guy posted that he was walking his dog and saw a known drug pusher getting the shit beaten out of him by this dude in a trench-coat. And finally someone heard what sounded like a woman getting raped in the alley outside their apartment and called the cops when they got there, there was a crying woman and three dead dudes, she said that a guy in a big coat saved her." Dave stated as he pointed to posts on the website.

"This guy's been busy." Mindy said taking stock of the list of accomplishment for the night. "Does hearing about any of this ever make you wanna go back out there?"

Dave stopped and looked at Mindy, who was giving him this look that says 'Come on, I'm sure we could beat this guys record, but you have to convince me.'

Dave stared at her for a second, processing her question then gives a dorky smile and says "Nope."

He laughed as he saw the disappointment on her face. "Beside if we were to go back out there, I'd be the one holding your hand through the night. I mean it's been two and a half months since you quit. You're probably rusty."

"Asshole." She says as she punches him in the gut. She knew he was right, even though she tried to keep in shape she couldn't really train because of Marcus watching over her like a hawk. Though Mindy had to wonder if Dave asked her again if she'd be able to keep her promise to Marcus. She tried to be normal but that didn't work. Mindy was vaguely aware of the fact that she was entering a rut of school, dance, Marcus, Homework, sleep, repeat.

"Later" Dave said as he walked into his class. Mindy wandered towards her class as she decided to try to get Dave to take up the cape again. Mindy remembered her promise but she was losing her mind and now there was the Motherfucker running around killing cops and you got this new cool hero, The Fallen out there stealing their thunder. It was about time for Hit Girl and Kickass to make a return.

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