Heyya, this is just a one shot idea I had floating around my head... Enjoy!

He raced down the hall. Praying to God the click of his shoes as they slammed against the perfect white floor wouldn't give him away. He ducked as he came close to a door. Slipping and sliding everywhere. Maybe today would be the day.

He sharply turned the corner and raced down the second corridor. Repeating the same duck technique as he did previously. He collided with the door and pushed it open- but he didn't stop running, he ran across the field and began clambering up the mesh fence, jumping over it- he finally stopped. Breathing heavily, and clutching the stitch in his side, he took in his surroundings. Greenburn Street. Excellent. Slowly he began walking towards the shops at the end of the road.

He saw her dark red hair first. She was waving madly at him.

"Hey!" She smiled as he walked casually over to her. "You got it?" She asked eagerly as he levelled with her.

"Yep" He replied, grinning broadly and holding up a small memory card in his hand.

"Great- we'll have to get back to SHIELD now, God how pissed are they gonna be when they found out?" She asked him, as they started walking down the street.

"I dunno" He said shrugging "it was Starks fault anyway- why should we get in trouble?"

"Because it's Fury we're talking about. Do you think he knows we just went on that mission like this?" She gestured at herself and the other kid walking along side her.

"Nat, it's Fury we're talking about- of course he knows. I'm not saying he's gonna be too pleased about it though." He laughed and Natasha laughed with him as they walked toward the dark alley way, that looked so out of place in the sparkly neighbourhood.

"Guys!" An urgent voice sounded over the Com in both kids ears.

"Tony- what is it?" Clint asked, worried, yet also hopefully, maybe he'd found a cure before they got grounded by Fury.

"My suit- it's- I'm too small for my fucking suit!" The voice at the end of the Com wined as Clint and Natasha laughed. "It's not funny! Have you told Fury yet?" Tony asked, changing the subject.

"No, but I think you should tell him." Natasha advised.

"Why me?"

"'Cus I want to see the look on Fury's face when a zitty Tony Stark walks up to him and tells him he's fucked up." Natasha replied, biting her lip as Clint howled with laughter.

"It wasn't all my fault, Bruce helped with some of the formulas." Tony snapped back, his voice rising several octaves as his sentence drew to a close.

"OMG, you sound hilarious." Clint breathed through chuckles.

Natasha let out a heavy sigh as they clambered onto the conspicuously concealed Quinjet.

"At least we got the mission done- that'll give him something to be happy about." Clint smiled as he and Natasha fiddled with the controls.

Natasha sighed. Before the Avengers had started, this kind of thing would have pissed her off completely- and she would kill whoever responsible- in this case Tony and Bruce- the fabled Science Bros- but now, a year into the team formulating, she'd learnt to catch and cope with whatever was thrown at her. This was something she hasn't expected, however.


"You should tell him."

"He'll kill me."

"Are you telling me Tony Starks scared of Nick Fury?" Bruce teased and Tony glared.

"No, I'll fucking tell him, seeing as you're all cowards." He said, pointing an accusing finger at the group.

He steeled himself as he made his way into the directors office.

"Sir, we may have encountered a slight problem." He said, in his best deep voice. Fury didn't look up from his paperwork. Before the fact that Tony Stark was in his office telling him there was a problem, meant that there was a problem. Tony cursed as he realised his adult version didn't sound like that.

"Tell Coulson." Fury waved his hand unimportantly, still not looking up from his paper work.

"No." Tony knew that this act of defiance would earn him a berated expression from the Director- so, naturally, he braced himself for the worse.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" Fury began to yell standing up and staring at the person in front of him. Tony stuck out his hand and replied innocently.

"Tony Stark, son of Howard Stark, billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist, owner of Stark Industries, Avenger, living in Manhattan, 13ish years old." He grinned cheekily at the Director. Expecting what was to come.


"Holy Capsicle, keep your eye patch on." Tony said, holding out his hands in a mock attempt to stop the furious man.

"What did you do?" Fury breathed slowly, encasing each word.

"Uh, slight miscalculation, in the lab, with Bruce." He said, ruffling the back of his head with his hand.

The director surveyed him angrily. It was no doubt Tony, he had the same cheeky glint in his eye, and the same messy brownish black hair- only without the small beard he usually had going on, and the fact that he was shorter, a lot shorter.

Fury sighed, and then stopped. Looking at Tony through his one good eye.

"Please tell me your the only one..?" Fury began, but Tony cut across him.

"That's the beauty of it Nickie, I'm not the only one!" Fury groaned. He knew this whole Avengers thing was a bad idea, from the moment the members all started living at Stark Tower. Though he'd never expected something like this.

"Natasha?" He asked, Tony nodded. "Bruce?" Tony nodded again. "Thor?" Tony nodded at each one, grinning broadly. "Bring them in." Fury sighed again, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Slowly, one by one, each of the Avengers walked into Fury's spacious office.

Natasha, with her crazy red locks still prominent, she looked solemn, though it was obvious she was suppressing a giggling fit.

Clint walked in next, his hair poking up at odd angles, eyes mischievous and grinning broadly, loving the look on Fury's face.

Then came Steve, blonde hair combed neatly on top of his head, though he was quite tall and muscular, apparently the super soldier serum hadn't been affected. His expression was grim as he eyed Fury- giving of a clear message: 'I do not know how I was dragged into this, but I'm more annoyed at Stark then you are.'

Thor walked in next, looking pleased with himself. His hair didn't nearly support the length it did as it had when he was an adult. Supporting Mjolnir still however.

Last came Bruce. He was smiling sheepishly as he looked at Fury from behind a new pair of square glasses that fit his smaller head.

"What did you do?" Fury glared at Tony, though he looked more exasperated than angry.

"I dunno, I was kind of tinkering in the lab then bam! I started popping out spots." He said truthfully.

"How old are you all?" Fury asked, dreading the answers.

"Me and Thor are 15, Natasha and Bruce are 14, Tony and Clint are 13- we think" Steve said with a reproachful look at the Director, who was trying to work it out.

"Why is Stark one of the youngest? I thought he was older than-" Fury began to question.

"We thought of that too- we put it down to maturity levels." Natasha supplied, eyeing Clint and Tony who were grinning at each other broadly.

"Was anyone else affected?" Fury asked, hoping it was only the six in front of him.

"Yep, Pepper, she's 14 too, but it's okay cus I dumped her." Tony said matter-of-factly

"You what?" Fury quizzed, staring at the young troublemaker.

"Too many spots." He shrugged as Fury went back to pinching the bridge of his nose.

This, he thought to himself, is going to be a very long week.