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"Should we tell them?"

The question had Sango a little surprised and she paused her current task of filling the canteens with water, "What makes you ask that?" The Taijiya asked casually, a bit curious of Kagome's sudden worries.

"I don't know," Kagome sighed, staring at the flowing water of the river and finding herself tensing under Sango's intent stare, "It just feels... like we're going behind Inuyasha and Miroku-sama's backs."

She felt guilty.

"You don't need to tell them anything," Sango said firmly, "It's none of their business. Inuyasha always runs off as soon as he knows that Kikyou is in the area and Houshi-sama is the same if there is a pretty woman," She said with a hint of disgust, unable to hide it from the Miko, "You deserve much more than that, Kagome-chan. We both do."

"I just feel like it could break the group apart if we keep it secret too long and they find out about it." Kagome traced little circles in the cool water with her finger, not daring to look up at the older girl.

"Then perhaps we weren't much of a group to begin with," Sango simply said and Kagome quickly looked up when she felt the Taijiya's arm wrap around her shoulder and pull her in closer until they were leaning side to side, "If we allowed to such a thing to break us all up, that is."

"I'm sorry, I just..." Kagome struggled with her words, unsure of what to say next, "Never..." She gave up and blinked when she felt Sango's hand underneath her chin and she was gently turned to stare into warm hazel eyes, "Sango-chan?"

"I don't where this is going either," Sango said with a smile and she leaned in to press a quick kiss against Kagome's soft lips, "But I intend to go wherever this may take us," Her smile only widened when she noticed the thick blush on the Miko's normally pale cheeks, "Aishiteru, Kagome-chan."

"I love you too, Sango-chan."