My first go at this so bare with me please... it's going to have different points of views but these should be clearly labelled.

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The Hunt.

Elena POV

I paused dumbfounded, trying to make sense at the scene before me. Clay besides me is alert he is on edge I thought, it was easier to tell that when he was in his wolf form body language revealed it for me I sigh well more of a huff through my nose. He tilted his head clearly confused at my hesitation his deep blue eyes focused on the task at hand his hackles rose as the scent was registered into our minds, Malcolm as I recognised this scent the large wolf appeared transfixed on the two things in front of him. My deliberation was only momentary less then a minute.

I watched as the large black wolf with intense green eyes stopped trying to shove the girl into the under growth that she clearly wasn't going to fit into, he turned sharply coming to the realisation that it was too late. They stood staring at each other, the black wolf charged first I didn't recognise his scent which meant that he wasn't in my folder. The mutt was barely a pup he stood no chance against Malcolm who was technically part of the pack but was supposed to be dead. The mutt charged and Malcolm simply maneouvered out the way waiting til the last second without pausing he continued it was odd everything Clay had told me about Jeremy's father was that he enjoyed being able to enforce pain upon others but he didn't even pause to watch his work . The mutt realised too late that he was going to go crashing into the trunk of a large tree the sound that echoed through the clearing made me wince.

"Just stay down pup"I wanted to tell him but of course being a wolf that was difficult. I could feel Clay tense waiting for the perfect moment to strike he as did I expected Malcolm to finish the mutt off he was always thorough, if he turned he would be exposed so Clay could finish him.

However Malcolm after letting the mutt crash into the trunk went strait towards the little blonde girl with piercing blue eyes that just screamed her innocence. The girl was trying to climb the tree she was part way up and stopped. I noticed she was screaming something I couldn't quite understand unless I payed close attention which i didn't have time for. She was staring at the crumpled mutt I suppose it was his name that she was saying. Her relief was evident to me as she saw the black wolf stumbled to a standing position.

Malcolm didn't notice or chose to ignore this and still advanced at the child, the clearing wasn't that big but time seemed to slow down as the events unfolded what seemed like an hour was actually short of five minutes.

I realised what he was going to do almost a moment too late, I nodded to Clay who flung himself forward either realising himself or just wanting to rip into Malcolm probably the latter. The little blonde girls legs dangled wildly as she pulled herself out of reach, with a huff of relief I went to change.

Chloe's POV

I needed to get up the tree but i didn't want to leave Derek, I watched in disbelief as he crashed into the trunk collapsing in a pile of black fur "Derek! Get up. Now!" I ordered him but still trying to climb the tree i quickly tested the branch it would support me i took one look behind me to be sure that Derek was ok much to my relief he was getting slighlty shakely to his feet. My panic returned when the large slightly greying wolf, i wasn't sure what colour is fur was completly it looked black to me but it was too dark to see.

"Shit" I muttered i frantically tried to heave myself up but i couldn't get any footing for my foot leaving them flailing in the air. A ball of light coloured fur sprang from the cluttered trees heading straight for me. "L-li-" i couldn't finish the summonig i was too paniced i lifted my legs clear just as the older wolf brushed passed. I watched in fascinated horror as the two balls collided they where spining so fast they appeared like the yin yan symbol. I shook the image loose realising that there was no movement a dark blob lay in the grass i didn't want to know what it was, my thoughts fully focused on Derek even as vision blurred and i could see darkness at the edges of my sight.

I climbed down the tree quickly I ran to Derek's side landing on my knees beside him.
"Derek?" I whispered repeatedly stroking his fur taking comfort in his warmth whilst staring at his deep green eyes that were fall of worry. They seemed almost brighter then they usually were. A sharp tingling pain worked it's way from my ankle.
"Ouch." I winced as the tingling turned to stabbing causing more pain. Dereks eyes widened slightly confusion swamped them, a low sound like a whimper escaped me at first i thought it was him that had made the noise but as sniffed my ankles it came again. i was vaguely aware of the advance of two blonde figures a warning growl vibrated through Derek. My attention was captured by the pain, i fumbled to seek it's source. i felt my self freeze i sat staring at my leg a gash that i hadn't felt had appeared just above my sneakers that where wrecked.
"Derek, Derek." i whispered my voice becoming quieter the more i spoke Derek stopped staring at the people to stare at me worry etched into his wolf features.
"H-he, he b-b-b-b." i paused giving me a moment for my speach to correct itself. The darkness that was at the edge of my sight grew thicker clouding my view
"Derek. He bit me." i rushed the sentence desperate to tell him before i passed out as i knew i was going to. i felt my self sag into his body my grip loosened from his fur. The darkness engulfed me at the first images that followed i whimpered involunteraly.

What is going to happen next? Mhmmm...