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Every one stared at me with a mixture of pity and confusion splattered across their faces, even Tori. Which meant it was bad, I didn't want any pity I looked up at Derek worry dominated his features as well confusion but no pity thankfully.

"How?" He breathed, I shrugged.

"obviously he had gotten or had been involved in the Edison group. " I hoped with all my might that he hadn't been involved from the start that he was an innocent parent delusioned by the picture they painted as Kit had been.

"I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding." Tori commented, I just hiccuped a laugh aware of how ironic it was for tori to be my source of comfort. "I mean what can a human do for them?" Shaking my head, I took solace once more in Derek's arms letting him protect me.

"I thought he was human, what I saw wasnt human. What he said wasnt human." I murmured as his words floated into my mind, he wasnt speaking English his touch too warm to be human that was but wasn't my Dad.

The voice he used was familiar to me but I couldn't place it, I knew it from somewhere. It didn't take away from the fact that my dad was somehow involved in my world now. Something I had fought to prevent from ever happening, the hiding, the deceit all for nothing. I just hoped he would get out before he was burned.

"What did he say?" Elena asked, chasing away the stunned quiet that hummed around us. "I'm not sure; I have never heard anything quiet like that before." I replied, trying to capture the words before they left me a futile activity.

The more I tried to remember the more the words evaded me. All I could grasp was that they weren't English or any human language that I had ever heard, they sent chills deep into my bones causes my body to shudder at the thought. Derek's soothing touch brought me away from such thoughts, I leaned into his warmth.

"So not only are the Edison gunning for us once more, but they now have a human with unknown powers." Tori pointed out. "Fan-fucking- tastic. Why though?"

The words hung in the air as each occupant thought upon them.

"Leverage." Two grumbling voices announced before scowling at the other. After a moments internal dilberation everyone except Rae seemed to accept it.

"Leverage? Why would they think using Chloe's dad who she hasn't had contact with after how long?" Rae questioned.

"The same reason they thought using me as bait would work and using you. Chloe doesn't like people she knows getting hurt." Tori quipped, "it's her key flaw aside from being so damn nice it's sickening."

I shrugged, it was true, I wasn't going to deny it. The sound of static reached my ears as I walked over to Rae to make her see reason. As I got closer the high pitched static grew louder I looked around the room trying to find the source.

"Do you hear that?" I mumbled aware that the werewolves would be able to hear me.

"Pardon?" Rae asked, making the mistake of slipping her hands though her hair, dislodging its placement enough for me to catch something.

"Tori, bind her now!" I yelled.

Yet before she could even think about doing so, chaos descended upon the room. The small window shattered, signalling the start of the onslaught. The poor door was ripped from its hinges by who or which side I'm not sure. I focused my attention of getting out the way of the falling debris. Derek stood in front of me, my protection whilst I was first getting up my shield, with a nod from me he entered the fray of swarming bodies that seemed to have appeared from thin air.

Blood and grunts filled the air as the opposing sides met, fists and spells flying. Rae slipped out the door, looking around I saw clay and Elena taking on the Edison henchmen looking like the elegant predators they were. Tori was also holding her own against two witches simultaneously I went to go help her before I was grabbed from behind, strong arms constricted my breathing before I managed to get a grasp of the arm that allowed me to throw the attacker over my shoulder.

At my cry, Derek turned exposing his left flank to the armed man who used it to his advantage slashing the thin shirt with the blade of silver, red tainting the shiny edge. Shock and anger marched onto his face before he deflected another slash, twisting the blade out of the mans hand before dealing him a hard blow that rendered the man unconscious as soon as the momentum shook through his jaw, cracking it upon impact.

I tried to focus on getting to Derek, even with his werewolf healing abilities the cut looked quite deep. My new strength that courses through me, made me hesitate in my attacks. Like Derek a year ago I was unsure of how strong I was as well as not wanting to harm anyone. My combat skills had since been made so they were adequate to slightly stall Derek's attacks which was something as he was a werewolf. I saw him being surrounded by four men all dressed in combat black, none concealed their faces as was the edisons arrogance. Once more I was thrown into a hold, a growl rumbled from my throat as I twisted out of his grasp after I was able to take out my captures knees. On his descent to the floor I executed a perfectly time elbow to the face, not only knocking some teeth loose but as Derek had earlier rendering the guy unconscious. I turned to see Derek trying to fend off the three approaching at once whilst the fourth had positioned himself aiming a black object that didnt register for a second before the distinct sound of a gunshot echoed through the air. Derek's howl of pain shortly followed the piercing sound, I found myself caught in a bond as I watched him crumble to the floor.

"Right, now I have your attention." The man declared brandishing his gun like a trophy. "This is what we are going to do. Lucinda unbind the girl she is no threat, bind the werewolves. Witch try anything then you will be saying goodbye to your friends."

I was suddenly able to move my arms, yet before I was able to rush over to Derek I was restrained by the power of two captures. Derek's name ripped out my throat causing it to be hoarse.

"Shut your damn screeching girl," he snarled before aiming the gun at Derek's head. "I will not hesitate to rid the world of this vermin, yet my orders are to keep him alive, for now."

I shut my mouth almost instantly, looking around I saw we were surrounded with multiple guns at our heads. I shook my head at Tori when she raised one eyebrow at me, we couldn't risk it not with Derek bleeding on the floor. The pack members seemed to have realised this as well as they stood, giving no sign of resistance.

A groggy moan echoed in the silence that had stretched across the scene, the man that been brandishing the knife earlier was slowly waking up. Standing up with the support of his comrads he strode over to Derek before delivering multiple blows. I saw red. Not only had he injured Derek but he was now kicking him when he was vunderable.

"Forgive me." I whispered, knowing how horrible it was what I was about to do. The capture with the gun laughed at my words, "forgive you?" he laughed, eyeing me with barley concealed confusion as well as a him of fear.

They obviously knew I was a necromancer, the tales about my kind are not always flattering.

"For this." I stated, as the earth ripped beneath them, opening to allow those that lay below to surface.

Rotting corpses rose, dragging their decomposing bodies in all stages to the harsh light of the day. The numbering of four to twenty was soon converted to an even match as decaying animals rose to join its fellow dead. Bullets pierced the air as a round of ammo was released into the empty shells of the corpses. The men either side of me shook with fear as they saw the animals advance towards us, answering my summons.

"Stop." I commanded in a clear voice, making it apparent who had caused these appearances.

They stopped, sounds rumbled from each varying from growls, to pained shrieks from the birds to the angry clattering the lack of tongue made the human skeletons make.

Every eye was on me, urine tinged the air from some of the men as they took in the sight. I silently ordered two of the more composed skeletons to surround Derek, one lifting the previous attacker by the kneck before roaring at him, had it been done on a movie screen I would have laughed at the mans reaction as he fainted. As it was the tension that hung in the air as the supposed captures looked at me, trying to anticipate my next move.

"Who are you?" i asked. "What do you want with us?"

Silence. I hadnt expected an immediate answer but I did expect an actual answer from them.

"Answer me." The man who brandished the gun, snapped from his trance at my words pointing the barrel at me. I raised an eyebrow daring the man to go through with it. He would have no way of stopping the raised corpses if I was dead.

"I will not be dictated by a monster." His words were spoken with every inch of disgust he could muster. I didn't even flinch, the words would haunt me later when I would look back on what I had done, but at that moment I all I saw was Derek on the floor because of these people, my family torn apart by these people, my whole life torn apart by these people.

Quicker then I would have thought it possible I closed the gap between me and the man brandishing the gun. I was not some defenceless little blonde as he was about to learn. Surprise on my side, I trapped his trigger finger in the groove before twisting the gun around which vent his wrist in an uncomfortable way. Whilst the barrel now pointed at him; now he if he pressed down on the strip of metal he would be shooting himself. My movements caused a stir amongst the gathered , the Edison group were being herded into groups by the corpses.

"Tell me what you know." My volume did not increase from a normal conversation but my tone conveyed conviction.

"I don't know anything I swear, aa- I swear." He cried, pain tingeing his words. "We were only told that you were failed experiments and that the Rae girl would lead us to you"

"What were you orders?" I inquired, aware of how long this had taken backup would not be far for this group.

"To capture you, the others were not to be harm." He wheezed, dropping to his knees once I released him from the wrist lock; dismantling the gun of ammo as I did so. Kneeling down I stated Into cold, grey eyes.

"Who?" I questioned, grabbing his wrist firmly the bruising already rising to the surface. "Aaaaa- I don't know - aaaa. They never said their names." He revealed. They? "Please I don't know anymore, I'm just the contractor."

"You best not be lying, if so the next time you see me I will be sending you to the afterlife. Then i'll shove your soul back into your rotting corpse." I warned, ignoring the waves of exhaustion that pounded in my mind.

Straightening my back, I surveyed the scene. Derek stood a few feet behind me, his wound although gruesome looking was slowly starting to heal.

"We haven't got much time before the lack of communication brings the rest of them running." He mumbled, taking my hand in his.

Seeking the same reassurance I needed that we were both okay. Raising my voice I listed the instructions to lay face down in the ground with their hands behind their back. Try would only be allowed to move once the corpses were immobile, if they attempted anything the corpses had the instructions to show no mercy to restrain them.

"Oh and a reminder you can't kill what's already dead." Tori flung over her shoulder as we climbed into her car, Elena and Clay in the front whilst I cramped into the back with Tori and Derek.

I waited until I could feel the sense of the corpses lessen in my mind before releasing them, sending them back to the afterlife with a sincere apology. No one spoke as we sped down the Tarmac heading back to the others who had gone to the Packs residents.