"You snot-munchin' hairballs!" screeched Gizmo from the back of the police van as the HIVE Five were apprehended for the fourth time in two weeks. It was fair to say that the Teen Titans were not amused.

"Dude! Why do we even bother? They're only gonna break out again, just like the last three-hundred times!" whined Beast Boy, giving his leader a piteous look. Robin ran a hand through his hair, tugging hard in frustration.

"How the hell do they keep escaping the prison? We've already had the security upgraded at least twice, what could we be over-looking?" he groaned, cracking his knuckles and making Cyborg wince, but stopping as soon as he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Perhaps we should simply return home, friend Robin, before it gets too dark." suggested Starfire, attempting to calm the frustrated Titan. Robin's face softened a little, before he complied, hopping onto his R-Cycle while the rest of his team got into the T-Car. By the time they were back at the tower, all of the Titans were thoroughly exhausted, even Cyborg needed to recharge. They were just locking up when an odd parcel came through the door, Raven, who was closest, picked it up and scrutinized the package, her eyebrows raised.

"What is it?" asked Cyborg, as he and the other Titans walked over to her.

"See for yourself." she chucked it to him, he caught it and began to read out loud.

"To my heroes, the awesome and incredible Teen Titans,

You are all my role models so I have enclosed a gift that has all of you in mind. I know that the city is safe in your hands!

Lots of love and hugs and unicorns from..."

Cyborg brought his face closer to the package but still couldn't make out what the name was.

"I dunno what the name is, I can't read it." he admitted.

Robin scowled, "Why do I feel like this is from Larry?"

"Duh! Guys, don't you get it? This is obviously from one of my many fangirls!" Beast Boy exclaimed, putting his hands behind his head and grinning, "Open it already!"

Robin thought before answering, "It could be a trap."

"Most probably." Raven agreed, crossing her arms.

"Oh, please! May we Robin?" Starfire pleaded, eyes full of hopefulness and innocence.

Their supposed 'Fearless Leader' took one look into her eyes and gave in, nodding to Cyborg, who proceeded in ripping the brown paper off in haste. All five of them were suddenly engulfed in thick, grey gas. It left as soon as it had come, and left the five teens with a heck of a lot of questions. Beast Boy, who had transformed into a cockroach to attempt to avoid the gas, morphed back into his usual state and got up off of his backside.

"Dudes? What just happened?"

Raven phased back through the wall and glared at him.

"Whaa-aat!?" he whined.

Starfire tentatively glided into the room, looking around nervously, "I presume that we have run out of the understanding."

"Something like that, Star." Robin replied, getting up from his defensive stance, "Any idea what just happened, Cyborg?"

"Nope, all my scanners say that we're just fine." he said, frowning as he pressed more of the buttons on his arm, "It's like nothing has happened."

"Well, that was a totally weird 'gift' from our fan." the changeling pondered, nudging the now empty brown package with his toe, "And I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to bed!"

"Yeah." Robin yawned, "We won't accomplish anything while we're this tired."

The team agreed, all going up to their rooms and falling asleep in an instant.

Nobody even noticed the change on the brown package...

Lots of love and hugs and unicorns from...The HIVE Five. TROLL!


Starfire stretched in her bed, she'd had one of her best nights sleep in a long time, and that morning she felt very flexible. Pushing herself up, she noticed that her arms seemed rather thin, and no-where near as toned as they usually were. Confused, the Tameranean walked over to her full length mirror. And screamed.

Less than five seconds later, someone burst through her door.

"Starfire! I heard you... ... ... what the fuck!?"

Before him, Robin saw a girl, of about eleven or twelve with long red hair and bright green eyes. The girl took one look at him and screamed again.

"Woah! Woah! Star! Calm..." he saw himself in the mirror and gawked. Looking into the mirror he saw a men in his thirties wearing a very tight fitting costume.

"Dudes!" gasped a familiar voice, if a little higher, "Somebody pleeeeease tell me what's going on! Look at me! I'm seven!"

And true enough, there stood a little green seven year old, in rather big clothes. Behind him, another not-really-Teen Titan.

Robin ran a hand through his now very long hair.

"I think we should call a meeting."


Once all of the titans were in slightly better fitting clothes, they gathered in the lounge, Robin facing three of his four teammates: A twelve-year old Starfire, a seven-year-old Beastboy and a Cyborg in his early twenties. Raven had refused to come out of her room. They had already figured out that these changes must have been the result of the gas that was released the night before, but they had not been able to work out who it was from, and weren't really getting anywhere with the team in it's current disposition.

Cyborg was looking through a women's magazine he'd found somewhere, Starfire purchasing One Direction posters on the internet, Beast Boy playing video-games on the Titan's TV, Raven being a grouch in her room and Robin stressing over things way more than he should have been.

Starfire, satisfied with her purchases, looked up at not-really-Robin, "Perhaps we should call the Titans East, they would surely know-"

"No, they're too busy with their own problems, we'll just have to do this ourselves." he snapped, cutting her off.

"But, Robin." Cyborg began, tearing his eyes away from what he was reading, "How are we supposed to take down villains... like this!?"

"We'll just do it like we always have done. You and me can still fight, those two-" he pointed to Starfire and Beastboy laughing and putting hats on Silkie in the corner, "-will just have to stay here. We still don't know about Raven, though."

"Go get her then!" yelled Cyborg, already exasperated by his now impulsive leader, "'Cause I'm not doing it with the mood she's in."

Robin sighed, then pointed to Beast Boy, who had been eavesdropping on their conversation, "You go get her!"

"Why me?" he whined, flopping onto the couch face-first.

"Because - no matter how I hate to admit it - right now you're-"

"Adorable!" cut in Starfire, pulling Beast Boys cheeks, "Even Raven cannot say no to you!"

The other two in the room nodded, and Beast Boy scowled. Well, he tried to anyway, it looked a heck of a lot more like a pout, but his intentions were there. He trudged up the now very big seeming stairs to Raven's room, and knocked hard.

"What?!" came a yell from inside.

"Uh... it's Beast Boy! Robin said he wants you downstairs..." he began, before trailing off.

"Then why didn't he just come himself?" came the irritated reply.

"'Cause he said you were in a mood-" he immediately slapped his hand over his mouth, terrified of what this super-annoyed-Raven would do to him. Suddenly, the metal door slipped open with a hiss, and before Beast Boy knew what was happening he was being dragged back downstairs by his arm. Once back in the lounge again, he swooned dizzily and blinked hard.

Robin looked Raven up and down, and Cyborg tried to lighten the mood, "On the bright side, you're still a teen!"

Raven glared at him, not just her usual glare, but a glare powered on by hormones and bodily changes.

Robin shrugged, "So what, you're about fourteen, what's the big deal?"

Raven was about to reply when Starfire interrupted her with an excited shout, "Glorious! Now that I have not yet gone through the change of Dgreknar, I am free of the periods of the blood!" all of the boys in the room winced at that, but she kept going, "Are you also free of this too, friend Raven?"

Raven's eye twitched as the microwave became encased in black energy and turned itself inside-out, then she stormed back out. Cyborg burst into laughter.

"What do you find oh-so-hilarious?" asked Robin, frowning in confusion at his younger teammate.

"Don't you get it? Raven's going through puberty!" he wheezed, still laughing hard.

"That doesn't matter, we've seen that she can still use her powers, even if she can't control them as much. So the three of us can still fight crime." Robin explained, slapping his fist into the other hand.

"Yeah, but once the bad guys figure out that we've got two Titans out of commission, they won't waste any time taking advantage of that."

For once, Robin was at a loss for words. He simply stated that he would work on it, and with that walked into his room and went into super-obsesser mode, trying to puzzle out who exactly would create such a strange sabotage. Why did they not just send some sort of deadly gas instead of messing with them like this?

He hunched over his computer and flexed his fingers, this was going to be a long night.

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