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Sooner than any of them would have liked, the day came that Robin's deal with the other Titans ended, and the three eldest began scouring any source of information that might tell them how to end the... affliction that the HIVE Five had forced upon them. Raven searched through all of her books; Cyborg tested every possibility using simulators; and Robin... well, he had kids to look after, so didn't have the time. Or so he said.

Two days into their investigation, Raven pulled Cyborg aside.

"Uh, Cy? Do you think Robin's... okay?" she asked, running a thumb over the spine of a hefty book.

"If I'm honest, no. I'm pretty sure the guy messed with my computer the other day, looks like he's more attached to this lifestyle than we ever were." he admitted.

"You know... never mind."


"It's just... we could just ask Jinx."

Cyborg looked at her as if she'd gone and grown a second head, "Jinx? She's more likely to give us a second dose than tell us how to get rid of it!"

"Well, I decided against telling you for a while, in case anything went wrong, but..."

Raven proceeded to explain what'd happened, leaving out some parts.

"R-right." stuttered Cyborg, processing the information, "We should probably let Robin know."

"I guess."

"Or," he began, grinning at her, "we could have a sudden lapse in judgement and then tell him tomorrow, y'know, after having a super fun day?"

Raven shook her head, "Cy-"

"I know, I know, only kidding, I guess we should just ask her ourselves, Rob looks busy right now."

He gestured to Robin, Beast Boy and Starfire who were watching some Disney movie and laughing. Raven nodded, although she wasn't exactly happy to face Jinx again, as nobody (and that means nobody) messes with a hormonal teenage girl unless they're on very good terms.


Gizmo sat on his unmade bed fiddling with a screw and a few bits of metal, occasionally getting up to attach another piece of wire. To put it lightly, he was outraged. What made that pink haired bitch think that she could just go and skip out on them like that? And after everything they'd been though, too! He hopped down and grabbed some metal scraps, before forcing them onto the device.

"Ugh, bet she left for that crud-muncher, Kid Crash!" he muttered, his face in a permanent scowl, "She was prob'ly seein' him while she was still with us!"

He pushed down on a bit of red wire, but it just kept popping back up. Suddenly filled with anger, Gizmo picked it up and threw it with all his might against his wall, letting it smash and fall down to join all the other victims.

Who needs that bitch, anyway?


"'d you escape the Tower in the first place?"

"That? It was kinda weird, Raven and Cyborg came in and untied me, then told me how to get out!"

Wally's eyebrows shot up, "Seriously?"

"Yeah, no kidding, I have a feeling that they held Robin off too." Jinx replied, sinking into one of the sofas in Kid Flash's apartment, "I could not keep a straight face the first time I saw that guy as an adult!"

"Me too, I-"

There was a loud knock on the door, and the two looked at each other and shrugged, the boy got up and opened the door.

"Oh! Hey, Cyborg!" he almost yelled, standing in the doorway until Jinx ducked out of sight, "And Raven!"

Cyborg raised an eyebrow at him, and sighed, "Dude, we know she's in here, and we aren't planning to arrest her, just to talk."

"Uh, who're you talking about?"


"Fine," he groaned stepping aside and gesturing for Jinx to get up from begin the couch, "come on in."

They both stepped in, and the witch cautiously sat back down in her seat, resisting the urge to grin at Raven to tease her.

"I'll cut to the chase: We wanna change back, and chances are, you know how. So talk."

"Weeeell..." Jinx drawled, enjoying the tired look on Cyborg's face, "First, you've got to dance on one foot for six hours while listening to a recording of yourself singing the theme tune of 'Jaws', then make eighty large cookies and send them to my address at-"

"Shut up." scolded Raven, "Be serious."

"Whatever," said Jinx, "it's candy. And no, I'm not kidding, but it has to be that weird pink stuff from the corner shop. Just try that and you'll be sorted in a minute."


She nodded, "I swear on Flash's face."

The Titans thanked her and left, heading straight for the place she'd described, and leaving the other two in Kid Flash's apartment.

"You ready to go?" she asked the redhead.

"Yeah, gotta be a first time for everything."


"Robin! Look! That bad guy turned into a big snake! Look!" yelled Beast Boy, finally grabbing Robin's head and pointing it to the television.

"No way, BB!" he cried, feigning shock, then turned back to Starfire, "I'm sorry, Star, we can't go to that concert... but let me make it up to you, we can go for ice-cream later or something."

"Unless it's Liam-flavored ice-cream, then I am not interested." she huffed, crossing her arms and looking the other way.

"Starrrr!" he pleaded, trying to win her over, "We can go some other time, or-"

Robin was cut off as Cyborg, who was carrying a small paper bag, and Raven walked in.

"This is it, guys!" Cyborg announced, reaching into the bag and pulling out some candy, "One 'a these each and we're back to our normal teen selves!"

"Oh," said Robin, "back to... normal, huh?"


He surveyed the room, noting each of his friend's expressions: Cyborg's controlled excitement; Raven, blankly looking at the floor; Beast Boy, seeming confused by everyone's different reactions, but still rather forlorn; and Starfire, forgetting about the concert, but looking like she was have an internal debate.

"Hand them out, then."

Everyone took one, while the leader tried to come up with an excuse not to take it, but couldn't.

"On three, one... two..." he began, halfheartedly, "... three."

Within a matter of seconds, they all began to feel slightly ill and some of them plonked down due to dizziness.

Beast Boy was the first one to start changing, he shot up in a split second, which left his body really out of proportion while the rest of him popped back into their original sizes and shapes, leaving only a very small amount of clothing still on his body. Starfire was next, and she went through a similar transformation as the boy (but, y'know, with more feminine... stuff) but had luckily been wearing clothing that had been slightly too large for her.

Raven had a pretty tough time while this was going on, as she had a couple of years of puberty to go through within the space of twenty seconds, but thanked God that she had been smart enough to change into bigger clothes beforehand. Robin probably had the worst of it, though, as parts of his body shrank and clamped down on his muscles and bones, before they too became smaller.

Cyborg just looked on, feeling smug after simply getting a few inches shorter and some of his wires turning brand new again.

This all happened in the space of forty seconds. And not fifteen minutes later, the alarm went off.


"Honestly, Flash, you are crap at this thieving business. Why'd you have to insist on coming?" Jinx berated him, as she grabbed a last handful of stuff before the Titans turned up.

"Come on! It's only fair, you had a go at being a hero, so I'm just giving this a go one time." he retorted, fumbling with one of the museum's artifacts.

She laughed and shook her head, "Take this lot and scram, I'll go chat with the Titans."

As he dashed off, Jinx skipped out the entrance, expecting to greet all the heroes, but met only Robin, back in his teen state.

"You!?" he cried, "How the hell do you keep getting out of damn prison!?"

"Isn't it obvious?" she mocked, "How else do you think villains step out those doors?"

Robin clenched his fists, not wanting her to know that he was really confused.

"We walk, obviously."

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