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3rd POV

Jack clutched at his chest painfully as another body passed through his. It was a bitter cold feeling even to him that left you painfully numb inside, why couldn't anyone see him? Hear his pleas to be seen?

He had left the small village near his lake once but returned shortly, something nagging him deep down that he couldn't leave; that the village or lake was his home and he had unfinished business to attend to.

"Why does this place draw to me so? What business unfinished keeps me here?" He asked roughly up at the moon, only to sigh sharply as he got no response. But he would not give up, Jack Frost wasn't one to do so and he wasn't going to start now; he will ask again tomorrow.

At the sound of crying Jack made his way to the lake to see a small girl in the arms of a man and woman. All had tears in their eyes as they lay flowers on the frozen lakes edge.

"You were taken too soon, you have suffered many of things in your life by god and now when you find happiness he cruelly rips you away from it." The woman sobbed into her hands, her shoulders shaking his soft dusting of snow off her shoulders and hair.

"It was my entire fault…" The little girl whispered with a sniffle as she looked down at the lake, if the woman's cries struck Jack, the girls sobs tore through him and made him breathless.

"Hey... Hey now, its okay… Wh-Wh-Whatever you think did wasn't your fault!" Jack tried to reassure, his hand falling through both the girls and man's arm making them shiver.

"No Pippa, my sweet child. Do not fret, Jack would never blame you for it." The man tried to sooth only for the girl to burst out into tears more. Jack ignoring his name of the boy they spoke of moved back onto the ice so his chill wouldn't harm them.

The girl- Pippa shook her head and begged to be put down. "I ran out on the ice early before Jack could check it… He fell through the thin ice because of it." She whispered sadly and it tore at Jack's heart.

It didn't take him more than a second to figure out that her brother fell into the depths of his pond because of thin ice. With a disgruntled frown he slammed the butt of his staff onto the ice and watched the ice harden as his frost swirled across it.

"Calla-Lilly, my darling daughter. Jack would not want to see you this way; he made it his life's mission since the day he laid eyes on you to make sure you were happy and safe as an older brother would." The woman crooned softly while lifting the girl into her arms.

The name caused Jack to gasp and clutch his head in pain, his brows pulling together as he shook his head clear of the fog.

"Can we tell him now?" Pippa whispered softly as she stared out into the illuminated pond.

"Yes my sweet girl." Thomas whispered softly before bowing his head.

"We are gathered here today to remember Jack Overland, an adopted son to Helene and Thomas Overland and loving brother to Pippa Calla-Lilly Overland. We stand here before the lake our brave Jack sacrificed his life for that of his sisters." Thomas started.

Helene holding back the sobs stepped to her husband's side. "We are not here as a means of goodbye but in a way of saying that we will see him soon. He will be missed and when our time comes to reach the heavens we hope to see him there and happy."

Pippa who stayed silent through the speech looked up at the sky and back towards the lake, "I will always believe in you Jack. I love you." She whispered into the silent night before Thomas turned with Helene and began to walk back home.

Jack watched them leave as he let tears spill from his eyes, he felt blessed in a way to be a witness to the ceremony and he was truly honoured to hear the declaration of the little girl. Her Jack was truly lucky to have someone so pure love and believe in him.

And yet somewhere deep down, he was sure she was speaking to him.

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