A/N: this was requested by yuki100o, it's an alternative scene for Sandy's memorial where Jack sings the mourning song and Aster hears.

Chapter 11 - Unknown Support

3rd POV

Aster frowned as the others gathered for Sandy's memorial, he couldn't… he couldn't stay here and he didn't know why. Well he knew why but didn't understand. The brumby shouldn't be left alone to mourn a friend, probably one of his only friends for years.

"Aster what iz wrong old friend?" North asked concerned, quite like.

With a sigh Aster turned to look at the Cossack, "I just can't let him be alone, it ain't right that the larrikin is mourning by himself."

North looked down at his friend with a fond look before nodding, "da I agree, you go. Go keep him company old friend, it iz okay."

With a nod, Aster turned on his foot and left quickly and silently in search for Jack. Following his instincts to go outside, he hesitated as he opened the door at the cold but bound forward once more.

"With the aid of Winters coldness
And the Spring clans endless hope
You will remember them"

His body froze with a jerk as he heard the words of old in English whispered with the wind, so full of grief. It lurched at his chest, his heart pounded to the point he could barely hear. Shaking his head Aster pushed himself forward, coming to a stop as he saw Jack standing in front of an ice sculpture of Sandy, his back to him.

Many questions raced through his head like a violent storm, how did Jack know the poem? Did he learn it from his mate before they died? Was Jack the reason that they died?

Maybe… Maybe by some unknown reason that Jack may… no that's a silly thought, he's human. Shaking the thoughts away Aster bowed his head, holding back the tears that wanted to spill.

"For our loss are still with us
Their spirit with ours,
We will always treasure them."

He whispered the words in his mind along with Jack before turning and bounding his way back towards the workshop, he just… he couldn't be there right now. He was there for Jack, unknown by him but he was still there with the winter spirit in his time of mourning and still unknown to him Aster had mourned with him.

It made Aster feel slightly less guilty and full of relief, relief that he was there for the boy and it confused him.

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