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Chapter 4

Professor Severus Snape was nervous, he was nervous for many reasons, one of these reasons were his growing suspicion that one of his students was a menace, another was Professor Quirrel, but the cause of his distress was none other than Headmaster Flamel.

Nicholas Flamel was a powerful wizard, even more so than Albus Dumbledore or Alastor Moody, or anybody alive right now, although Harry Potter seemed to be unusually powerful, but the boy was too young right now, he had raw power that was still growing, but Harry couldn't control it, which made him dangerous, if Harry was in a life or death situation... he was unpredictable.

The Headmaster recently had begun to withdraw into his private study for long periods of time and had asked many questions about Severus's young charge. Severus, of course, answered a couple but didn't answer the majority of questions. The potions master also felt a little Legillimency probe in his mindscape every time that he refused to give answers to the old Nicholas. Although some of the questions were just strange and stalkarish, like "What does Harry like to do after getting up in the morning?"

Perhaps the old man wanted make Harry fall in love with someone so that he would be able to control him? But 11 year olds don't fall in love, and the Headmaster didn't need obscure facts on Harry, no, he was planning something, but what he was planning was beyond Severus, well, no need to ponder this any longer, Severus still had many stacks of homework to grade(aka give O's to Slytherins, and at most E's to Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff's, and at most A's to Gryffindors, preferably T's)

Past Hogwarts was the miles and miles of forest, dubbed the Forbidden Forest. Many have wondered why out of the very many powerful Headmasters in Hogwart's long history, none have even attempted to cleanse the Forest of it's beasts and foul creatures. There had to be a reason.

And it turns out that it is a very good reason. In the forest, many dark creatures lurked, nobody knew exactly what was in the forest, but legend(passed down from Headmaster to Headmaster) said that numerous creatures that even Merlin himself could not defeat, and so the then past his prime mage asked the four founders to create a prison of sorts of the Forest. Powerful, unbreakable, ancient wards surrounded the forest on all four sides.

Even more numerous wards and enchantments were placed on individual sections of the forest to prevent the foul entities in it from escaping and destroying the magical world. But 300 years after the death of Godric Gryffindor, the last of the founders, a war was waged between Lytin, a Russian Dark Lord who entered the forest and weakened the wards allowing an opening to assemble dark creatures and attack Hogwarts. When he was defeated, the Headmaster then resealed the creatures in the forest in their respective domains, but was unable to replicate the powerful wards of the Forbidden Forest itself, so he was forced to leave the path to Hogwarts unprotected.

Eventually, another Headmaster placed lesser entities in the Forest to reside in the outside of the forest, such as the centaurs, to hunt the darker creatures so they wouldn't overpopulate the forest and rebel against the castle. He also placed a colony of unicorns, as well as multiple Sphinx's, fairy's, and other light creatures.

The access points to the deeper parts of the forest were eventually forgotten, until Nicholas Flamel, then a fifth year Ravenclaw ventured into the forest and accidentally stumbled upon an access point, the access point to a rare artifact. The ring of Gorbondar, the King of Demons. The ring granted him immense power, but slowly corrupted him, it planned to possess him, then free the Demons from underneath the forest. As it slowly took over Flamel, it gave him part of it's immense pool of power, but the then Headmaster of Hogwarts found out somehow and ridded the young Nicholas of the possession and banished the ring back to it's original place.

Flamel was free of possession, but retained the power that the ring gave him, it was only a small percentage of the ring's power, but to wizards, it was phenomenal. Nicholas, a then mediocre wizard became the most brilliant young man of his generation, and many others as well. He never forgot how he had accessed the ring, and he hungered for it's power, in an attempt to replicate the ring, he created the Sorceror's stone, which granted him immortality, as long as he drank the Elixir of Life, that it created.

But Nicholas knew that the actual ring was much stronger, it would make him into a god, he just needed to be possessed again and get rid of it again. But he couldn't find the ring again, instead, he found the access point to an old Demon named Pollux, once demon 12 on the demon council. The demon struck a deal with the newly named Headmaster, Flamel would bring him meat and wine to quench his insatiable appetite and thirst. In return, the demon helped Flamel to create an entity, this entity, in the form of an attractive first year Slytherin student, Jenna Moon.

Flamel thought Jenna would obey him, as her creator, but he did not know that Jenna would slowly scheme against him. Jenna knew that she had nothing when Headmaster Flamel died by her hand, so she knew that she had to marry a well-off young man, and she had originally chosen Draco Malfoy, but she realized that another boy was much richer and had more power, Harry Potter.

Nicholas, the poor, foolish old man decided to create another entity, but this one a boy, a clone in fact, an enhanced version of one Harry Potter.

Harry was oblivious of all these schemes that involved him, in fact, to him, life was perfect, he and his friends went to classes, played around in the hallways, and just generally had a blast. Only minor problems appeared, like the time Harry, Neville, and Draco had been pranking Hufflepuff's when they were almost caught by Filch and they had to hide in a certain room in the third floor. Inside they had found a Cerberus, even Harry didn't have the ability to defeat it and the trio had to rush out of the room as quickly as possible.

The three knew that they were not supposed to be in that particular place in the castle as Headmaster Flamel had warned them that whoever wandered into that particular place would die a "most painful and gruesome" death.

The trio had only told Daphne, and Jenna, who had walked into the room in the middle of their story and they had no choice but to tell her.

The two girls made the boys promise not to tell anyone else about their little adventure and the boys agreed readily as they did not want the girls to start cranking out their blackmail material, which was quite a lot, including the time when Harry had tried(unsuccessfully) to play golf.

Another strange occurrence was Jenna and Daphne constantly fighting. The boys thought it had something to do with the Cerberus, but didn't want to ask, in fear of the girl's wrath turned on them.

But their dorm mates Tracey and Alice knew that they were fighting over Harry. They weren't really sure when, where, or how, but Harry had charmed her and the pretty blond girl was now actively competing with Daphne over Harry's affection. Although the two knew that it was fruitless to break the ironclad marriage contract between Harry and Daphne. Plus, the two really liked each other, so trying to gain either of their affections was sort of pointless.

Also, Harry had been made Seeker of the Slytherin team. Harry's captain, Marcus Flint also realized that Harry had a great potential to play a role in chasing. So Harry also worked with the chasers on making plays that could score goal after goal.

One day, a couple days before Halloween, a certain bushy-headed beaver-faced shrieking banshee marched up to Harry and yelled at him about not being the best in everything and eventually sobbing, when Harry venomously told her that he wouldn't associate himself with a mudblood like her.

The little teacher's pet went to Professor Mcgonagall, who had tried to punish Harry, who had pointed out that she had provoked him thoroughly by yelling and shrieking at him. So the deputy Headmistress had no choice but to let him off spot-free. So this is where we transition out of summary mode and back to story-telling mode.

Ron Weasley, the youngest male Weasley and his friends Seamus Finnegan, and Dean Thomas were conversing among themselves. They were talking about what any other Gryffindor male was talking about, Quidditch, girls, and pranks. Yes, pranks, the three had the inspiration from the pranking duo of Fred and George Weasley, and much to the horror of Mrs. Weasley(if she knew, of course), they had decided to become the new marauders.

Of course, they didn't know who the marauders actually were, they didn't know them as Peter, James, Sirius, and Remus, instead, they were Moony, Padfoot, Prongs, and Wormtail, all of whom could have been anybody.

They tried their very first prank on the surprise surprise, the Slytherins. It was a simple prank, one that would have been mildly humiliating, but not very funny. It was a childish beginner prank. The New Marauder(as that was what they called themselves) were going to spike the Slytherin table drinks with stinking potion, a potion that made the consumer stink very badly. It was originally used to test out air freshening charms, but was quickly picked up by new prankers, who smelled an easy way to prank people that they mildly disliked, nothing too serious.

"Hey Giant!" Dean whispered the code name for Ron, "who's drink do you think we should spike?"

"I don't know yet Dragon!" Giant(Ron) whispered back, "I had wanted to originally give it to Potter, but if he found out, we would be dead before morning!"

"No kidding!" Leopard(Seamus) chimed in loudly, but quickly quieted down.

"Hey!" Giant suddenly stopped.

"What?" Dragon and Leopard also stopped, "We can give it to that one girl that he's betrothed to, Daphne Greengrass was her name, then maybe he'll dump her and then he'll marry Ginny, and when Potter dies, our family will gain the Potter family fortune and lands and I'll have enough money for a broom of my own!"

"Wow!" the other two exclaimed, "Your so smart Ro-Giant, I could never have thought of that!"

Ron/Giant puffed up his chest in self-dignity at the praise the other two were giving him, he didn't realize that the reason his friends didn't think of it was because it was so stupid there was no way that it would work!

So the trio gave the potion to the house elves working in the Hogwarts kitchens telling the faithful little servants that it was a gift for Daphne Greengrass, and it was her birthday today. And the three miscreants walked out of the Kitchen very proud of themselves.

The next day was a bright and sunny day(not that you could tell from inside Hogwarts). Harry, Draco, Daphne, and the newly added member of their little clique, Jenna walked down to the great hall, well, swaggered, in Draco's case.

When the group sat down in their usual seats and suddenly, POOF!

A large Birthday Cake popped into existence courtesy of the House Elves and a dancing statues appeared singing "Happy Birthday To you."

Daphne and Jenna looked shocked, but Draco and Harry looked at each other nervously, they remembered the last time they had forgotten about Daphne's birthday, needless to say, it wasn't pretty. It ended with both of them being thrown into a Jellyfish infested beach with no clothes on.

So it came to great relief to the boys when they realized that Daphne had no idea what was going on either.

Daphne looked at the cake confusedly when an elf appeared. "Happy Birthday Miss Greengrass!"

"Ummm..." Daphne looked at the elf trying to figure out what was happening.

The elf, sensing confusion immediately bursted into tears, "Sonna is so sorry cake was not to mistress Greengrass's liking, Sonna will punish herself now!"

Daphne quickly reassured the crying elf, "Sonna, shhh, shhh, you don't have to cry, I like the cake fine!"

Sonna perked up at this, "then why Mistress Greengrass is so unhappy?"

"Well..." Daphne started awkwardly, "You see, it's not my birthday today, who told you?"

Sonna stared at Daphne incredulously, "Master Weasley over their at the Gryffindor table!" the house elf said, "He told Sonna to give Mistress Greengrass this bottle of liquid for her to drink today at breakfast Miss, Master said it was your birthday!"

All this time Sonna was pointing at a certain Gryffindor redhead, who paled when he saw Sonna pointing at him and a very pissed off Daphne Greengrass.

"Oh bugger.." He said and proceeded to run off followed by Seamus and Dean and they all ran out of the great hall as fast as they could, followed by Daphne.

Of course, this was just what Jenna Moon wanted her to do.

Jenna had polyjuiced herself as Hermione Granger the other day and she just happened to be "talking to herself" about a pranking potion. The same that the trio had tried to use on Daphne, then she confounded them to do exactly what they did. As well as confounded them to run away to the lake, where they will proceed to duel Daphne along with a couple of Trolls on their side that she had drafted to help from a certain section of the Forbidden Forest. Daphne will be definitely injured in the hospital wing and she would have Harry all to herself! Of course, their was the marriage contract. Jenna was smart enough to remember that, she had come up with a rather simple solution. Marriage contracts were more like slave contracts, the woman to the man, it was an old an barbaric tradition, but it was the only way marriage contracts could be worded as it was against the law to do otherwise. So once Harry and her were married, Daphne could always be the slave that she could do with whatever she wanted to. Now, the only thing left to do was to seduce Harry...

Jenna quickly went to change into the best outfit for the job that she could fine, mmmmmm, Jenna thought to herself, the very short skirt to the see through fish-net to the very thin spaghetti straps, how could any hormonal teenage boy resist her?