I loved the promo can't wait for the season start, somehow I don't think I'm alone. This came into my head and I wrote it down. I hope you enjoy.

The first thing Lisbon is aware of is a groan, it takes a moment to realise the sound came from her. The fact's hammered home by the blinding pain that hits her as she moves nearer to consciousness. Her immediate instinct is to retreat back to blackness but something is telling her she needs to wake up. Then reality floods her mind all at once, the coldness of the metal chair, the pinch around her wrists as they refuse to move. Her eyes pop open with the rush of adrenalin as it finally sinks in that she's tied to a chair. Horror grips her as her eyes take in the red smily face mocking her predicament. She searches her body for any sign of injury, but she seems fine except for her pounding head that she's decided is definitely annoying. She feels relief that it doesn't seem it's her blood that paints the wall. She's seized by terror as another possibility plays itself across her mind and she looks around wildly. Her heart leaps into her throat as she see a lump in the corner of the room which is obviously a body it is completely still and covered by a blanket. She studies it hard trying to get a sense of its dimensions. She thinks it looks too big and her heart settles a little, but then it could be Rigsby! She always knew this time would come, she's been preparing herself for it ever since Jane joined the team. But she's been kidding herself. Red John targeting her team is a nightmare she may never wake up from and for Jane one that will send him to a place from which there will be no coming back. Red John is sure to have informed him by now of her capture, she closes her eyes and prays fervently for him, she has let him down. She always assured him that she could take care of herself and now she's just another pawn in the sick game that may lead to Jane's destruction.

"You're not a pawn, you're his queen."