Come on Shane. Camp Rock is not the worst thing they have done to you. Cheer up, pop star.

She hit send before climbing into bed. It was late, but she wasn't ready for sleep. Instead, she waited for a reply.

Ten seconds later, her phone buzzed.

Yes it is! What did I do to deserve this?!

Mitchie rolled her eyes.

Well, to start. You showed up half an hour late, hung over. You messed up the dance moves that I know you could do in your sleep. You flipped off the director when he asked to start over, and when you stormed out, you flipped the dessert table over and made Jason cry! Don't think Nate doesn't keep me updated.

Her phone made its dying noise, and she reached out to grab the charger.

Shane texted her again.

Whose side are you on, Mitch? Cause I'm pretty sure Nate isn't your best friend.

Mitchie's next remark would be bitchy, but he was starting to get on her nerves.

No, you're right. He's not. You are. But he does talk to me more in a week than my 'best friend' does in a month.

Her best friend was Shane Gray, lead singer of Connect 3, one of the hottest bands ever. He used to be just Shane Gray, the boy next door.

His parents still lived there, but he was almost never home.

It seemed to take forever for him to text when he did, it was the guy only she seemed to know anymore.

I'm sorry. Mitchie I love you, and I promise I'll call you every chance I get from the hell home this summer.

She sighed. She was a sucker for the words 'I love you.' Especially coming from him.

I love you too. But I'm going to bed, got a big day tomorrow.

He texted back almost immediately.

Oh yeah. Last day of junior year. You're almost there, munchkin. Don't let those wannabee bitches get to you. Good luck. I'll call you tomorrow. Love you. G'night.

Mitchie dropped her phone onto her bedside table and turned over onto her side. She had wanted to go to Camp Rock so badly, but her parents couldn't afford it.

She was amazing at piano, and her guitar skills were growing. But the most amazing thing was her voice, though she had never let anyone hear her sing.

It was too bad; she could have spent the entire summer with her best friend.

"Mitchie! Up! Last day of school!"

Sixteen year old Mitchie Torres could never just get ready in the morning. There had to be a fashion show, along with her music.

Finally, deciding on her purple shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, she climbed down the stairs, dropping down onto a chair.

"Oh cool, Hot Tunes is on. Turn it up please."\

Her mother sighed, rolling her eyes as she increased the volume to their TV. She nodded her head at her daughter's full plate.

"The pop star phenol Shane Gray may have gone too far this time when he stormed off the set of the new Connect 3 music video. Word is, the other members of Connect 3 are fed up. This final stunt cost his label thousands of dollars, but may cost them, the rest of their record deal."

They shared a look.

"What is wrong with that boy? He's got everything." Connie remarked, trying to a time when Shane hadn't been a total jerk.

"Except a clue." Mitchie replied, still irritated at him.

"The message is clear; he needs to clean up his act. And to give him time to do it the Connect 3 summer tour has been canceled."

She shook her head, before bringing something out from behind her back. "Look what I found in the crisper! A Camp Rock brochure. Or should I say another Camp Rock brochure?"

"Hmm, look at that! Oh, and great cheese omelet by the way! You should definitely add that to your catering menu."

"So you have no idea how that got in there? Or the one taped to the vacuüm cleaner?" Connie sighed and looked at her sadly. "Sweetie, I know you wanna go to this camp, and I'm sorry but we just can't swing it right now with dad expanding the store and my catering business just taking off...Aww honey. I'm sorry."

Mitchie tried not to look defeated. She pushed her half-eaten meal away and got up. "I know. Um, gotta go...Last day of school, don't wanna be late."

Halfway through her walk, her phone buzzed. Two next messages.

The first was from Shane.

Happy Last Day of School Miss Mitchie. Love you, have a great day!

The other one was from Nate.

Any chance you'll be looking after Shane for me and Jason this summer?

She could have cried.

I'm not going. We can't afford it.

He texted her back immediately.

Aww Mitch. Don't be sad, alright? Everything can still work out. :)

The odd nature of his text made her wonder what he was up too, but she was soon sidetracked with the reality that she had to make it through one more day.

Of course, the kids at school were no help. The ones who didn't mutter nasty things to her as she passed them completely ignored her. It didn't matter that her best friend was Shane Gray, their hero.

Mitchie was at her locker, dropping random graded papers into the trash bag next to her.

"Hey Mitchie!"

She turned, offering her friend a forced smile. "Hey Sierra."

Sierra continued to speak. "Let me be the first to say xin xia ji Mitchie. It means happy summer Mitchie. Guess who got an A+ in AP Mandarin? Me! Again. Ah! So, how'd it go this morning?"

The smile disappeared. "It didn't. Camp Rock is a no go."

"But, you have to go Camp Rock is like, the music camp. Anybody who wants to be somebody music-Oh which… you...already know… sorry."

Mitchie sighed. "Me too, I was just so excited to have a summer that was all about music, and..."

"I know. So, what are you going to do this summer?"

She thought about that on her walk to work, during work and the walk home. She could guilt Nate and Jason to come and visit her. She could work on getting a tan, write new songs, and have a 'nice' boring summer.

"So, how was work?" Steve asked, his back to her.

"Ugh, you know Barneys; we serve burgers with a Barneys smile. So, what's for dinner?"


Mitchie let out a groan, dropping her backpack down onto the table.

"Well, our world famous Torres burger." Connie told her.

"Um, I'll pass." She groaned again.

Her parents shared a look.

"Okay, I can't stand it." He looked excited. What was going on? "Tell her."

"Well, Steve, she just got home..."

She eyed them carefully. "Tell me what..?"

"Okay honey, drum roll!"


"Okay..." Connie paused for dramatic effect, earning a look of disapproval from her daughter. "You're going to Camp Rock!"

"What?!" Mitchie was sure she hadn't heard them right. They had to be telling the world's sickest joke.

"She said," Steve laughed. "You're going to Camp Rock!"

"Well actually we're going. Connie's catering is going camping! Business is slow in the summer, this is a steady job, and you get to go to camp at a discounted rate!"

She caught them both off guard with her scream. They formed a famous Torres-family group hug.

"But you have to help out in the kitchen." Connie reminded her.

Mitchie didn't seem to care. "Thank you! Thank you like a million times!"