Order of the Demigods Chapter 1.

So, yeah, this is my new Harry Potter/PJO xover. I read a couple and wanted to make my own. Enjoy. No slash (probably). I think this is a semi-AU, because I'm not including the DA, but I think I will include Grimmauld Place. Set after TLO and in OoTP. Nico-centric. Nico is 13/14, and the golden Trio are 15.

The war with the Titans was over, and although it had taken many lives, there was an odd kind of peace drifting over Camp Half-Blood. The campers were happy, the counsellors were happy, Chiron was happy, and even Mr D wasn't as grumpy as usual. Only the son of Hades broke the pattern.

Nico sat in the nice new Cabin 13. He sat on his bed, the Mythomagic Hades figurine in his hands. He was angry. Yes, the war was over, and the minor gods had recognition, all thanks to Percy. All the new campers wanted his autograph, wanted him to teach the sword-fighting lessons, wanted him to sit by them at mealtimes.

Nico was good at sword-fighting too. Nico was great at using his death-powers, and without Nico's plan and help in the war, they wouldn't've had a prayer of winning. But no, it was all Percy this, and Percy that, never Nico or anyone else. And so, Nico was in a foul mood.

At this moment, Chiron received an Iris-message from a very important friend. A certain Albus Dumbledore needed his help in protecting a certain student from a messy and painful death. But of course, the centaur couldn't go. He had his camp to attend to, and a life to live. Chiron's first thought was to send Nico, because although the boy was trying very hard not to show it, he had noticed his anxiety and desire to prove himself. So, he trotted on down to the Hades cabin.

When he arrived at Cabin 13, Chiron hesitated to knock the door. He knew Nico was in there, but didn't want to disturb him. His dilemma was solved; however, as the boy himself opened the door and nearly crashed into him. Putting his hands on the demigod's shoulders to steady him, he spoke.

"Nico, I have a…mission I think you would like to go on." He said. Nico stared at him questioningly. "It's in the UK, Scotland to be precise." Nico had always wanted to go to England/Scotland, so he was tempted by this.

"What does it involve?" He asked. Chiron then explained about a type of people descended from those blessed by Hecate, wizard and witches, and their current problems. Nico accepted this very well, not at all fazed by the fact that wizards and witches existed in the modern world.

"All due respect, Chiron, but…why pick me? I'm sure Percy or Annabeth or Thalia would be happy to do it…" He stated in a monotone voice.

Chiron glanced at him apologetically. "I think Percy and Annabeth are a bit preoccupied at the moment, and Thalia has her Hunting duties to sustain."

"Ok. When do I set off, and how do I get there?"

"You're flying," Nico paled dramatically, "Shadow traveling across continents is probably unhealthy to be attempting. And I suggest you pack now, because you set off from the airport at 9. And don't worry, I had a word with your uncle, he won't blast you out of the sky."

Nico mumbled something incoherently and slouched off to pack his things.

When they (Chiron, Nico, and Argus) reached the airport at 8.30pm, Nico's plane was already there. It was huge, and had a big yellow line with white text on it that read 'Air Olympus.' Nico snorted at the name. His uncle was very sarcastic.

He boarded the plane, said goodbye to Chiron, and buckled up for the very turbulent flight that followed. During the flight, he polished his sword, checked he had at least two knives in each of the jackets he'd packed, slept for about two hours, and listened to music on his black Mp3 player. When the plane finally landed in an abandoned airfield somewhere, he was met by a short fellow with a top hat which threatened to fall off. When this guy saw Nico, he squeaked and hurried forward to introduce himself.

"Dedalus Diggle," He said, wringing Nico's hand with his own.

"Nico," He replied, strangely confident with his identity. Diggle nodded at him and winked, making Nico confused.

"Dumbledore told me all about your…unique parentage." He explained as they walked out of the field, "I must say, I was shocked at first, but…" Nico found a strange sense of comfort in the old (ish) man's chattering voice. They were now at the end of a lane that led to the field.

"Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you, but I'm afraid I have to go now. Dumbledore said you had a different way to travel…"

"Shadow travel," Nico prompted him.

"Yes, that. You need to catch the Hogwarts Express from platform nine and three-quarters, tomorrow at 2pm. It's at King's Cross station." Nico looked on, still confused. "It's in London." And with that, the man turned on the spot and was gone.

Nico took in his surroundings. It was 3am, British time. It was dark, and an owl hooted mournfully atop a nearby oak tree. Suddenly, he saw a barn he was sure had not been there when he'd got out of the plane. It had smashed windows, and was made of a dark brown wood that was slightly weathered. Approaching it, he could see a note pinned to the peeling paint on the red door. It read:

Mr Nico,

I heard you were flying in tonight and had this accommodation prepared. It's better than it looks, the undetectable extension charm worked a treat.

Albus Dumbledore.

Nico snorted. This barn was accommodation? It barely looked fit for animals to live in. Doubtfully, he pushed the door open. He gasped. Inside the barn was a midnight black four-poster bed with silk hangings. The walls were also black, with silver flickering torches mounted to them on brackets, and there was an en-suite bathroom attached. There was a sofa (black, duh,) and a plasma screen TV. He couldn't figure out how this ensemble fitted inside a barn, but he was so tired he didn't really care. Plonking down his suitcase, he undressed and slumped onto the bed. Reaching for the bedside light, he saw a scabbard on the wall for his sword and a small box for it in ring form. This Dumbledore thought of everything, Nico thought as he fell asleep.

In the morning, Nico washed and dressed in his usual all-black attire, before sitting on the sofa and watching TV for a while. There was nothing good on, so he just channel-surfed. He spotted a mini-fridge in the corner and found a sandwich to eat.

Before long, it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon. He picked up his suitcase and, thinking hard of his destination, Platform 9 ¾, King's Cross station, he leant back and tumbled through the darkness. He loved shadow traveling; it was creepy, dark, and scared the heck out of most people.

Unfortunately, he landed right in the path of a metal trolley with a snowy owl and several suitcases on it. Crash!

"I'm so sorry," He heard a female voice say. He looked up and saw a bushy-haired fifteen-year old girl next to a freckly ginger boy and a messy-haired guy with a scar and glasses. He recognised the boy as Harry Potter, the person he was supposed to protect.

"I'm sorry," She repeated, "I just didn't see you… appear." He picked himself up off the floor and grabbed his suitcase.

"It's okay." He said, before turning to the others. "I'm in the right place, right? This is platform nine and three-quarters, isn't it?"

The ginger guy gaped at him; he was obviously shocked by the shadow-traveling. Harry looked unfazed, as though he was used to seeing extraordinary things every day.

"Yep," He said. Nico sighed in relief.

"I'm Hermione Granger, and that's Ron Weasley and, well, you know who he is." The girl said, pointing to Harry, who blushed and frowned.

"I'm Nico," He said. Hermione looked at him as if expecting a surname, but he just shook his head.

"Would I be right in assuming you guys are fifth years?" He asked. They nodded. "Me too."

"Wait, but you can't be older than eleven!" Ron said accusingly. "How can you be in fifth year?"

Nico scowled, "I'm Thirteen," He said, "And I'm a transfer student, my school's very advanced, so I was placed in fifth year here." Hermione nodded; she understood this. Then another thought occurred to her.

"What school did you go to?" She asked. Nico gulped, and then hurriedly made up a school in his head.

"Delphi Academy of Magic," He said. Hermione frowned, but let it go. A whistle blew in the distance.

"Hurry up or we'll miss the train!" She said, before speed-walking to a carriage and entering it. Harry and Ron shrugged and followed her, with Nico trailing behind.

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