something wicked this way comes 4

Cold water sprayed over them both as Nick stood over them, large pot in hand, goofy smirk on his face. Kasey jumped up swearing, was about to swing when Greg's arm shot up, pulled her back down, muttering something while still half asleep, something to the effect of her not moving.

"Damn it, Nick, what the hell?"

"Your room, Kasey."

"I'm not two." Kasey pointed out as Greg rolled over, leg kicking over the back of the couch, snoring up a literal storm.

"He'll sleep through damn anything, won't he?" Kasey giggled as she leaned over, brushing her lips to Greg's forehead as she turned to glare at her brother who held out her cell phone and asked, "Recognize this number?"

"No, why?"

"Because it's been textin all damn night. Thought it might have been one of the girls ya work with, so I decided to try and wake ya up." Nick snickered as Kasey read the texts, shaking her head then flopping down onto the couch, making Greg sit up as he said "What the hell? Why am I wet?"

"Nicky soaked us. I sleep through everything.." Kasey said quietly as her face drained of color,then said quietly, "Nicky?"

"What's wrong?"

"This has to be that guy.. The one I saw at the bar earlier? It's not one of the girls and it's not even a Vegas area code."

Rubbing his eyes, Greg took the phone, his eyes scanning the texts, growling as he said quietly, "Whoever it is, they saw her at the bar tonight, heard her conversations with her coworkers."

Nick growled and took the phone as he said "Evidence. I'm gonna go call it in. This might be a break."

"Or it might be a trap. Just don't respond to 'em." Kasey said as she added, "Still say I'm the best bet you got for catching this guy."

"NO." both males snapped at her at the same time as she sipped a beer and then grumbled. She was scared, but she was also concerned. She didn't want someone else to die.

She just wanted to help catch the guy. Obviously, she wasn't stupid, she'd realized at the station when things started to come together, that he'd followed her from Texas, that this didn't start with her, but for some reason this sick person was fixated on her, obviously.

"Kasey, look at me." Greg said as he pulled her into his lap and said firmly, "Do not go off playing detective. Leave this to us."

"He made this personal for me already, Greg." she muttered as he held her against him and said "And we're going to catch him. Without using you as bait."

She nodded as she bit her fingernail quietly, thinking, trying to figure out why it had to be her feeling angry, helpless and now, thanks to her brother and Greg's insisting she quit working at the bar, completely useless.


Okay, so I'm not even sure where the hell this story came from, or this beginning at least. I've always wondered what it'd be like to have Nick as an overprotective older brother to a sister who wound up falling for my personal favorite character on the show, Greg Sanders.

Let it be noted, I haven't actually been able to WATCH CSI for a really, really long time. So if I've completely made a mess of this, sorry, I'll try to do better if you guys even want me to continue this story.

I'm sort of making up this case as I go by the way, I might or might not base the killer on several past serial killers, I'm not sure.

In any case, here it is, if you're interested in seeing more, let me know.

Go easy on me, y'all. Haven't ever tried writing a CSI Romance/Suspense type deal and posting it before.

For those curious, this is sort of post Kiss Before Frying. It's basically me inserting a bit of well, myself in oc form, into the equation, using two of my absolute favorite characters from the series.

I've got tons for all three versions of CSI tucked away on my computer, but I'm just not too sure if I should write for the series (all of them) considering I use oc's a good deal, I don't really get to watch often enough to have a proper feel for the characters, etc and I don't wanna piss anyone off?

So yeah, that's about it. I'ma quit rambling now and go. If you want me to actually make this into a story, tell me, please?