*This one is a Demetri/Bella story. In my story Demetri looks different then he did in the movies. He will be tall with a slightly muscular build, shoulder length black hair. After Edward leaves Bella gets pissed at how much he hurt her so she snaps and goes to the Cullen's house and trashes it in her anger. The Volturi show up and take her back with them where she gets the family she always wanted and finds she was not Edwards mate after all. I know it's been done before but I'm going to give it a try as well. This will be a mature content story.

Chapter 1

Bella POV

He left me. He fucking left me the bastard. I wanted to scream I was so mad. He left me a month ago and when I woke up this morning it was like I was finally seeing things for what they were. All month I ran on auto pilot feeling like a shell of my former self but now looking at what I've become in the mirror of my bathroom I couldn't believe I let myself get so bad. I was pale, far too thin, my hair was limp and my eyes had dark circles under them showing that I had slept too much or not enough I wasn't even sure these days. I had lost all my friends thanks to my mood, my grades were shit and my father wouldn't even talk to me anymore and lets not even mention the fact my mother wants nothing to do with me.

He not only took himself and his family that I loved away from me he took me with him and everything I cared about. All for what. To keep me safe. He could have changed me if he cared about my safety, but no he didn't want to take my soul. What a crock of shit.

He's such a self-righteous vampire. I mean come on. From where I'm standing he has it good. He's an immortal, beautiful creature. What's not to like about that.

Well fuck him and the Cullen's.

I left out of the house and got into my truck driving until I made it to the Cullen's house. Standing outside I looked up at the large house that looked to have been empty for years and ignored the pain of the memories I had here and the ones I had hoped to make.

Stomping up the steps I took the crow bar that I got from my truck and with a yell of anger I smashed the windows alongside the door until I was able to reach in and unlock it, cutting myself a little in process but the pain didn't register. I was too pissed and running on adrenaline now.

Making my way inside I walked around for a moment down stairs. There were sheets covering the furniture and no signs of the mess that was left over from the birthday party I didn't even want that ruined everything. With a new surge of anger I went to work. I wanted to destroy everything here. Even though I knew they could buy it back I still wanted to make a statement. I was so involved that I didn't notice I was being watched until a while later.

Demetri POV

Ugh I fucking hate having to check up on these poor excuse for Vampires. But since Aro hasn't heard from Carlisle in a while he was getting worried they were up to no good, so here we are. Jane, Alec, Felix and I driving up the long driveway they led to the Cullen's last known whereabouts.

"Looks like we got company." Jane said pulling my thoughts away and towards the old beat up truck parked in the driveway. Getting out we could tell the visitor was human and was doing quite the damage on the inside.

Speeding into the front door we stood there in stunned silence at the petite human taking a crow bar to the Cullen's belongings, yelling and screaming things about betrayal and being left behind.

Looking her over I could see she was a beautiful girl but she had let herself go a little. Taking a deep breath I gasp causing my other guard members to look at me in question.

"My mate." I whispered to them and their eyes widened in disbelief knowing how long I had been searching for her and here she was in the home of the Vampires we were sent to look in on.

See when a Male vampire finds his mate whether they be Human or Vampire they know right away by their scent, a scent unique to only them. She may smell good to others but to her mate she's unbelievable and irresistible.

"Damn she smells good." I heard Felix comment and I gave him a low growl in warning. She was mine.

Rolling his eyes at me he replied. "She's bleeding too." He said ignoring my growl but I know he got it. He had the same protective and possessiveness with his mate Heidi. It was natural for the Male to be extremely possessive of their mates and once the female is turned they too take on a possessive nature with us. It's our natural reaction.

Turning back to my human I too saw her hand was bleeding slightly and there was blood on the window by the door where she reached in to open it after smashing out all of the windows. Smirking at her feisty nature I cleared my throat to get her attention.

Snapping her head in our direction her eyes widened and she groaned.

"Great. More Vampires. Just what I need." She whispered before turning her back to us and climbing the stairs smashing things as she went.

"She knows." Alec commented and I nodded.

"From what I gather the Cullen's must have had some kind of relationship with her before they left and she must have found out from them. From the looks of it she took their leaving pretty hard." I replied and Jane snorted.

"You think. Look at this place." She said before a large vase came flying over the balcony and smashing in front of us. Looking up we saw the human give a satisfied nod before disappearing again to continue her rant.

"I like her." Jane commented smirking and the others nodded. She was very amusing.

Following the trail of destruction we made our way up three flights of stairs to a room that she was now working over. The scent of her was all over this particular room telling us she had been here many times before. She was in the process of throwing everything off the many shelves in the room and stomping of the cds and nick knack's as she went.

"You missed this shelf." Felix commented in humor drawing her attention to us again and to where he was pointing to a smaller shelf behind her. Nodding in thanks she went to that shelf as well. Once this room was effectively destroyed she collapsed in exhaustion on the ground, breathing hard and crying.

Kneeling down in front of her I took my finger and raised to chin until her chocolate brown eyes met my red ones.

"Now that you're done. Care to tell us who you are? How you know about Vampires? And why you were destroying this place?" I ask her.

"Who. Who are you?" she ask in reply.

"My name is Demetri, the big guys is Felix and the twins are Jane and Alec and were from the Volturi sent by our masters to check in on the Cullen's." I told her and she flinched at the mention of the Cullen's and nodded.

"That's what I figured. My name is Isabella Swan but everyone calls me Bella. I dated Edward Cullen since I first moved here a few months ago. I know what you are from them and I trashed this place because the fucking bastard left me in the woods and destroyed my life, taking his family that I cared about with him." She said spatting the end of her rant in anger as more tears fell down her beautiful face.

Glancing over to Jane she nodded before going out of the room to call Master Aro to explain what we found as I turned and took my human into my arms to calm her down.

"Are you going to kill me now?" she whispered and I chuckled.

"No. but you will have to come with us back to Italy to see the masters. They're going to want to know about you and what the Cullen's did. Then the Cullen's will have to be punished for breaking the law." I explained and she nodded.

"Good most of them deserve it. I don't want to stay here anymore. I hate it here. What's going to happen to me though?" she ask.

"You'll be turned I'm sure. Which is what the Cullen's should have done to begin with." I told her.

"I begged him to turn me, over and over again. But he always refused." She explained and we all frowned in confusion as to why he would refuse her request.

"Did he say why?" Jane ask her ear still to the phone where I could tell Aro and maybe the other two masters were listening on the other end.

"Kept saying some shit about not wanting to ruin my soul." She replied and we all scoffed at the idiot.

"Aro says we bring her." Jane replied after hanging up the phone. Nodding I stood with Isabella in my arms.

"Come my little human. Time to go." I told her.

"You human?" she ask and I smirked.

"That's a talk for later but Yes you belong to me." I told her but didn't give her further explanation as we went to the car quickly and sped off toward the airport.