Chapter 17

*thanks to everyone who loves this story. I am having fun writing it as well. And to all of you who have requested that I don't hurt Jasper. Never fear. Jasper is my favorite character in the books and movies and I could never write a story that would harm him, so he will be safe don't worry. Thanks for reading. Felicia.*

Demetri POV

The ride back to Italy was rather annoying actually. Most of the Cullen's were ok. They sat quietly and didn't speak unless spoken too. Bella chatted a little with Jasper, Emmett and his blonde mate Rosalie. Jasper and Jane kept giving each other strange looks that I would question her about later. Carlisle and his mate stay silent but kept giving Bella sad looks that were getting on her nerves, the little pixie bitch kept trying to get Bella's attention but she ignored her and Edward, well let's just say I wanted to open the air plane door and toss his ass out of it.

"Bella. Please talk to us." He pleaded again for what seemed like the 100th time. I shared a look with Felix and we both had the same annoyed look in our eyes. He was pushing it.

I chuckled when Bella rolled her eyes from behind her book but I could feel the tension in her body. She was trying to control her urge to jump him and rip him apart. Knowing even as controlled as she was she was still a newborn and she had a very short temper and Aro would not be happy if she killed him before he could stand trial.

"You need to relax Tesoro." I purred into her ear and moved to kiss her neck. She smiled and I saw Jasper shift uncomfortably, he must be feeling the lust rolling of my little mate. She was insatiable.

A low growl from Edward showed that even though Bella wouldn't let him read my thoughts he knew exactly where they were going and I smirked as I ran my hand up her leg and inside her thigh.

"Planning on helping me out with that." She ask with a cheeky grin. Nodding I stood and pulled her down the aisle, past the Cullen's and into the back of the plane where the bed was and closed the door. Time to help my little kitten relax.

An hour later as I felt the plane starting to descend Bella and I walked back out to our seats fixing our clothes. I wanted that boy to know who her ass belong too and who made her scream and by the look on his face I knew he heard every moan she made and it was eating his ass up. Good.

"Feel better?" Jane ask Bella with a smirk. Bella gave her a wink before picking back up her book and ignoring the looks from all the Cullen's. Bella was defiantly a completely different person then they were use to.

When we arrived in Volturi the Cullen's had no choice but to follow us down the darken hallways towards the throne room. When we got there the brothers were waiting and eager. I felt Bella quickly slide her shield over them and they all gave her a smile in thanks. I also noticed the Red head was there and being held down by Santiago.

"Welcome back. No problems I take it?" Aro ask me as I shook me head.

"Very little." I told him and allowed him to read my thoughts. He chuckled at how Bella handled Edward before I took my place back beside Bella.

"Carlisle. I never wanted to see you standing before me like this old friend. I find myself very disappointed in you." Aro told him and he bowed his head in shame. He knew he had screwed up by not controlling his coven better. Caius however snorted.

"I actually always knew this day would come." He said and Bella shot him a smirk and he wink at her. He really was found of her, so was his mate they just loved Bella's fresh personality.

"But before I get to you and your coven Carlisle I must clean up the rest of the mess you left behind." Aro told him before descending the stairs and walking over towards Victoria. Felix was now there and forced the little bitch to hold her hand out for Aro to read her.

After about 10 minutes of reading he tossed her hand away in disgust.

"You my dear are one evil little bitch. The things in your mind that you had planned for out Bella are disgusting even to me and for what. For a male vampire that was not your true mate, that only used you and was stupid enough to try and take on a larger coven then your own. What a waste." He sneered down at her and every growled lowly at the thought of what she wanted to do to Bella, even the Cullen's were mad.

"Bella dear. Since it's you Victoria was planning to hurt why don't you show her what you can do, hum." Aro ask and she smiled wickedly. She kissed me quickly before darting over to stand in front of Aro's seat where he had returned to watch. The Cullen's stood back and stared in awe as my mate stuck her tongue out at Victoria who hissed at her in anger. Bella them wrapped her shield around the stupid bitch and waved Felix and Santiago out of the way from danger. They backed up quickly as Victoria rose into the air, arms and legs stretched out wide.

Bella held her there for a moment to build suspense and then swiped her hand through the air quickly and Victoria let out a ear piercing scream as her body was ripped into pieces and tossed into the fire place off to the right. Bella smiled when the three brothers clapped loudly at the display before hopping back over towards me and I wrapped my arms around my mate. She was amazing.

"Now then. To the other matter at hand." Aro said before motioning for the Cullen's to come forward.

After Bella's little display they were all visibly shaken by the danger they were in and they slowly shuffled forward to find out what their fate will be.