Train pt.2

District 8 Male

Lukas Tailor (18) subliminal shady

Dinner is something I've never experienced in my life. I mean, I know the capitol lives a life of greater luxury than anyone in the districts, but this. This is amazing. That's not the right word. I probably don't have the right word even in my vocabulary to describe the food.

I attempt to use my utensils, and attempt to savor each bite as though I have time, but before long I toss the fork and knife over one shoulder (Spots, our escort, sighs at this) and dig in with my hands, eating handful after handful. Saeko has been doing this from the start of the meal. I suspect she's heard of a fork and a knife, and maybe she knows how to use them, but she doesn't bother. In fact, I don't look at her more than I have to, the glint in her eye scares me. It's clear that I'm not the only one, Spots avoids her in conversation and both of our mentors seemed more focused on me.

"So you say you're the tailor's son, eh?" Ulleigh, the female half of the mentors asks as she pops a piece of purple cheese into her mouth. "Can you handle a needle? Might be useful in the arena." Her sarcasm confuses me, so I stay quiet, instead reaching to slice a piece of the purple cheese off the block. My fingers have just grazed the cheese when the knife nearly slices the tops off. I look up in shock, and quickly recoil as Saeko gives a simpering smile to me and proceeds to chop a piece off for herself.

"Sorry, bad humor, I guess." Ulleigh comments after I don't respond. "Got any family?"

"Well, yeah." I say. "I got a mother and a father."


"Not anymore." I speak calmly and clearly, seeing Saeko eyeing me. I must remember to lock my compartment door tonight. I don't want to die before the arena. Everyone at school has heard about her… habits with males.

"Not anymore? You have to elaborate on that, son." Jorden, our other mentor exclaims. He's a fat man, with a large rounded stomach and a jolly look on his face. I'd never think he actually went into the arena if I hadn't seen it myself on one of the old hunger-games re-runs.

"She died when I was twelve." I say stubbornly, not wanting to announce to the table about my family.

They'll find out soon enough.

District 10 Male

Markus Lavigne (12)

"I'm the only twelve-year-old." I announce to the crowd after the District 11 recap has ended. "So far!"

"No need to announce it, dear." Havana, our escort coos to me without turning away from the TV. "Let's watch, shall we?"

"It's almost over and I'm bored. I don't want or need to see my competitors on television." My district partner, Salta, announces. "I'll see them soon enough."

"Well, if you aren't going to shut up and watch, then both of you little brats can leave!" Havana's speech is a little slurred, and I suspect the wine has gotten to her. "Especially you, you little-"

Salta and I dash out of the compartment before she can continue, and then we walk down the corridor towards our rooms in silence. As Salta reaches her door, she glances at me, and then quickly looks away as she shuts her red door. I think I saw pity in her gaze.

My emotions are conflicted as I open my own door and walk into the bathroom. Even though I had one of those standing baths (I think they call them "showers") earlier, before dinner, I can't resist stepping into the glass container again and turning on the warm water.

Picking randomly, I choose a bottle called "Conditioner" and slather the sweet-smelling silver liquid through my long-ish light brown hair. Even after the conditioner has left my hair I stand in the rain-like water, relishing every drop. I might as well enjoy it here while it lasts.

As soon as I've dried off, I slide into a pair of black boxers and a loose white crewneck. I'm full three times through, but I can't resist ordering cookies (a delicacy I've never tried) and warm milk from the "room service." The food arrives in less than five minutes and I thank the attendant excitedly as I dig into the food. They haven't brought a glass, like I've expected, but instead a great big faceted crystal jug! In addition, they've brought a dozen cookies! A dozen! I wonder if they know how much a dozen cookies goes for in one of District 8's bakeries, or even the black market! They surely don't, otherwise they wouldn't trust me with a treasure such as this.

I greedily drain the jug first, and then dig into the cookies. They have chocolate on the inside! I've only ever tasted chocolate once, when a high-class boy at my school dropped a piece out of his backpack and I was able to scavenge it. I usually don't steal, but higher-class boys like him never eat off of the floor. Apparently, to them it's dirty once it touches dirt.

I have to leave six cookies on the tray, I'm so stuffed I can hardly move. I can't stand seeing them go to waste, so I grab the golden tray and set them outside of Salta's door. After knocking, I run back to my room and peek out the door as Salta opens the door curiously and sees the cookies. She looks around, sees the crack in my doorway and smiles.

'Thanks' she mouths. In response, I smile.

District 12 Male

Peat Sarrow (12) caitlinroo

"Up and at them, son!" Offred howls through my door and I reluctantly sit up from my bed as she storms through the door. "Ah, good, you're up." I'm tempted to joke that if someone slept through her wake-up, they'd be dead, but I don't.

"Get dressed in something, preferably black, and meet us in the dining car for breakfast."

"Alright." Offred is gone just as fast as she arrived. I reluctantly leave the heat of the blankets on my bed and stand up. My blonde hair is sticking up on end, but it's remarkably cleaner than usual, so I just smooth it down as I choose a pair of black shorts and a black v-neck shirt.

I'm not exactly hungry, but I'm eager for the delicacies that are sure to come at breakfast. I hurry down the short corridor to the dining cart, and practically jump into my seat next to Carminilia.

All of them are already eating, so I hurry to catch up. I eat at least five of these delicious buttery biscuits with berry preserves, and they have to order a new batch of bacon after I descend on the plate. Back at home bacon was a luxury, here it seems like it's never-ending.

As soon as I'm stuffed to my limit, I wander close to the window, only to stumble back in shock as the windows blacken. The electrical lights are still on, but the windows only show the rarely changing darkness of rock.

"The mountains." I murmur, excited. Just beyond here, the capitol awaits!

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