A/N I am no good at empathy. I have no idea how other people feel. I can't do touching, or tug heartstrings, so I'm not gonna try. Harry is going to become a mini Gat, and I'm going to just do the big scenes, in the order they occur to me. I'm not going to do the Tri-Wiz, because I can't without ripping off KUCrow1997's One Wizard to many, which has things like an RPG against the dragon. thissite/s/7244255/8/. Also the best reason I have come across as to why purebloods do not learn.

One thing Harry had learned early on as a Gat, was that although you could win against any number of authority figures, if they were school based, you were not aloud back. And that meant getting up at an even earlier hour to get to school, and 'eesh would be disappointed. Thus he was doing an unGatly thing. Running away. Despite his offer to settle things there and then, Malformed had insisted that their duel had to be at midnight if they were to finish it. It had unsurprisingly been a trap. Harry and his fellow Griffindoors, third years Fred and George (born saints) soon found themselves in front of a locked door. (F&G didn't know Harry well enough to use the map in front of him yet). Like any self respecting saint, Harry had immidiently learned the basics of getting into places he shouldn't, as soon as he got his wand. In a heartbeat they were in the room. After hearing Filch leave, they turned to explore the forbidden room. Fred and George had never felt more afraid, nor betrade as they did when Gat shoved Fred towards the beast. They were further surprised when he used Fred's stumbling form as a ramp, running staight at the beast.

I'm going to leave HG airborne, having jumped off Fred's back, while I work out how the hell he can take Fluffy.