Her husband asked far too many questions. Raven understood that Beast Boy was curious, maybe slightly confused and definitely a little scared but really some things are just common sense. But Raven held her tongue after all she knew Beast Boy had never really been around a baby before. Sure he had helped Raven baby sit Melvin, Timmy and Teether but they were all older than one and this baby was only a few days old.

Raven sat in a rocking chair feeding a bottle to her and Beast Boys two day old daughter. Beast Boy had just walked through the door in nothing more than a pair of sweat pants with a towel draped across his head half covering his face from view. However as soon as he spotted his wife and daughter in the rocking chair he pulled the towel off his head and padded over to stand behind the chair.

Looking over Ravens shoulder and down to see the baby in her arms he got a really good stress free look at his baby girl, "Hey Rea," Beast Boy said in a slightly hesitant voice.

"Yes Beast Boy?" Raven said not really paying attention, too mesmerized by her new child.

"Is she supposed to be that small?" he asked continuing to look down at the admitably small child.

"Yes Beast Boy, she just came a little early it will take time for her to get bigger," Raven replied with a smirk.

"Oh, is she supposed to be that pink still," he asked moving closer to the back of the chair for a better view.

"Yes Beast Boy she's a baby she'll lose the color soon," Raven said adjusting her hold on the child.

"Ok," Beast Boy said. There was a moment's pause before, "Raven aren't babies not supposed to be able to open their eyes until there a few days old?"

At this Raven had to laugh, "No Garfield that's only for animals like cats and dogs. Babies can open their eyes from birth," she said smiling down at the baby's piercing green eyes.

"Oh," There was a long silence and Raven thought the onslaught of questions was over but Beast Boy had another, "Do you think she'll have any of our powers?" he asked in a soft voice.

This made Raven think, she didn't know if their child would have any powers at all, looking down at the purple haired child Raven could only hope that if she did get any powers from ether of them they would be Beast Boys. Raven didn't want her child to have to grow up hiding her emotions like she had to her whole life. "If she does," Raven started in a quiet voice, "I hope she gets yours"

Beast Boy knew her thought proses behind that. They had never spoken of the fear Raven had of their children inheriting her dark powers but Garfield knew she was worried. "Hey Rea," Beast Boy said again.

"What Gar?" Raven said in a sad voice. She looked up as he walked to the front of the chair and kneeled down in front of her. Looking down at their baby girl, little Abigail, he smoother out her little tuff of hair before looking up at Raven. Those haunting emerald eyes looked deep into her own violet ones, "I love you, so much," he whispered leaning forward to press their foreheads together, "And don't you ever forget it"

Raven smiled and kissed him softly, "I love you too," she said just before Abby started crying. Beast Boy took her from Ravens arms and stood up to sway her back and forth. So maybe she really didn't mind him asking questions all that much.