So, this was a requested piece from animejunki, I hope you enjoy it and where this story is going to go. And once again my friend, thanks for the fantastic idea, I hope I can do it justice!

Chapter One:

Aizen was a man who was rarely surprised by anything, yet he found himself surprised at this very moment having learned that he was no longer going to be confined in Muken. He was going to have his powers sealed instead, and then he was going to be shipped off to the World of the Living as punishment.

He had no idea how or why they had come to the conclusion that this punishment was better than 20,000 years in the deepest cell they had at their disposal, but regardless they had decided this.

His only uncovered eye flicked to the side as he heard the large, heavy doors grinding open and allowing light to pool down the stairs into the circular judgement room of Central 46. A shadow appeared in the square block of light which had fallen conveniently beside the seat he would bound to and his eyes narrowed as he recognised the reiatsu of the Shinigami.

Urahara Kisuke's face appeared in front of him and he glowered as best he could, balling a fist despite the painfully tight black binds around his body; he knew not whether the blond had noticed, but he didn't seem afraid and he didn't flinch either.

"Aizen Sousuke, your powers will be bound and you will be made to live as a human. You have been assigned to live with someone who can control you and keep you in check. Kurosaki Ichigo." One of the 46 announced.

Aizen's eye widened momentarily at the knowledge that Ichigo had accepted the role before he watched as Urahara flourished a silver metal star shaped device.

He smirked inwardly, loathing the pity in the slate grey eyes of the blond man, as a Third Seat he had seduced Urahara into his bed for the sole purpose of discovering his experiment plans surrounding the Hogyuku; he had enjoyed their time together but in the end the man had been nothing more than a means to an end.

"This will hurt... Brace yourself Aizen-san." Urahara warned before he pressed the star shaped device against the man's chest, just over the Hogyuku.

The room was filled with a blinding blue light, followed shortly by Aizen's reluctant screams of pain.


Ichigo yawned and slurped a mouthful of coffee as he waved a patient away; he looked at the dark night-time sky and wondered briefly what his Goat-Faced father was up to.

It had been two weeks since Isshin had taken Yuzu and Karin on holiday; it had been Ichigo's suggestion after sitting down with the man and informing him of his... Duty.

Babysitter to Aizen Sousuke. That was the job description. He had agreed without hesitation when Central 46 had summoned him and asked him to take the job. Perhaps there was a way that he could help him, perhaps he could heal his soul in some way... Maybe that was egotistical to think such a thing but it was a gut instinct, a gut feeling that he couldn't ignore.

He was about to close the door when he sensed a Senkaimon opening nearby; he sucked in a breath as he felt Urahara's reiatsu appearing alongside a feeble human one.

Only moments later, the blond appeared at the end of the garden path, carrying an unconscious brunet in his arms. Ichigo swallowed and rushed out to meet him, opening the gate and checking Aizen over.

The man had a split lip and a deep cut above his eyebrow; he was sporting an impressive black eye and he was completely unconscious.

"Bring him through to the Clinic please Urahara-san." The strawberry murmured before he turned on his heel and hurried into the house, unlocking the adjacent door which led to the Kurosaki Clinic before he gestured for the blond to go inside.

Urahara cast a glance around the room before he laid Aizen's unconscious form on one of the beds, watching as Ichigo followed him and slipped on a white coat and snapped on a pair of latex gloves before he began checking his injuries over.

"What happened?" he asked as he unfastened his white kosode and pulled it open, freezing as he saw the purple bruises which had blossomed across his ribs and abdomen.

"Some... Shinigami were opposed to his punishment and decided to deal out their own kind. There were too many of them for me to stop and some hits got through. He passed out after the blow to the head." The blond answered as he watched him work, "Where is Isshin?"

He sighed, "He took the girls on holiday to get them away from... This. He left a ticket for you behind the biscuit tin so that you could join them there whenever you arrived."

"Oh... That was thoughtful of him." The blond smiled slightly.

"No need to sound so surprised, I know you are a couple." Ichigo flashed a small smile before he began cleaning his cuts with antiseptic covered cotton wool balls.

Kisuke flushed scarlet but concealed it as he lowered his head, hiding behind his hat's rim, it was... Embarrassing that Ichigo knew about their relationship, but at the same time it was nice that it was out in the open.

"Okay, he's got two broken ribs, I'll bind them up with bandages... But what is that?" he asked as he pointed to the star shaped burn mark in the centre of the man's chest.

"Ah that, that is where we drew his reiatsu from, the mark will remain there until such a time when his reiatsu is returned to him. Speaking of which, it was bound into this sword; I need you to keep hold of it and conceal it somewhere safe. He cannot be allowed to find it or else the entire purpose of this exercise will be ruined." The man answered as he held up a simple katana.

Ichigo looked at the sword for a moment, the hilt was a foot long green wrapped item; the blade was sheathed within a moss green casing which had an intricate silver patterning running up and down it.

"I can keep it safe." He promised as he reached over and took it, tucking it under his arm before he finished cleaning Aizen up. He threw a bed sheet over him and placed a pillow under his head, "Alright, he'll probably be out of it for a few hours. Let's grab a drink and we can talk."

The strawberry led Urahara from the Clinic, dimming the lights so that Aizen could rest in peace, before he shut the door and led the man into the kitchen. Putting the kettle on to boil, he quickly set up two cups of tea.

"So... Am I in any danger from being attacked for hiding him here?" he asked nonchalantly.

"What do you mean?"

"Well... People attacked him on the way out of Soul Society, what is to stop them from coming after him here and me having to get between them?" he explained.

"Ah, it is okay, only the senior members of the Gotei 13 know about his presence, Captain and Vice Captains; as well as myself and Yoruichi-san, oh and the Vizards. No one else knows though, they won't be able to track him because his reiatsu is so low, so you should be safe. Theoretically." Urahara answered with a laugh.

"Theoretically? Great," he sighed, "I agreed to this so... I just have to get on with it now. Oh, how long is he staying for? No one told me."

"Let's... Discuss that another time." He chuckled.

"Huh, that bad is it?" Ichigo handed him a mug of tea and leaned against the counter, sipping his drink and running his hand through his hair, "Maybe... I dunno maybe it will be nice having him here. Maybe I can do something to help him... Maybe that's bigheaded but it is what I feel, I've gone toe to toe with the guy... I feel like I get him, like I understand him. If that's even possible."

"Maybe it is, maybe it isn't," the blond looked down into his drink, "If you can understand anything about him it will be a miracle, but at the same time I think if anyone can understand him it would be you. You are the strongest Shinigami the world has seen, stronger than Aizen even... If anyone can understand a man like him it would be a man like you. And I wish you the best of luck, Ichigo. Now... Pass me my ticket please!"

Ichigo laughed, considering his words as he handed over the unsealed envelope which contained the ticket his dad had left for him. It wasn't long after that Urahara left, his drink only have drunk.

Now that he was alone, Ichigo took the time to conceal the sword; making sure that it went somewhere that Aizen wouldn't think of. At least he hoped that he wouldn't. And then, he went back into the Clinic and picked up his book, reclining on one of the other beds as he watched Aizen sleeping.

What was the worst that could happen?