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Chapter Ten:

Ichigo and Aizen both looked around in surprise as the front door was kicked in, only moments, later for Urahara and Yoruichi to appear in the lounge like they had been chased by the Devil himself. Ichigo blinked in surprise at their sudden arrival and cleared his throat, trying not to appear over embarrassed by the state of the room around them.

"Hello, Urahara-san... Yoruichi-san... What can I do for you?" he asked, getting to his feet slowly and smiling a little uncertainly while he saw Aizen slowly trying to slide further down on the couch, apparently desiring for the article of furniture to eat him.


Aizen gasped out as he was grabbed by the throat and half thrown against the nearest wall, choking slowly as the surprisingly strong man hoisted him clean off his feet until his toes barely scrapped the floor.

"Urahara!" the strawberry exclaimed, jolting forwards and wrapping his arms around him, trying to pull him away.


"Yes I do! I know he gave me a drug so I'd sleep with him and its fine we've talked about it! Now get off him!" he said firmly as he slung an arm around his neck and started choking him as he saw Aizen was going a pale shade of blue.

"I GAVE HIM- OW! - THE WRONG DRUG!" the blond gargled between breaths, "HE GAVE YOU AN EXPERIMENT BY MISTAKE!"

"Ack... What... Do you mean... Experiment... Ugghh..." Aizen squawked, his arms flaying out as he was slowly asphyxiated by the ex-captain.

"Kisuke!" Yoruichi finally walked forward, having recovered from a fit of laughter at the scene before her, "Let the man go so you can actually tell them the problem, its not going to do anyone any good if you go and kill Aizen."

The blond squeezed the offending throat for a moment longer before he released him and staggered back as Ichigo let go of his neck as well; the three men stood panting gently as they recovered from their scuffle before Ichigo carefully pried Aizen out of the ex-captain's reach and sat him down at the dining room table. He gestured for his two guests to take a seat as well before he fetched them some tea to calm the atmosphere.

When he sat down beside the brunet and looked at the blond, he could almost see the daggers in Urahara's eyes, aparently desiring for the death of the shinigami-turned-human greatly.

"What, exactly, is the problem Urahara-san?" Ichigo asked finally, taking a sip of his drink.

"The problem, Ichigo, is that he betrayed my trust which was already limited and abused your hospitality, he abused your belief in him and totally betrayed you! How can you not be absolutely raging about what he did to you?!" the blond seethed, his hand clenched around his mug.

The young Death God sighed and ran his fingers through his hair thoughtfully, "My reasons are my own, and do not concern you. As for his actions, he knows they were wrong... He has been nothing but apologetic. My belief in him remains... Completely intact."

"You're being a fool!" Urahara snapped.

"Maybe I am, but while my Dad is away this is my house and I will be a fool within it if I so desire to be!" he barked in response slamming his fist on the tabletop with a classical scowl marring his face, "Now tell me about the damned drug you gave him!"

Kisuke considered retorting in some manner but bit his tongue when Yoruichi kicked him under the table, apparently his venomous train of thought was visible on his face, he took a long breath and calmed himself right down. He looked at the pair across the table for a long moment before he glanced at his own partner who nodded encouragingly.

"Very well, I conceed that you are old enough to make your own decisions and I apologise for getting involved. However, I had to phials of crystals which were regrettably identical and unlabelled, a mistake on my part I admit, Aizen came to me requesting an aphrodisiac and I believed he had left with one. Only when I returned to my lab later on I discovered that I had in fact given him the wrong phial... The one I gave him... My this is difficult..." he trailed off.

"Is it life threatening?" Aizen asked quietly.

"No! No nothing like that..." the blond answered swiftly, inwardly impressed that the brunet had been concerned about such a thing, "No... It was... Well you see it was a little experiment that Unohana-Taichou asked me to look into... To help same sex couples have... Well... Children."

Ichigo stared for a moment, his face heating up slowly as he began to understand what he was being told, "You gave Aizen a glorified pregnancy kit!" he exclaimed suddenly as he went bright red in the face.

"Well... For want of a better description... Yes." the blond mumbled, not looking at either of them as he began playing with a fray of thread on his jacket.

"And how likely is it to work?" Aizen asked slowly, balling his fists under the table as his palms turned sweaty with panic.

"Haha... Um... Well you know I am a perfectionist... So... It is... 100% effective..." Urahara half croaked.

The brunet's gaze snapped to Urahara's and he swallowed hard, "Are you saying..."

"... I'm pregnant?!" Ichigo finished with a hysterical squeak at the end.

"Kind of... Probably...Yes..." the blond smiled weakly, "... Congratulations..."

"CONRGATULATIONS?!" the strawberry exploded as his skin suddenly turned white and his eyes were taken over by black and gold, his Hollow taking over in an instant.

"Ah... Shit..."

"I'm gonna kill ya, do ya hear me?! I'm gonna kill ya Urahara Kisuke!" the Hollowfied version of Ichigo exclaimed as he shoved the table aside and flew at the blond, wrestling him to the floor and punching every bit of him he could reach, "As if the King needs anythin' more ta worry about ya go and get him pregnant! Are ya out of ya tiny litle mind!"

"ARGH!" the blond exclaimed as he was pummelled before he managed to grab the albino's arms and stop him from hitting him further, "I should point out! It wasn't me who gave you the drug in the first place!"

The Hollow stopped struggling at that before his murderous gaze turned slowly to the brunet still seated holding his mug off tea, looking slightly dazed and not at all with it. The Hollow turned to lunge at him and deal him the same treatment but stopped as the most peculiar of sensations came over him; and instead of attacking him like planned he ended up sitting on the floor with a band of blush running over his nose and cheeks as a low purr erupted from his throat. Looking abashed and utterly degraded by the apparent Hollow instinct which had taken over the movements of his body the Hollow looked down and squeezed his eyes shut as he was overwhelmed by the need to burst into tears. He held back the desire, but only just, and he was certainly that if he opened his eyes again any time soon he would not be able to prevent the tears from falling.

'I really hate you King.' The Hollow version of Ichigo thought, feeling utterly ashamed of himself.

Urahara picked himself up slowly as he watched the albino suddenly stop moving and sit on the floor with his legs stretched out in front of him like a scorned child, he shared a glance with Yoruichi before looking back at the former strawberry, sensing strong fluxes in his reiatsu he guessed that the Hollow was in some form of inner turmoil about something. However when the blush spread over his face he realised it was something very different. Instinct.

"What's he doing?" Yoruichi asked in a whisper as she also watched the Hollow with an expression of bemusement on her face.

"I think he is experiencing an instinctual attachment to Aizen..." he answered under his breath, "Hollows so rarely copulate because of their nature and the fact that their most basic instinct it to fight and feed, not love and be loved. But when Arrancar, most particularly Aizen's former Espada, have more feelings and emotions and instincts returned to them and they do indeed find a partner... Well, they are a bit like swans... They will only ever have one mate from the first time they copulate to the day they die. And it is more than likely that when one mate dies the other will join them from the grief."

"So... You're saying that Ichigo is... What turning into a rampant horny Hollow?" she asked, folding her arms.

"Soul King I hope not!" he let out a breath, "No, Hollows establish a mental, emotional and physical connection with their mate. A kind of permanent link, they their souls become entwined. However, in this case only one of them is a Hollow so Ichigo is struggling to make that natural embellishment on Aizen's soul."

"Is it going to be a problem?"

"I have no idea... I've never known anything like this happen before..." he shrugged, "Anything could happen, for instance-" he was interrupted by a loud keening noise which had apparently escaped the Hollow Ichigo's lips as his hands suddenly came up and slapped over his open mouth to try and prevent any further noises from escaping.

It was the most peculiar thing, but at the sound Ichigo's keening, the formerly lifeless Aizen jolted like he had been struck by an electrical current and he was on his feet and by his lover's side in an instant.

He crouched down and brushed his snowy locks out of his eyes an slowly prized his hands away from his mouth, cupping his face, "Hey... Shh..." the brunet breathed softly, "It's okay."

"Nnn... I can't... I can't find you..." the albino whined.

"Open your eyes, it will help."

"Aizen what are you doing?"

"I will explain afterwards, be silent please," the brunet answered bluntly, cupping the albino's face in his hand, "Open your eyes and look at me, it is the only way you will find me."

Slowly, the Hollow allowed his eyes to flutter open, revealing the brilliant gold irises beneath his lids, a gasp escaped the young Hollow before there was a massive flare of residual reiatsu exploded throughout the residence, sending Urahara and Yoruichi to their knees under the power they both recognised as Ichigo.

When they were able to finally move again, as the reaitsu began to die down, they saw the Hollow had faded away and allowed Ichigo to return to the surface, however the strawberry was unconscious in Aizen's arms, apparently sleeping soundly despite everything that had happened.

"Aizen..." Urahara began as his concern for the strawberry grew.

"He is fine." the brunet interrupted, "I saw the bonding of Hollows many times while I was in Hueco Mundo, several of my Espada paired off and several of their Fraccion did so as well. It was an easy case for two Hollows of a similar strength to bond together because they could easily sense their spiritual energy and embellish themselves upon it. However when someone of strength became bonded to someone weaker complications arose, the stronger would struggle to locate the reiatsu of the weaker and an immense pain would follow. With some research, I was able to discover that in such cases the only way to complete the bond was for the two to be in close physical contact and that they were looking directly at one and other."

"But you are not a Hollow at all... Nor do you have any reiatsu at the moment. Why did this even happen?" Yoruichi asked, walking forwards slowly.

He sighed and shook his head, "This happened because it was the instinct of Ichigo's Hollow to protect our unborn child by mating fully on the other parent, it doesn't matter if I am a Hollow or not, some part of me is still a Shinigami even if I have nothing to prove it by and the Hollow knows that. And I do have reiatsu, it is merely not within my body at the moment. Ichigo would have focused on wherever the sword is that contains my power." he explained as he closed his eyes and let out a breath, "This has become much more complex."

"It's your own fault for giving him the drugs." Urahara chided.

"I am aware of that." he answered simply before he stood up and scooped Ichigo up in his arms, "Whatever began this, the two of us are bonded now, forever. I believe it would be best if you reported this to Soul Society, however I would implore you not to do so, I worry that they will take me away from him. And you were quite correct, it is like with swans... If we are separated, we will both grieve so heavily we will come to death." he looked at the blond slowly.

"They will not hear about this from me." the blond said simply before he looked around the room, "Get him upstairs, Yoruichi-san and I will see to this mess."

"Thank you." he inclined his head to them both before he began ascending the stairs, looking down at the sleeping strawberry in his arms before he sighed heavily and shook his head in disbelief.

"This was not part of my plan." he muttered.