Ichigo woke up several minutes before he actually opened his eyes or moved around, he wanted a short while to himself so he could establish an understanding on what he remembered happening before he had passed out.

First and foremost, he was pregnant with Aizen's child. This in its self was a lot to deal with, the mere idea of being pregnant terrified him, for a start it wasn't normal for men to carry babies and for another point he was still only a young man, he was still studying and in between his Reaper duties... When was he going to have time to have a baby? Was he going to have to do this alone? Well of course he was, he couldn't very well confide in his father or his sisters or his friends... While his friends and father understood he was a Shinigami his sisters had no idea, and on top of that even if they did understand about him being a Shinigami carrying a baby was a totally different matter! How was he meant to explain that he had been drugged by Aizen Sousuke and they had then had rampant sex around the house before he had then gotten pregnant by him?!

'Oh god I am so dead...' he thought to himself, shuddering slightly.

'Hey King...' his Hollow offered quietly, sounding almost abashed.

'Shiro... You sound off, what's wrong?'

'Well... Just that... If you thought things were complicated so far its going to be even worse now...'

'Why? What... What's happened now?!'

'Uh... Well... I kind of bonded with Aizen... And... You're kind of... Life-long mates...'

'Oh... Oh my god...'

His eyes snapped open suddenly and he sat up, coming face to face with Aizen himself; his face went bright red and his eyes widened slightly. The strawberry swallowed hard and looked away, "Shiro's filled me in on what happened..." he mumbled.

"I... I see..." the brunet swallowed, "How are you feeling about it all?"

"Confused... Scared... Terrified..." he let out a shaky breath, "I have no idea whether I should strangle you or Urahara... Or myself..."

Aizen reached out cautiously and rested a hand over Ichigo's, "I'm sorry for this Ichigo... I am so very sorry, you might not believe me or you might come to hate me because of it... I... I had no idea that this would happen, if I had known I would never have done it..." he looked down.

"Oh shut up." Ichigo muttered, looking at their hands before he slowly turned his own and linked their fingers, "I'm alright."

"Ichigo you don't have to take this in your stride, it is okay to be angry... It's okay to be afraid. I..." he swallowed hard, "I know I am."

"You're afraid?" the strawberry repeated in surprise.

"Yes... I mean look at me. I'm not parental material. I'm a natural-born liar, a killer, more manipulative than any woman... How could I take care of a child?" he licked his lips, "But regardless of that... Whatever you want to do... I will stand by you and support you however I can."

"Well I don't have all that many choices do I?" he asked, rubbing his forehead with his free hand, "I have no idea what I am supposed to do."

The pair fell silent for several long moments before Aizen looked out of the window, "You could... Have an abortion." he murmured quietly.

"No. No I... I couldn't do that..." Ichigo said almost instantly, "Its not this... Baby's fault I..."

"It wouldn't know Ichigo, it's not even alive yet." he argued, squeezing his hand, "It would solve your problems, and I'm sure in time we could find a way to break the bond between us. We could go back to being... Nothing more than acquaintances."

The strawberry spluttered, "A-Acquaintances?! Is that what you see us as?!" he exclaimed, slapping his hand away suddenly as he stood up, "You seduced me! You drugged me so you could sleep with me! You've seen me at my most vulnerable and you think we are just acquaintances?! DID YOU EVER STOP TO WONDER WHY I AGREED TO HELP YOU?!"

The former Shinigami turned around and looked at him, "Of course I wondered... I haven't stopped wondering since I woke up here! Why you of all people would want to help someone as broken and messed up as me! Me who tried to destroy your life and kill your friends! Why would you ever want to help me?!"


Ichigo froze and swallowed, apparently just realising what he had said, he looked away and licked his dry lips, resting a hand on his abdomen, he closed his eyes and took several deep breaths to calm himself, "Whatever this is or isn't... Whatever this will never be... Things have changed beyond repair, I will not seek an abortion, this child... Is happening and we're just going to have to deal with that..."

Aizen remained silent for a time, digesting what was being said, then he looked up and stood, walking towards the strawberry, he cupped his face in his hands and walked him up against the wall, pressing against him slowly, "I told you... I will stand by you no matter what you decide to do."

A soft gasp escaped the younger man's lips as he was pinned against the wall, he looked up at the brunet and clenched his teeth, "You are the one who is going to be getting fat and giving birth." he muttered.

"No, I won't... But I will be the one your father punches." he said, leaning forwards, "I... Am going to stand by you whether you want me to or not. And that starts right here and now. Even if you don't forgive me for this... I'll not abandon you. Ichigo."

"Good... Well... Thank you." he swallowed again, looking back at him, "I do forgive you though..."

"Then I must apologise in advance." he smiled weakly.

"What for-" he was interrupted when he felt Aizen's lips against his own, kissing him sweetly but with enough desire to make his toes curl.

The brunet closed his eyes as he pressed a kiss against his lips, stroking his cheek and expecting at any second to be kicked or punched for this invasion of privacy, the last thing he expected was to feel Ichigo's arms sneaking around his shoulders as the kiss was returned wholeheartedly.

He leaned into the younger man, sliding his hands down his neck and shoulders, moving them down his sides and onto his wait, holding him against him as he deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue into his mouth and brushing it against Ichigo's.

A small whining moan escaped the younger man, and he arched into him, tightening his arms around his shoulders as he fought his tongue passionately, tipping his head to the side and running his fingers up through Aizen's hair, gripping a handful and yanking his head back.

"You... Are a very bad man..." the strawberry panted, his lips slightly kiss-bruised, "I like bad men." he winked before he pushed him back and left the room.

Aizen stood there and stared at the wall, trying to figure out if he had just been hit on or not. Regardless of that, Ichigo had returned the kiss, were they really that attracted to each other? A small smile graced his lips as he reached out and touched them, memorising every second of that kiss. He then paused and glanced down, cursing before he shut the bedroom door to take care of the slight problem which had 'risen'.

Ichigo stopped in the doorway of the lounge as he saw Urahara and Yoruichi finishing tidying up the mess which had been made by his activities with Aizen. He blushed slightly and walked forwards, picking up a couple of cushions off the couch and chairs he threw them back into place, drawing the attention of the two Death Gods.

"Are you okay Ichigo?" the purple haired woman asked instantly, resting her hand on his shoulder.

"Yes, I'm fine." he answered with a smile, "Look... I just want a quick word with you both."

"Alright we're listening." she smiled at him comfortingly, sliding an arm around his shoulders in a... Motherly kind of way, it made him melt against her and he put his arms around her waist, hugging her gently.

"I know what Aizen did was wrong and devious, but... Alright this is more difficult than I thought..." he blushed darkly, "Basically... Even when he was evil and trying to hurt everyone I had a crush on him okay! I know that is really bad and terrible and I should feel ashamed but... I went for so long getting stronger and stronger and then he was the source of my need to get more powerful, to defeat him and over come him and he was so strong himself I thought it was jut admiration at first but then I realised that... It was a crush... And... Well I've spent months having dreams about having sex with him which is why I wasn't bothered when it actually happened!" he blurted out, squeezing his eyes shut in embarrassment as he turned the same colour as Renji's hair.

There was a long silence before he opened his eyes, Urahara looked like he was about to explode and Yoruichi was flushing a little bit too, he let out a huff of embarrassment and pouted.

"Well... I can understand you admiring someone stronger than you, even having feelings for them. I mean look at how Soi-Fon has always pawed over me," Yoruichi said finally, "Its natural to admire those who are stronger, and to want to be as good as them. And you've spent weeks getting to know a completely different side of Aizen, I don't think it is wrong that you ended up having a crush on him." she brushed her fingers through his hair gently and smiled at him.

"I... I can't believe I'm hearing this. Don't encourage him!" Urahara barked, "This is insane!"

"Kisuke!" Yoruichi snapped, "If you remember we got together the same way! Don't tell him off for feeling like this!"

"Its not like us at all! Neither of us are evil killers!"

"Kisuke!" she shouted again before watching as the blond stalked out, slamming the front door behind him.

Ichigo slumped down on the sofa and hugged his legs, sighing heavily as he dropped his chin onto his knees, "I didn't think he would be happy but I've never seen him like this before..."

"Don't worry honey, he'll come around. I'll make sure of it. For now, you need to rest and keep your energy up. Try not to get stressed and if you go out on your Reaper duties be careful." she ruffled his hair gently.

"Thanks Yoruichi-san... Why are you being so nice?"

She smiled and kissed the top of his head, "Because you are old enough to make your own choices. You've been through enough to know your own mind. And I have faith in you. When Aizen is around you... He's different." she frowned faintly for a moment before she smiled, "Anyway, I had best go after that fool, he's likely to blow some stuff up by accident when he's like this."

"Alright... Thanks Yoruichi-san." he smiled at her weakly as she stood up and left him alone, hearing the front door close again as she left the house.

Ichigo sighed softly as he was left alone and ran his hands through his hair, closing his eyes as he thought about what was happening around him, it was completely insane, and yet oddly comforting. Which was even more insane.

He looked around as he heard footsteps on the stairs and he stood up, just in time for Aizen to come through the door, he smiled at him and rubbed the back of his head, "Are you alright? Yoruichi and Urahara just left."

"I thought I heard the door..." the brunet glanced in the direction of the entrance before looking around again, "I'm fine, and you?"

"Just... On edge." he murmured, rubbing his arm thoughtfully.

Aizen walked closer and rested his hand on his head, leaning forward and kissing his forehead, "I thought that was the case, so I took the liberty of booking a table at the Savoy restaurant just out of town. You can be wined and dined... Well not wined because you can't drink... But in generally we can just relax and get our heads around this over a nice meal. If you want to go?"

"That... Sounds lovely... Thanks." he smiled slowly before his eyes widened as a low purr resonated from his throat, he clapped his hands over his mouth, "I'm going to kill Shiro!"